In case their music video dances have you fooled, the Haim sisters really are quarantined separately, as they showed when they joined James Corden on the May 21 Late Late Show. The sisters sat with their guitars in separate bedrooms for the first performance of their new song “Don’t Wanna,” ahead of their next album’s delayed June 26 release. More importantly, they checked in with Corden about how they’ve been handling the distance as sisters and collaborators. All three agreed that older sister Este is taking it the worst. “I’m really bad at being alone,” she explained. So she started talking to herself, “which is totally normal,” she added, “but then I started answering myself. And then that is when I said to myself, ‘Este you have a problem.’” So, like any normal person would do, she drew her sisters’ faces on exercise balls and now sees them during workouts. Check in on your families during quarantine.

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