Los Angeles, CA – Drake’s musicly inclined father Dennis Graham is always in the studio recording.

Believe it or not, he actually loses track of the contents within his record stash. Such was the case for his newest single, “That On That,” which has been unearthed after a cool decade.

“I wrote this record about 10 years ago and was in the studio one day listening to some of my old records and came across, ‘That on That,’ Mr. Graham tells RealStreetRadio. “I couldn’t believe I wrote this so long ago and the sound was so current.”

When your son is one of the biggest stars on the planet, it’s beneficial to have him preview the records. As of result, “That On That” was blessed with the ultimate Drizzy co-sign.

“I sent it to Drake and he loved it and told me that I needed to release it immediately. So here we are with ‘That On That,’” he continued.

The Nikeisha Andersson & Henry Lipatov-directed clip finds Mr. Graham frankly spitting cocksure bars while unsurprisingly rocking a golden OVO chain.

Watch it above.

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