Uber is definitely an app that’s transformed how we think about transportation. It was only a matter time before a car service would add bike services to their model.

Uber announced a bike pilot program in San Francisco on Wednesday after partnering with New York-based bike sharing company Jump.

These aren’t your average bikes either.

According to The Verge, they will have electronic pedal assistance that’ll give you an extra boost when going up tough hills. You can book the bike directly from the Uber app and find a Jump bike near you.

The bikes are also station free. Instead dropping them f at a station, they’ll come with a built-in locking mechanism which you have to activate at a public bike rack when finished.

The Uber Bike will undergo a nine month trial, but if all goes well, the 250 bikes in San Francisco could result in more bikes across the country. Until then, you can sign up on the waitlist if you’re ready to put the pedal to the metal in San Francisco!

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