Gwyneth Paltrow consciously coupled with TV producer Brad Falchuk again in September, however we’re solely now studying the small print of her wedding ceremony day, courtesy of GOOP. She wore a costume that “defies adjectives,” he wore one thing, and the entire shindig is described as having been “a dance social gathering for the ages” DJed by … Girl Talk? Yes, in spite of everything these years, that dude from Pittsburgh who randomly acquired well-known for his many mashups, which soundtracked each single school frat social gathering you will have attended between 2008 and 2010, remains to be the popular movie star wedding ceremony DJ for rent. (Although, technically, home DJ duties had been supplied by Arman Naféei, plus musical accompaniment from jazz band Django Foxtrot and string quartet Attacca Quartet.) According to GOOP, “’80s social gathering jams” had been performed that required Gwyneth to alter right into a jumpsuit in an effort to correctly get down. There is a photograph of some girl caught within the act of, I don’t know, a side-leg-kick simply outdoors the venue whereas everybody else inside carries on getting cray. Must’ve been an actual rager!


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