“Kilimanjaro”, the latest single from Boston rapper Skaa,  tells us the transparent thoughts of an underdog on the come-up. Rap music is the most diverse it’s ever been where artists now have the privilege of being successful whether they talk about sex, money and violence, or decide to let their vulnerabilities and insecurities be known through their music. “Kilimanjaro” reveals a vulnerable yet determined side to the Boston rapper, one that understands the realities that face him, but is also bent on making the long way up from the bottom.

Skaa is a Boston rapper who has been releasing a steady stream of music, letting his fans know exactly where he stands in the rap game. On his latest single “Kilimanjaro”, Skaa leaves no room for a hook, as he delivers bar after bar of wordplay-focused lyricism. He effortlessly rides the beat and lets the sample guide his words.

Having just relocated from the Philippians to Boston in 2017 to take his career to the next level, Skaa is very much at in the early stages of his rap career. Still, he is taking the time to acknowledge how far he has come, while simultaneously letting us know where he plans on going. As he spouts “ He barely played but now he starting to win, they tried to supress us but now he talking again. A lot at stake, everyday I’m jugglin tough decisions, I do it for the one’s who ain’t got em a pot to piss in.”


Be on the lookout for the rising star, as he is definitely one to be watching for. Connect with Skaa on Instagram, Youtube ,and SoundCloud.



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