Carly Rae Jepsen and her band transformed the typically chill Tiny Desk Concert into a bouncy, playful disco deserving of a moderately sized desk, at the very least. The pop singer brought three songs from her album Dedicated: “The Sound,” “Want You In My Room,” and “Now That I Found You.” While the songs have been toned down from their studio versions, Jepsen and her band keep the energy up with dance moves and laughter. “This is the most direct song, to the nose, to the point, that we’ve ever been part of performing and I’ve been part of making,” she says, introducing “Want You In My Room.” “It is a very ‘come hither’ song. You’ll see what I mean.” It’s all the confidence you may recognize from her early hit “Call Me Maybe” and the perfect amount of inspiration to get us through a Monday.

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