You know how everyone and their mother and their grandmother and their cousin and their dog and their mailman and their therapist has taken on the #InMyFeelingsChallenge, inspired by Drake’s song of the same name and started by Instagram star Shiggy? Well, Will Smith, too, has accepted the challenge and made it his bitch. Smith begins his phenomenal entry by watching Ciara and Russell Wilson’s version, filmed on a mountain in Cape Town. Not to be outdone, Will then takes his talents to the top of the famed Chain Bridge in Budapest which he does by, well, breaking into it. “There is no way this is legal,” he says. To be fair, this whole challenge should’ve been illegal the second it inundated our feeds, and yet! From this day forward only Keke herself is allowed to take up the challenge should she so choose and that is the final word.

R.I.P. #InMyFeelingsChallenge June 29, 2018-July 12, 2018

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