Revealing her versatile talents, raw creativity, and undeniable charisma, Amni Musfirah is gracing fans with a new album titled “Crown.” After releasing her latest banger, “Vacation,” fans have been awaiting this album for a long time. Exposing her excellent creative state, “Vacation” is packed with no disturbances, no drama and has made its way to become a stress-free pop anthem.

“Crown” has the singer and songwriter effortlessly manifest her unique talents throughout the nine-track collection. With her vocal strengths and perfect hues, the artist is sure to satisfy your pop needs.

The tracks “Fade Away” and “My Heart Is Yours” have quickly become all-time staples for a mellow and laid-back vibe. However, Amni also adds a touch of upbeat feel with the musical song “I Got You,” getting her listeners up and dancing.

The album is a genuine description of the artist’s abilities and unparalleled musical versatility. Throughout the tracks, you will witness Amni puttering among many feelings and styles that will put you through a trance.

Amni decided to unveil her latest work of art through a mini-film through which she presents the album. Amni is unquestionably a popular up-and-comer in the scene, garnering much-deserved fame and streams.

Give her new album a listen and watch out for her ability to set you off on a journey you never knew you needed. Amni displays R&B hues as she transfers emotions into words.

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