On Monday night, Alicia Keys took over for James Corden as a guest host for The Late Late Show, and it was a welcome reminder that we want Alicia Keys to host, well, as many things as possible. Sure, Corden has “Carpool Karaoke” (which Keys was great on, by the way) but you can’t fit a piano into a car. Keys monologued in song and interviewed Ali Wong, and she also gave me an excuse to make up the following couple name: Eilishia Keys. Is that not gorgeous? It’s almost as gorgeous as her duet with Billie Eilish of Eilish’s 2016 breakout single “Ocean Eyes.” Do you get it now? Do you get Eilishia Keys? The unlikely duo (songstress regent and plucky newcomer) nailed the song’s winsome harmonies, and they did it for an all-female studio audience, which as far as late-night stunts go is pretty good. Hopefully there will be an Eilishia Keys reunion when Alicia Keys hosts the 2020 Grammys.

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