Composer and singer-songwriter Amirah has recently been revealing her sharp vision and strong message to the world thanks to the release of her latest project, a single titled “Tell Me.” Revealing her perpetual search for depth and meaning, she has imagined a song inviting everyone in the US to unite amidst the controversial elections. Beyond the United States, her message is addressed to the citizens of the world who are trying to make sense of the chaos of the modern era. Her multicultural roots and extensive traveling experiences alongside her openness to others’ pain have helped her in creating an inclusive, unifying, and hopeful vision of our world, and “Tell Me” is very powerful proof for that. Using classic pop aesthetics that she then merges with traditional instruments such as the tanpura, gamelan, or Indian tabla, she reinforces her messages with the very way she composes and arranges her soundscapes. 

Vocally, Amirah is most certainly one of the rare voices that are recognizable instantly, and her dazzling technique adds the final element to make this release truly epic, all the while subtle and graceful.While Amirah is trying to get us all together, the Indian community to which she belongs is connected to her with a stronger bond than ever. Not only Amirah, but many other famous Indians like Raja Kumari and Priyanka Chopra are celebrating the election results in the USA, but the real reason for their happiness is Kamala Harris being the first (half) Indian in the White House.

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