Los Angeles, CA – Rapper Thurz might have just revealed some long awaited news for André 3000 fans. During an interview with Real 92.3’s Home Grown Radio on Friday (September 13), Thurz talked about what it was like working in the studio with Dr. Dre.

In the clip, DJ HED asks if he was ever surprised by the people who pop up while they’re in session. Thurz quickly mentions André.

“3 Stacks was in there,” he replies.

“What!? Is he doing music?” DJ HED asks to which Thurz responds, “He’s got an album.”

Realizing what he said, Thurz follows up with, “He played a lot of ideas that sound like an album to me so I’m just jumping to conclusions. He played a lot of cool ideas … yeah, he’s making music. He’s like one of my favorite rappers.”

Although it’s unclear if an André 3000 album is actually on the horizon, at least one thing’s clear — he’s making music in the studio with Dre.

And it may or may not involve a flute. 

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