Working Wednesday. It’s time to put in some work, work, work RealStreetRadio why not get things going with Chief Keef rooting for Kendall Jenner to bless the rap game? Speaking of the Jenner family, did Amber Rose just extend her hand to former enemy Khloé Kardashian? With KK on your mind, is there a sex tape of her baby-father-to-be Tristan Thompson coming out? All this coming up in RealStreetRadio Whatcha Think.

1. Chief Jenner

Should Kendall Jenner consider a real career in hip-hop? Turns out Chief Keef has an interest in seeing KJ grab the mic and spit some hot fire. His Twitter page has the suggestion:

I think Kendall Jenner should start rapping…

— Glory Boy (@ChiefKeef) April 10, 2018

Do you think he’s serious? Could you see this really happening? Is the idea that bizarre? #RealStreetRadioWhatchaThink?

2. Heartbroken

Is Amber Rose out here dishing out some real support or low-key throwing shade? Turns out she felt the urge to speak up over Khloé Kardashian’s boyfriend Tristan Thompson allegedly cheating on her. OnoBello is on it:

“God bless you and your baby” – #AmberRose reaches out to #KhloeKardashian following the recent news of #TristanThompson‘s escapades.#OnoBello #OBCelebrities #OBEntertainment #celebrities #entertainment #celebritynews #entertainmentnews pic.twitter.com/kUkZOAxbtd

— OnoBello.com (@OnoBello) April 11, 2018

Think Khloé will respond? Is Amber being genuine? Is this genuine? #RealStreetRadioWhatchaThink?

3. Sex Tape Games

Is there a Tristan Thompson sex tape coming? Turns out a woman claiming she slept with Tristan Thompson has the sex tape to prove it? TMZ has the info:

The woman — who goes by @ms.stephaniee_ on Instagram — claims she’s the one who was seen in a video Saturday night walking into the Manhattan Four Seasons with Tristan. Tuesday night she filled her IG story alleged texts from Tristan and a video of a couple having sex … which she claims is her and Tristan. Neither of their faces is visible in the short clip. (TMZ)

Is this going to destroy TT? Should Khloé give him a chance to explain himself? Is this all a publicity stunt? #RealStreetRadioWhatchaThink?

That wraps it up for today. This is RealStreetRadio On The Spot giving you the scoop from your fave gossip sites.

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