Hollywood’s most powerful foursome is now becoming even more powerful. Chris Martin leads Coldplay, Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband Brad Falchuk is one of TV’s biggest producers, GP needs no introduction, and now actress Dakota Johnson is controlling the behind-the-scenes, too. The Peanut Butter Falcon actress directed Coldplay’s latest music video, “Cry Cry Cry,” with Cory Bailey. For years on Valentine’s Day, we got Fifty Shades of Grey starring Johnson. This year, we get something like Fifty Shades of “Yellow” by Coldplay. The sockhop-themed video prances around a dance floor, following a young couple. One Suspiria-adjacent huddle later, they are suddenly older, with gray in their hair, and wearing less adventurous outfits, but still together on the dance floor. Single people didn’t need this targeted attack on Valentine’s Day of all days, but we get it, Chris Martin, you’re happy. Who wouldn’t be if they got to wake up next to the one person in the world who can really pull off bangs? “Cry Cry Cry” is from the band’s new album Everyday Life, which is out now.

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