Some debuts from young artists make or destroy careers. The recently released single from the beautifully gifted singer-songwriter Lux Beauregard called “Fireworks” is a debut that announces the start of an exciting musical journey. The song is home to ethereal soundscapes, heart-breaking vocals, soulful, fulfilling performance, and a close-to-the-soul lyricism. 

“Fireworks” is a tale of the artist’s emotions, doubts, and feelings caused by the uncertainty and madness 2020 brought. The song reflects on the contradicting emotions Lux has experienced this year. “Fireworks” is about the world falling apart, and yet focuses on the heart, when it still has the strength and desire to feel in love while nothing makes sense. 

The song is relatable to all of us because the artist does not hide any feelings; she unveils them all. We subconsciously sympathize with her because she tells us what we all feel deep inside. However, unlike her, we do not have the talent to express all of it through music. 

As Lux once mentioned: “I wanted to make a song that expressed that idea and sounded both as heartbroken and hopeful as 2020 has made me feel.” She definitely succeeded in her mission, and let’s hope her further inspirations will come from more positive events, but her way of expressing them will remain the same.

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