Fredo Bang is not pleased with PornHub’s latest move.

The popular adult video website purged millions of videos in the last week after making the decision to limit uploads to verified users, calling it “the most comprehensive safeguards in user-generated platform history” in a statement. But it’s also an extreme inconvenience, according to Fredo.

“This why every fucking video I tried to watch last night said not available??” he wrote on his Instagram Story with a screenshot of a headline about PornHub’s efforts. “Fukkk yall @pornhub.”

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The move from PornHub comes after a New York Times op-ed accused the website of being “infested with rape videos.” Following their announcement about the removal of unverified content, the site took it a step further by suspending any video that hasn’t been uploaded by existing partners or members of their Model program. According to Tech Crunch, PornHub will review users contesting the suspended content some time early next year.

Fredo may have been trying to blow off some steam after seeing that the recent object of his affections is back with her husband and living it up. In September, the Baton Rouge native jokingly attempted to shoot his shot at Cardi B amid her brief split from Offset.

“Roses Are Red Violets are Blue, Lets Go On a Date Cause I Heard You Single Too,” he wrote in a DM, which he shared on his Twitter account with the caption, “Am i Too early? @iamcardib.”

Meanwhile, Cardi just copped Set an estimated $700,000 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ for his 29th birthday. If Fredo was too early last time, he’s definitely too late now.

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