CunninLynguists members Deacon The Villain and Natti have teamed up with frequent collaborator Sheisty Khrist for some new Off Daze tracks in 2019. After dropping the songs “Where Do We Go Now?” and “Sun Moon Stars” in recent months, the trio premieres their latest single “Makes Me Wander” on RealStreetRadio.

“The Off Daze is just a celebration of collaboration but in a Parliament-Funkadelic way,” Deacon tells DX. “Though the hooks and bridges are primarily written by Natti, Sheisty or myself, we might have ANYBODY do the vocal for it. We want as many voices as possible. As many textures, vibes and energies as possible to enter the mix.”

He adds, “On ‘Makes Me Wander,’ we have several super talented friends layered throughout the mix. Same for the entire Couple’s Skate album and ‘Where Do We Go Now?’ Many are friends that we’ve known since elementary. People who always had the talent but could never find the time. Others are voices like Fjer, Mayiia or Diamond Ray, who are actively pursuing music careers. All we care is that you’re dope and willing to collaborate.”

Sheisty also spoke to DX about the group’s dynamics.

“As an artist, it’s easy to fall into the trap of giving the listener what they are accustomed to hearing,” he noted. “And most times it’s not about merely copying what artist X or artist Y have done, it’s simply giving people something that their ears are already attuned to. If originality equaled success more people would focus on originality. Originality is our starting point.

“The Off Daze makes music that you can feel. You hear it, for sure, but you can actually FEEL our music. We’re not purposely trying to break the mold, we just do. So when you hear songs like ‘Sun Moon Stars,’ ‘Where Do We Go Now?’ or ‘Makes Me Wander,’ the mechanics of the song are aurally pleasing, but they’re also damn near spiritual. You feel these songs with the entirety of your body.”

Stream The Off Daze’s “Makes Me Wander” and watch their “Sun Moon Stars” video above. Check out their “Where Do We Go Now?” single below.

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