Harry Styles’s “Adore You” fable comes to a conclusion in the official music video. Styles plays a boy from the gloomy fishing village of Eroda, whose blinding smile isolates him from the townspeople. He’s a fish out of water with no hope left until he meets and befriends … an actual fish out of water. In “Adore You,” he sings about doing whatever it takes to show someone that you love them and in the music video, he puts in the work. It all follows his longtime treaty “Treat People With Kindness,” which is also a new track on the upcoming album Fine Line. So, no, we didn’t get Styles strutting around a soundstage in couture for this music video, but there’s always next time. “Adore You” comes after singles “Watermelon Sugar” and “Lights Up,” which has a very different kind of music video. One with less clothes. Speaking of, Fine Line and its companion book full of Harry Styles’s nudes come out on December 13.

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