RealStreetRadio Premiere – It’s not every day an artist from South Dakota links with a Doomtree MC, but the mutual Midwest geography probably didn’t hurt. Credit, however, really goes to a mutual friend who was ultimately able to connect the inimitable P.O.S and burgeoning singer Denham McDermott.

As a result, the “Overcast” collaboration was born and now, the subsequent video has arrived.

“A longtime promoter I’ve worked with in the Midwest reached out and told me he was working with a guy from his city that he was really feeling,” P.O.S explains to RealStreetRadio. “He wanted me to get in the studio. I don’t usually just go meet people random, but I trust the guy and he’s talking about this dude’s voice and style.

“I checked him out and was feeling inspired. Dude works hard in his city, makes a lot of good music and puts on for the Midwest. I couldn’t say no. Plus, I got to chill with this rad ass dog.”

Directed by Chapman Han, the visual is a straightforward affair that includes a pool party, plenty of cocktails and a cool Bulldog that catches a ride in Denham’s Jeep.

Watch it up top.

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