The universe filled out its weekly classic rock Mad Libs, and, with no disrespect to the parallel universe where Charlie Watts spearheads an exciting new collection of drum panties, the following information should amuse you regardless: Brian May, of Queen fame, has designed a very snazzy sports bra for his devoted legion of fans. And you know what? It’s not half bad! Per May’s official website, the £35.00 bra comes in five sizes and is festooned with a bunch of guitars that “salutes the entire range of Brian May Guitars with a bright, bold design,” although it’s less Lululemon and more T.J. Maxx clearance vibes with its lack of cute back straps. (Seriously, if it’s a racerback style, it needs to have either strategic mesh panelling or moister-wicking fabric.) Still, would buy.

Photo: Bryan May Guitars

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