African signature sounds and atmospheric vibes spread around the world and infect others with their spiritual beauty. Their rhythmic tunes, inviting and heart-warming energy filled with tribal vocals and mind-blowingly explosive fiery spirit, are so intimate and sensual that the emotions float and change with one another at an unimaginable speed. Nigerian born Sadé Awele uses all those African sound specific elements mixing them with the best of western tunes to steal your heart with her new release “Care” featuring Bamzy. 

Sadé’s smooth R&B native vocals and African dance tunes create the soulful, atmospheric vibe. “Care” is not just a musical but also a spiritual journey. It takes you to the beautiful African landscapes and makes you feel part of the rich, wild, and epic culture. The raw instrumental beats spread the spirit of the culture. Sadé’s inspiration from artists like Nao, Erykah Badu, Jamila Woods, HER, Beyoncé, Awele adds a special flavor to the music, yet her unique approach, voice, and sound choices make “Care” even richer and more intriguing. 

The music video corresponds to the spirit of the song and adds fire to the fusion Sadé starts. The colors of the visuals are vivid and symbolic. The video is esthetic, beautiful, and sensual. There is warmth and heat spreading from it. Give “Care” a chance and get lost in the vibe. 

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