VladTV host Vladimir “DJ Vlad” Lyubovny has been under the microscope over the last few weeks after his interviews were blamed for Casanova’s recent FBI indictment — despite there not being any tangible proof. Some people believe Vlad’s interview style often trips up his subjects who inadvertently end up implicating themselves in various crimes.

But thanks to his thriving YouTube channel, Vlad never runs out of rappers willing to sit down him. During an interview with Boosie Badazz last month, Vlad got him to discuss FBG Duck’s August murder, which Boosie said he knew was going to happen. But before they got to that specifically, Vlad asked him the least and most amount of money he’s heard someone was offered to kill another person.

“It depends on who it is,” he replied. “It depends on how big the fish is. Two grand, $1,500. They’ll blast you for $2500.” He added $100,000 was on the high end.

“This street shit,” he continued. “You know how many n-ggas they got in the street with $100,000? More than you can think of. More than you went to high school with.”

In terms of FBG Duck, Boosie thinks it was an assassination — not just a random killing, saying, “I think he had a bag on his head. N-ggas get sprayed like that, there’s a bag involved.”

I never got to meet him, but I ain’t gonna say I kind of changed him, but I said he was going to be killed. My nephew showed me a thing before, like when he put me on to FGB Duck and he showed me a song when he was talkin’ about everybody like, ‘Man, this n-gga be going hard. Check him out.’ And bro, we in this fuckin’ studio. I say, ‘That n-gga from the Chi, he dissed all them n-ggas, they gonna kill ’em.’ Man, I said that shit, bro.

“When that dude died, that shit struck back cross my fuckin’ mind. Bro. It had me not even want to talk on shit ’cause I feel like I bring bad luck to shit when I say shit. The same nephew walked in and said, ‘Boosie bro, you said that.’ I said, ‘What?’ He said, ‘Man, they killed that boy form Chicago’ and showed me the phone with him laying down. I said, ‘Bro! Two months later.’”

FBG Duck was shot and killed in broad daylight on August 4 as he perused the Windy City’s Gold Coast neighborhood. Police said three people were shopping on Oak Street when two vehicles pulled up to the scene. Four people got out of the vehicles and allegedly opened fire at the shoppers. Duck was struck in the chest, groin and neck and later pronounced dead at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Since then, fellow Chi-Town rapper King Von has been murdered along with Boosie’s artist Mo3 who was killed in Dallas. Boosie himself was also a victim of gun violence last month while he was in Dallas for Mo3’s funeral.

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