The 70-year-old music icon wants to prioritise his family after the end of his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, which kicks off in the US in September and will cover 300 dates.

Sir Elton John said at a  New York press conference on Wednesday: “I always thought I was going to be like Ray Charles, BB King – on the road forever.

“My priorities have changed. We had children and it changed our lives. That doesn’t mean to say I’m not going to be creative. But I’m not going to travel.”

Elton – who has two sons with husband David Furnish – denied he is retiring due to ill health.

He added: “Last year I picked up an infection and I was very ill and it knocked me sideways. But I still did 96 shows.

“Believe me – if you ever do 300 shows, you’re not in ill health.”

The 70 year old insisted he will go out with a bang, promising “the most fantastic show I’ve ever done”.

Elton didn’t rule out returning for a future residency, similar to Kate Bush’s 22-night stand at the London’s Apollo Hammersmith in 2014.

He added: “David and I sat down with a school schedule and I said, ‘I don’t want to miss too much of this.’

“I’m not stopping music. I’ll hopefully be making more records. I’ll be writing more musicals. But mostly, I’ll be taking my kid to soccer academy – which is the most important thing. Life is all about change.”