Hip-Hop artist CG Naughty has just released his latest track, “Look Into My Eyes,” blending depth and swag throughout this powerful rap. His sharp deliveries and strong penchant for raising awareness on the injustice towards Black people are inspiring and keep the listener enticed throughout. Light years ahead of his peers, CG Naughty knows exactly what works and what doesn’t in terms of sound, and is never afraid to show vulnerability. His real strength lies right there. He has the courage to face things the way they are, no matter how hard it might be to accept the rawness of life, especially regarding police brutality in the United States and its devastating consequences on the lives of so many Black families. 

“Look Into My Eyes” is beautiful on so many levels, without forgetting to mention the outstanding vocals that start off right away in the intro and reappear mid-track before closing-up the song, providing a dreamy contrast to CG Naughty’s tranquil flow. 

If you haven’t yet, make sure to stream “Look Into My Eyes” below:

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