Does Harry Styles want us dead? On Monday morning — week infinity of quarantine — the singer released the music video for his Fine Line single “Watermelon Sugar.” The visuals conjure all the joys of summer: sun, touching, beaches, bikinis, touching, smiling, friendship, picnics, touching, outdoor games, a watermelon or two being sensually stroked, more touching. Either Harry Styles is teasing us with the summer he knows we won’t get to go outside and enjoy, or this is really an act of compassion and benevolence. Harry Styles is letting us know what’s on the other side of quarantine if we all follow the rules and stay home: “Tastes like strawberries on a summer evening,he sings. Because Harry Styles cannot taste our strawberries (or, for that matter, our summer evenings) anytime soon, this selection of GIFs will have to be the next best thing. Enjoy them inside, with the AC blasting, and at your own risk.

We just … want a li’l taste of it. Summer outside, that is.

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