Like some kind of wildly more talented Cinderella, everyone’s favorite rapper Childish Gambino is about to turn back into Donald Glover. Just plain ol’ multi-Emmy Award winning Donald Glover, star and creator of FX’s critically acclaimed Atlanta. While announcing at the outset that this was his last tour as Gambino “ever,” Rolling Stone noted that “he had the bearing of an exhausted man leaving behind a husk he’d never return to collect.” But in a good way! The magazine compared Gambino’s performance to a preacher, as he declared the event was “not a concert. This is church.” (Side note: If you haven’t heard the track ‘Sunrise’ from Camp you’re missing out.) But before it was over, the rapper also took a moment to get personal about his journey as a musical artist. “I used to come to this place to see some of my favorite rap acts when I was going to NYU,” he told the crowd at Madison Square Garden during a momentary break. “A lot of ‘em didn’t get to play stadiums this big. Y’all don’t remember these times, but rap it was like a small thing for a long time. Even when I was a kid people were like, ‘Yeah, that’s what kids do.’…Be yourself, cause dreams come true.” Thank you, Lando Calrissian. Oh, he also debuted a new song, part of which you can hear below:

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