Los Angeles, CA – Compton’s Most Wanted has returned with a new single called “RAW.” The song comes from the West Coast OGs’ upcoming Gangsta Bizness album, which is expected to arrive on Friday (September 13).

“We’re on a mission to keep West Coast music in its original form,” MC Eiht tells RealStreetRadio. “‘RAW’ is simply good music. Not to discredit new artist or past, we originated a sound from yesterday’s originators. It’s nothing but quality good music and rhymes — R.A.W. or ‘REAL AUTHENTIC WEST.’”

Gangsta Bizness serves as MC Eiht and Tha Chill’s first Compton’s Most Wanted album since 2006’s Compton’s O.Gs. 

As Tha Chill told DX last November, the upcoming album has that “wow factor.” He assured CMW fans Gangsta Bizness will have a high-profile roster, including Weazel Loc, Suga Free, Too $hort, Kurupt and the Geto Boys’ Big Mike.

“You wouldn’t expect Eiht to get it in like that,” he said. “These days, it has to be something special about us. We older cats. For the new cats, they gotta be like, ‘What’s so dope about these old dudes?’ It’s dope that Lady of Rage and Bumpy Knuckles straight coming from Compton, you wouldn’t even imagine that.

“That’s what we up into. That’s why I think this new Gangsta Bizness from CMW gonna have a lot to offer as well.”

As for the sound, Tha Chill promised, “We still keeping it gangsta.”

Check out “RAW” above.

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