Lloyd Banks was once adamantly against social media for reasons that still baffle 50 Cent to this day.

According to an audio excerpt from 50 Cent‘s new book Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter that was released on April 28, Fif detailed his former G-Unit artist’s aversion to the budding platforms at the time.

In the piece, he revealed that in Banks’ reasoning for his disdain, he leaned on two legends who kind of had nothing to do with the conversation.

“Nah that’s corny,” 50 said Banks told him about social media. “Biggie and Pac didn’t do that shit.”

Despite 50 reasonably mentioning that neither rapper even had the opportunity to use or not use the platforms, as they’d passed away (Tupac in 1996, Biggie a year later) more than 20 years before Instagram debuted, but the Punchline King wasn’t trying to hear it.

“And how do you know they wouldn’t be posting on IG if they were alive?” Banks allegedly reckoned as his touché.

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Although he’s no longer a part of G-Unit, Banks has since come around, and he often uses both Twitter and Instagram to share new music and update fans on the happenings in his world.

You can listen to the full excerpt from 50’s book below.

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