In his latest music video "Big Play", Young Rambo is showing us the results of his hard work. In the music video, the Ohio born rapper blessed his fans with some slick visuals, and a great narrative. Not everyone is lucky enough to succeed in life, but Young Rambo is here to show his followers that hard work pays off.
Things weren’t always easy for the young rapper. Growing up in a single parent household, Rambo struggled to maintain a healthy balance in life. At the age of 18, he dropped out of college and started focusing on his rap career. Although his mom was disappointed at first, YR worked so hard to earn her trust back, and the results speak for themselves. But, no matter how big the young artist makes it in his career, he showed us that he will always stay true to his roots, and give back to his community.
The track’s unique lyrics and tone, are set to make it Rambo’s biggest hit yet from his album Sweet Lick, which was released earlier this year.

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