Multi-talented artists find different formats for channeling their energy and creativity. The young artist of African descent from Paris, France Aicha Dosso is a singer-songwriter, actress, and writer born in Ivory Coast. She studied English at La Sorbonne and moved to NYC to master the art of acting in the famous Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, a dream for every acting student. 

As part of her acting career, Aicha had her screen time as the lead in the award-winning feature BYE BYE AFRICA and played along with Uma Thurman in Max Winkler’s 2010 film CEREMONY. She also played in several Broadway shows. Currently, the multidisciplinary artist is concentrated on her music career. Having grown up in a household where her parents were admiring Edith Piaf, Aicha developed her love for Parisian cabaret music from a very young age. She recently released her debut single “Bien” in French, a beautiful mixture of Parisian cabaret sound, NYC vibes, and the artist’s own style. Aicha’s music and approach to it are a breath of fresh air, adding diversity and peppering up the industry with her unique energy. The song broadens the borders of genres, blending different sound elements and cultures into an inspiring piece. 

You can follow Aicha on Instagram, Spotify, and on her own Website

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