Some of us are just moderately bougie enough to request our Hennessy and beer be served in Champagne flutes. For those sophisti-ratchet occasions, there’s a new anthem: Reintroducing AJ McLean, Backstreet Boy turned Back Porch Bro. Fresh off the group’s excellent new single, the BSB member is gearing up for a new solo album that’ll see him further transition into country territory, just as his band did when they collaborated with Florida Georgia Line (to prove their country cred, they’ll even perform at the CMTs tomorrow night, ya’ll). McLean has released his new song, “Back Porch Bottle Service,” a toast to those of us who show up to the backyard barbecue in stilettos so we can get our keg stand on in style. Obviously, there’s a rap breakdown in this song. Deep down, some part of you wanted it this way.

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