Harry Styles, despite being in one of the most popular bands of the 21st century, is kind of a private guy. Case in point: He hadn’t tweeted for five months before his single “Lights Up” came out in October. But Styles is finally opening up, thanks to the deluxe CD version of his new album, Fine Line. It comes with a 32-page hardcover book, filled with candid photos from the recording process. Somehow, they missed Styles writing “Falling” in nothing but a towel, but the photos in the book provide a different kind of intimate look. For the other kind, Styles has you covered. The CD and vinyl art have photos shot by Tim Walker with a genitals-forward fish-eye gaze. The pop star is truly baring it all with Fine Line. Follow along with the making of Styles’s sophomore album and celebrate its arrival with photos from his limited-edition book and album art.

Photo: Sony Music

Even while he’s hard at work, the bell bottoms are a staple. Big pants or bust!

Photo: Sony Music

Piano-playing Harry is a God-tier Harry.

Photo: Sony Music

Shh, if you listen closely you can hear the opening of “Sign of the Times.”

Photo: Sony Music

Can’t even fathom all the Y/N fanfiction this photo is going to inspire, but at least one will win an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Photo: Sony Music

Somebody grab that guitar and play this man a lullaby, stat!

Photo: Sony Music

The rings stay ON during a sesh.

Photo: Sony Music

[*zoom intensifies*]

Have you met Harry’s crotch? I think you’ll get along.

If you can focus for just a second, you’ll notice his bike shorts have little yellow polka dots. That’s so sweet.

Folks, your man is in the other room and his favorite One Direction member is on the floor like this. WYD?

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