On Wednesday, 22-year-old pop star Camila Cabello issued a lengthy post on Twitter apologizing for “hurtful language” she’s used in the past. Though the post did not specify what, exactly, Cabello might be referring to, her statement comes just days after some deactivated Tumblr posts were resurrected in a Twitter thread titled “exposing camila cabello’s racist and downright disturbing tumblr reblogs,” which then went viral.

The thread, which went up on Tuesday, features a series of screenshots taken of the deleted account “vous-etess belle,” believed by the creator of the thread to have belonged to Cabello. Pictured in the thread are reblogs of several racist, xenophobic jokes and posts that use the N-word. One reblogged meme pokes fun at Rihanna’s 2009 assault. The posts appear to be from 2012 and 2013.

In her apology that was not expressly about these posts, Cabello writes, “When I was younger, I used language that I’m deeply ashamed of and will regret forever. I was uneducated and ignorant and once I became aware of the history and the weight and true meaning behind this horrible and hurtful language, I was deeply embarrassed I ever used it.”

Cabello goes on to explain, “Those mistakes don’t represent the person I am or a person I’ve ever been. I only stand and have ever stood for love and inclusivity, and my heart has never, even then, had any ounce of hate or divisiveness … I apologize again from the bottom of my heart.”

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