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Ranking Every Drake Album From Worst to Best

The glow promise and potential radiated by the end Drake’s verse on “Ransom.” The classic loosie was my introduction to the Toronto newcomer; Lil Wayne’s feature encouraged the initial listen, but I went back for the kid who said, “Add until they subtract me, I’ll never be your equal.” He captivated with wit and charisma, providing a first impression that led me to press play every time his name was attached to music posted on blogs.

In 2008, I didn’t expect that I would still be pressing play nine years later―I didn’t expect Drake to become the biggest music sensation since Kanye West―but since “Ransom,” I’ve listened and witnessed him grow and evolve, receive love and loathing, reach new peaks and jump over mountains with each new album. He is everything I never saw him becoming, but I’ve watched every step the way.

More Life is being heralded as a “playlist project,” but it’s safe to also see it as Drake’s seventh commercially released project. Almost every year since 2010, a new Drake project has been given to the world on a silver platter to be devoured. If you include the free mixtapes, the first being Room From Improvement in 2006, it’s been over 10 years since Drake started putting music out to be heard or ignored. For the next 10 years, his career will likely continue to be placed under the microscope―reviewed, criticized, championed, rated―but that is to be expected when you're a generation's biggest star. That title comes with endless conversation, debates, discussions and arguments.

Since discourse about Drake is both our present and it is our future, we decided to rank all Drake’s mixtapes and albums (and "playlists") from his humble beginnings to his latest ferings.

As a disclaimer, it's important to note that, personally, I prefer bars over harmonies and punchlines over melodies, but my favorite version Drake is when his albums balance these two skill sets. Since Drake has always been judged by the duality his rapping and singing post-So Far Gone, we felt it was appropriate to do the same here.

10. Room For Improvement

Ranking Every Drake Album From Worst to Best

Young Drake, the little brother to Little Brother. This is the Drake more influenced by the underground, by backpack rappers more than anyone on the charts. You can hear it in his flow, delivery and even the hooks―on this self-released, DJ Smallz-hosted mixtape Drake was out to truly prove himself as a rhyme slayer in a world full rappers uploading mixtapes to DatPiff and sending them to blogs.

This was the last time fans got a chance to hear Drake rap over a Lupe Fiasco instrumental, or hear him start a song with, “Get in my Slick Rick mode.” There are moments that shine with promise, glimpses an artist who could have been an underground darling, but as the title states, there was room for improvement.

Drake was still discovering himself as an artist―still finding his voice (at times he seems to be rapping in a library), searching for the pen a memorable songwriter and discovering the sound he could call his own. Drake wasn’t completely lost, but he had yet to find himself in the music.

There’s a sense nostalgia if you want to hear what Drake would sound like as a backpacker, but most the music doesn’t age well. 

Highlights: “A.M. 2 P.M.,” “Come Winter,” City Is Mine”

9. What a Time To Be Alive (w/ Future)

Ranking Every Drake Album From Worst to Best

Drake's collaborative project with Atlanta’s most renowned lean-sipping wizard is highlighted with booming trap anthems, but is mostly dominated by Future’s enthralling presence; Drake is a visitor on What a Time To Be Alive instead sharing the glowing spotlight. There’s a lack balance to truly make their union Shaq and Kobe, they’re more like Will and Carlton on the first season The Fresh Prince Bel-Air.

The production is a blessing―all the right architects were brought in to build the perfect foundation for some infectious records―and the project is easy on the ears, but it doesn't leave the listener with a strong desire to revisit as time goes by. What a Time To Be Alive is the Big Mac Drake’s catalog―sounds good when starving for a quick burger, but there are far better food options in his discography, and the same can be said about Future.

But hey, some days you just want a Big Mac, a large fry and a sweet tea to calm your hunger for junk food. 

Highlights: “Digital Dash,” “Diamonds Dancing,” “30 For 30 Freestyle”


Ranking Every Drake Album From Worst to Best

Drake’s commercial behemoth: Views dominated charts and streams, and transcended him to the top both the rap and pop mountains but is the one album lacking the most luster in his catalog. Views is bloated with too many records, is long-winded in length, and struggles to maintain any kind captivation from beginning to end. It's enjoyable in small doses, especially sonically, but Drake was the anchor that truly dragged the ship down―some his most cringeworthy, corny raps can be found sprinkled across the 1 hour and 21-minute runtime.

Even when the music is superb―warm dancehall, quiet storm R&B and sugary pop make for some noticeable songs―people still look to Drake for rapping, and the raps on Views fell below the bar he set for himself at the beginning his career.

There’s a hollowness if you're seeking soul and nothing but boasting and bragging if you prefer painfully honest and sincere. While I liked the idea Views, and I enjoyed most the songs, as an album, as an entire body work, it is the Titantic―spectacular, grandiose, larger-than-life, but sinks towards the bottom Drake’s discography due to the many glaciers that ruined it’s sail to the top.

Highlights: “Feel No Ways,” “Redemption,” “Controlla”

7. Thank Me Later

Ranking Every Drake Album From Worst to Best

Drake’s commercial debut Thank Me Later is the type project that is forever changing positions in ranked lists. When I first heard this album back in 2010, it felt rushed, as if the music was crafted too quickly in order to ride the So Far Gone explosion. Over time, though, the album has grown on me.

You won’t find the best production or the best rapping or the best singing, but there’s an honesty that is prevalent on each track. Thank Me Later is the album made by an early-20s rapper who was suddenly thrust into the spotlight; you get the waves confidence and insecurities, the struggle to adjust and the fear failing.

This is one Drake’s clearest selfies, the first three songs exhibiting a level transparency that will always be relatable. The more Drake reaches the status an artist who caters to the world, the easier it is to appreciate the young rapper who poured his heart into every bar. Yeah, this was the st Drake, the throw-him-in-the-locker Drake, the sit-outside-your-ex-house-and-cry Drake, but that’s who Drake was—the Drake we knew the best. If only the album was better put together.

Highlights: "Karaoke," "Miss Me," "Find Your Love," "9AM in Dallas" (included as a bonus track on the UK iTunes version)

6. Comeback Season

Ranking Every Drake Album From Worst to Best

Comeback Season is a far more developed version  Room For Improvement, an example what happens when Charmander reaches level 16 and evolves into Charmeleon.

Lyrically, Drake is a much better rapper, a sharper pen with far more conviction in his voice. Comeback Season is the project where 40 begins working with Drake, as an engineer but not yet a producer. With 40 on the boards, the mix is far more pleasant on the ears. This is the Drake that I would have loved to hear as an artist signed under Jamla; 9th Wonder would’ve molded this baby Phonte into something special.

I get why this Drake is missed―this is before he started to really incorporate a strong R&B presence into his music―since this is the final form Backpack Drake. If you ever wanted to know what Drake sounds like over Dilla and 9th Wonder, this is the only project when such a phenomenon occurred. 

While quality rapping can be found on Comeback Season, it doesn't fer much appeal for repeat visits all these years later. Underground rap may desire this Drake, but he most likely would have hit a ceiling if he didn’t change his approach. He wouldn't destroy Billboard and become the world's biggest star rapping like Common Sense. 

Highlights: "Must Hate Money," "Think Good Thoughts," "Man the Year"

5. More Life

Ranking Every Drake Album From Worst to Best

More Life has only been in this world for a few days, so this is the most tentative and premature placement on this list. I went into this musical fering looking for a project that was better than his last, wondering if he could correct all the limitations that prevented Views from being a stronger project. Again, Drake went Titanic―a massive project full grandiose beats, global influences, and luxury raps―but despite another lengthy cruise, More Life is the far more enthralling experience.

More Life is a people pleaser as if he sought to touch every corner his audience and fulfill their every Drake desire; while this creates a project that essentially isn’t for everyone, you are likely to find the Drake you like most somewhere in the 1-hour and 20-minute listen.

There are only a handful lines that caused me to cringe, while most the music is pleasant to the ears. More Life is considered a “playlist project” because its 22 songs will be scattered across playlists and Drake will be completely unavoidable. This is his attempt at conquering streaming, cornering the market, while pleasing a majority his fans.

As an album, it suffers from a few the same shortcomings as Views, but it’s an overall improvement in almost every way. Time will tell, but this position could change as we sit with the album more.

Highlights: "Free Smoke," "Passionfruit," "Do Not Disturb"

4. If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

Ranking Every Drake Album From Worst to Best

If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, the surprise mixtape they refuse to call an album. 

In a way, this album is the complete opposite Thank Me Later―braggadocious, boastful, with an arrogance that was rare to see. This is the album where Charmeleon becomes a self-assured Charizard. This is Drake going into the trap atmosphere with vigor and zeal, rapping with an assortment tricks that makes each song a memorable moment.

I’ve always felt like this was Drake’s victory lap, the project you drop when you feel as if no man on this Earth can stop your reign. Despite being a sonic change, this is one Drake’s most cohesive, well-balanced albums; he delved into the trap on his own terms, never feeling like an outsider.

It can be argued that Quentin Miller’s pen is the reason why Drake was able to make such a graceful leap into a new environment, and while If You’re Reading This will always be seen as the project that outed Drake as a ghostwriter employer, the music is undeniable.

How can you hate on the stream bangers from “Legend” to “6 God?” Or "6 Man"? IYRTITL houses, arguably, one Drake’s best R&B cuts in “Jungle.” Even if this album will always be seen as more an orphan than fspring, the music captured a moment and continues to age well.

Highlights: "Energy," "Know Yourself," "6 Man"

3. Nothing Was The Same

Ranking Every Drake Album From Worst to Best

“Tuscan Leather” is the best intro that Drake has ever made. I will fight any man, man-child, or Demogorgon about that. From Drake’s rapping to the way 40 flipped the sample like a master chef making a supreme flapjack, it’s an incredible way to begin the album.

From there, Nothing Was The Same delves deeper into the psyche a blossoming rap star coming f an acclaimed sophomore LP. Cohesion is both the gift and curse NWTS, the album is a seamless listen and it flows effortlessly―smoother than driving a brand new Porsche in Malibu. At the same time, however, that same cohesiveness sucks you into a world that begins to feel repetitive, by not adding variety to the album's soundscape, even good songs feel extraneous.

Is it necessary to have “Wu-Tang Forever” and “Own It?” “Started From The Bottom” and “Worst Behavior?” “Connect” and “305 To My City?”

NWTS is Drake showing that he is a master his universe, understanding the balance between bourgeois rap star and R&B aficionado, strip club connoisseur and famous casanova, the honest transparency mixed with bulletpro bravado. This isn't a cover-to-cover listen, but after this hit the mainstream, as the title suggests, nothing was ever the same.

Highlights: "Tuscan Leather," "Furthest Thing," "Too Much"

2. Take Care

Ranking Every Drake Album From Worst to Best

The album that will be argued until the end days as Drake’s "undeniable classic." Take Care, a moment that rap will never forget. I fear that the moment has always clouded my judgment on this album, like being attached to a memory better days.  

Sure, Drake will get flak for making “Marvin’s Room,” but at the time, I never heard a song that was so painfully pure on the radio. Take Care has so many these bleeding vein moments, like Drake didn’t care if an audience heard him spill out his soul, the words needed to come out. He embraced being the simp, he embraced his fury against naysayers―everything he was feeling in his life at the moment can be heard on this album―and he got in touch with his feelings and let them live over incredible production.

Some his best music is on this album―”Cameras/Good Ones Go,” “Doing It Wrong,” “Underground King,” “Look What You’ve Done,” “The Ride,” “Over My Dead Body,”―with the highs hovering way over Toronto's CN Tower. It should be noted that The Weeknd’s contribution to this album can’t be overlooked, he is a big reason why Take Care sounds the way it does. 

The Drake that will always earn my money is the genuine, earnest, honest rapper who captures a generation kids chasing dreams, loving and losing, all while striving to leave a mark on the world. Take Care left a mark.

Highlights: "Over My Dead Body," "Marvin's Room," "Cameras / Good Ones Go Interlude"

1. So Far Gone

Ranking Every Drake Album From Worst to Best

Everything good that I’ve written about Drake in this ranking feature can be found in So Far Gone, his breakout project and magnum opus. And to be clear, we're talking about the mixtape, with all Drake's original vision intact, not the watered-down, commercial cash grab that was the EP.

Drake isn’t a complicated rapper. When it comes to depth, he isn’t taking us into the deep end, but he’s great at allowing us entrance into his life. So Far Gone is the doorway into the world Aubrey Graham. He finds his voice as a singer without sacrificing his prowess as a rapper, is able to craft great songs with nod-worthy bars, is cohesive without being repetitive, and even though he owes Kanye and Cudi for the soundscape, Drake makes this dreamy, R&B-drenched world his own.

If More Life is a slice Drake’s broad palette, So Far Gone is a Hyperbolic Time Chamber where he makes the most with limited tools. As a pony with only a few tricks, he made sure each one was better than the last.

This is the first project where 40 took on the role producer, flipping all the samples that Drake desired. He found his sound while penning some his most heartfelt music. Cool and sensitive, romantic yet with more heartbreak than heartbroken, assured with a hint doubt―So Far Gone was the mixtape Drake was born to make and the album he’ll always try to overcome.

From front to back, So Far Gone is his best work to date.

Highlights: "Lust For Life," "November 18th," "Say What's Real"

By Yoh, aka You Can Hate Me Now, aka @Yoh31

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Apathy & O.C. Release "Perestroika" Album

Apathy and O.C.’s new album Perestroika finds two major Hip Hop collectives, Demigodz and Diggin’ In The Crates (D.I.T.C.), combining forces. The veteran MCs have been planning this LP for a few years now and it’s finally come to fruition.

The collaborative project features 12 tracks with guest appearances by Celph Titled, Slaine, Marvalyss, Kappa Gamma and Jus Cuz. Apathy handles production on 10 the 12 cuts while MoSS helms “Soviet Official” and Illinformed handles “Globetrotters.”

Check out the stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Apathy & O.C. Release "Perestroika" Album

1. Live from the Iron Curtain
2. Tomorrow Is Gone f. Slaine & Kappa Gamma
3. Soviet Official
4. Winter Winds f. Marvalyss
5. Covey Leader to Raven
6. No More St Shit
7. Gorbachev
8. The Broadcast
9. Perestroika
10. Stompkillcrushmode f. Celph Titled
11. What It’s All About
12. Globetrotters f. Jus Cuz

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Lil Kim & Remy Ma Are "Making History" In The Studio

Lil Kim and Remy Ma are easily two Hip Hop’s strongest female voices. Kim has sold over 15 million albums over the course her storied career, while Remy rose to prominence with the Terror Squad in the early 2000s. Together, they’re likely to produce some serious heat.

On Wednesday (September 13), the Queen Bee and Remy took to Instagram to post several shots  them in the studio together, indicating a future collaborative project is in the works.

Kim captioned one the photos, “My partner frfr!! The amount fire emoji] that was in this room was ridiculous!! Somebody call the fire marshals sheesh ‼️#lilkim #queenbee #beehive #lilkimseason #studilow.”

Remy captioned hers, “This me all day around @lilkimthequeenbee…had to literally get up and move away from her just to finish writing my verse cuz I was dying laughing. Distressed jeans, sneakers, & flight jackets flow #RemyMa #RemyMafia #7W6S.”

Kim posted another photo that featured songwriter Da$h who co-wrote Kim’s 2005 single, “Lighters Up,” one 22 tracks on The Naked Truth LP. The caption read: “We just made history.”

The “SHETHER” rapper brought out Kim, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Lady Rage, Monie Love and Young M.A during her performance at Hot 97’s Summer Jam in June, which many interpreted as another shot in her ongoing feud with Nicki Minaj. 

Remy is currently finalizing her sophomore album 7 Winters 6 Summers, so it’s possible Kim will pop up on that.

Her last solo album was 2006’s There’s Something About Remy: Based on a True Story. 

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Dapper Dan Is The Face Of New Gucci Tailoring Ad Campaign [Photos]

We’re going to big up Dapper Dan as much as possible because what they did to the Cold Crush. As previously reported, besides teaming with Gucci for a proper collection, the iconic Harlem businessman is also the face the luxury brands Fall/Winter 2017 ad campaign. 

Precisely, Dapper Dan was chosen Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele to be the face new Men’s Tailoring campaign.

Our only question; what took so long?

See images from the campaign below and on the flip.

Photo: Gucci

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MK fosters a gleeful air of nostalgia with new record, '17' – Dancing Astronaut

Yet another summer is coming to a close, and the electronic music world is beginning to slow down as fall and winter inch closer. Luckily, however, newest release titled “17” has arrived just in time to treat the ears to a round pleasant, sunny house that is geared toward combating the end--season blues.

The house maven immediately douses listeners with nostalgic influence, invoking feelings a party in the 1990s with his classic piano stabs that are lined with subtle string notes. That said, “17’s” coup de gras comes in the form contemporary, yet carefree vocals that sing an ode to easier times and youthful romance.

MK has exercised almost super-human balancing skills over the past few months. Not only has he found the studio time to put together “17” and other compositions, but he’s also been on a non-stop touring streak that has seen him at major global festivals throughout the season and in clubs as well. He remains on this streak, having just announced an adjoining tour to “17” across the US.



“17” Tour Stops – :
10/26 Santa Barbara, CA EOS Lounge
10/27 San Francisco, CA Audio
10/28 Los Angeles, CA Minimal Effort
11/02 Brooklyn, NY Output
11/03 Boston, MA Bijou
11/04 Toronto, ON Noir
11/11 Washington, D.C. U Street Music Hall
11/16 Austin, TX Kingdom
11/17 Miami, FL Trade
11/18 Dallas, TX It’ll Do
11/24 San Diego, CA SPIN
11/25 Denver, CO Vinyl
12/01 Philadelphia, PA Rumor
12/02 Detroit, MI Magic Stick



MK fosters a gleeful air  nostalgia with new record, '17' - Dancing Astronaut[hupso]
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Epizode festival announces Carl Cox, Nicole Moudaber, and more to expanding lineup – Dancing Astronaut

Already in its second year, Epizode festival has again raised eyebrows with a spate notable additions to its lineup.  A 10-day destination event located on an island f the coast Vietnam, the latest chapter announcements have taken electronic music enthusiasts by storm, and reaffirmed the festival’s continuous goal to please their market. Most recently, names like , , and have been the latest to grace the event’s lineup, and will be taking the stage at Epizode’s second edition.

Epizode fers visitors the opportunity to not only immerse themselves in festival culture, but also a well-received lineup especially curated with the techno and house lovers in mind. Epizode’s sophomore edition takes place from December 31 to January 10, serving as the quintessential escape from the winter blues.

Read more:

Epizode festival announces Carl Cox, Nicole Moudaber, and more to expanding lineup - Dancing Astronaut[hupso]
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Desert Hearts announce expansive 'Take The Ride' fall tour

“House, Techno, and Love… We Are All Desert Hearts.” 

So goes ‘ tagline. Over the course the past four years, the Desert Hearts Family has situated itself at the epicenter a dusty love-motivated movement. Now, what is now part festival, record label, and part globetrotting party brigade is taking its conscious ethos to cities across the US. Moving beyond the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation California, Desert Hearts is embarking on their most expansive US tour to date.

Hitting the streets in their near 40 dates across the US, , , Marbs, and will be slaying venues like The Belasco in LA, Public Works in San Francisco, Monkey Lt in Seattle, Flash in DC, and Cirque Noir in Houston. For the first time ever the crew will also touch down at the Teksupport in Brooklyn, The Mid in Chicago, Fox Theater in Boulder, and the NECTO in Detroit.

“Take the Ride” promises to deliver the crew’s unparalleled momentum all fall long, taking over festivals like the Dirtybird Campout, Groove Cruise, and more along the way. Take a look at the nonstop parties’ extensive list dates below.

Desert Hearts announce expansive 'Take The Ride' fall tour


Desert Hearts’ ‘Take The Ride’ Fall and Winter Tour Dates:
Sept 15 – Las Vegas, NV @ Terrace Afterhours w/ Lee Reynolds & Porkchop
Sept 16 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Belasco w/ Crew
Sept 17 – San Diego, CA @ World Beat Center w/ Mikey
Sept 22 – Portland, OR @ Whiskey Bar w/ Crew
Sept 23 – New Orleans, LA @ Dragon’s Den w/ Marbs & Porkchop
Sept 27 – Boston, MA @ Bijou w/ Crew
Sept 29 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Cash Only w/ Crew
Sept 30 – London, CAN @ Rum Runners
Oct 5 – Nevada City, CA @ Haven Underground w/ Mikey
Oct 6 – Bradley, CA @ Dirtybird Campout w/ Mikey & Porkchop
Oct 7 – Austin, TX @ Ethics w/ Mikey Lion, Porkchop, Lubelski, & Kevin Anderson
Oct 7 – Ensenada, MX @ Groove Cruise w/ Marbs, Lee Reynolds, & Rybo
Oct 11 – Tallahassee, FL @ Techyes w/ Crew
Oct 12 – Atlanta, GA @ MJQ Concourse w/ Crew
Oct 13 – Orlando, FL @ Vinyl Arts Bar w/ Mikey
Oct 14 – Washington, DC @ Flash w/ Crew
Oct 20 – Denver, CO @ The Church w/ Crew
Oct 21 – Eugene, OR @ Old Nick’s w/ Crew
Oct 27 – San Francisco, CA @ Public Works w/ Crew & Special Guest
Oct 28 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Switch w/ Crew
Nov 2 – Cleveland, OH @ Magnolia w/ Mikey Lion & Lee Reynolds
Nov 9 – Ann Arbor, MI @ Necto w/ Crew & Christian Martin
Nov 17 – Houston, TX @ Cirque Noir w/ Crew
Nov 18 – Phoenix, AZ @ Goldrush w/ Mikey Lion & Lee Reynolds
Nov 25 – Santa Fe, NM @ Meow Wolf w/ Crew
Dec 1 – Chicago, IL @ The Mid w/ Crew
Dec 2 – Brooklyn, NY @ Teksupport w/ Crew
Dec 3 – Burlington, VT @ Sunday Night Mass w/ Mikey Lion
Dec 7 – Boulder, CO @ Fox Theater w/ Crew
Dec 8 – To Be Announced
Dec 15 – Philadelphia, PA @ Coda w/ Crew
Dec 16 – El Paso, TX @ Club Here I Love You w/ Lee Reynolds & Porkchop
Dec 29 – To Be Announced
Dec 30 – To Be Announced
Dec 31 – To Be Announced
Jan 1 – Seattle, WA @ Monkey Lt w/ Marbs
Jan 5-8 – Tamarindo, Costa Rica @ Ocaso w/ Crew

Tickets are on sale . 


Desert Hearts announce expansive 'Take The Ride' fall tour[hupso]
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Misty Knight Sports Bionic Arm In Luke Cage Season 2 Photo

Marvel’s Luke Cage will be back soon enough, and season 2 is already looking proper. In a new photo from the set, Power Man is seen kicking it with Misty Knight, who’s sporting a bionic arm. 

If you haven’t watched The Defenders, look away now, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

In the last episode the aforementioned series, Misty Knight’s right arm met the wrong side a katana and got chopped smooth f below the shoulder. This isn’t news to comic fans, but now Netflix is caught up and Knight is rocking her bionic arm like a Harlem bad ass, and much better-looking, version the Winter Soldier.

In the comics, Knight’s arm was designed by Tony Stark and enable her to deliver all types concussive blasts and fades.

Entertainment Weekly scored the exclusive pic, and we can’t wait for season 2 Luke Cage to kick f.

Unfortunately, Marvel’s Luke Cage doesn’t return to Netflix until early 2018. Interestingly, Lucy Liu will be directing the premiere episode.

Misty Knight Sports Bionic Arm In Luke Cage Season 2 Photo

Photo: David Lee courtesy Netflix

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Grieves' "Running Wild" LP Is Here

Before Grieves kicks f the Running Wild Tour, the Seattle native has dropped the Running Wild album. Comprised 15 tracks, Running Wild marks Grieves’ first full-length project since 2014’s Winter & The Wolves.

Beginning with “Postcards,” the album balances Grieves’ sense humor with more introspective musings on mental health over a handful soul-infused beats. Recorded in Seattle and Stockholm, it was produced by Swedish beatsmith Chords, and features guest appearances from Fearce Vill, Romaro Franceswa, Paris Alexa, and Davey Jones.

Throughout the 51-minute fering, Grieves wrestles with his inner turmoil, including depression and anxiety.

The Running Wild Tour begins on August 31 in Portland, Oregon with Rhymesayers labelmate deM atlaS.

Check out the album stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Grieves' "Running Wild" LP Is Here

1. Postcards
2. Faded
3. Boop Bop Da Willy Willy f. Paris Alexa
4. Chillin’ (Ice Cold) f. Romaro Franceswa
5. What It Dew
6. Gutz
7. Roses f. Fearce Vill & Davey Jones
8. Levees
9. No Sleep f. Paris Alexa
10. Bonnie and Clyde
11. A-Okay
12. Night Shift
13. Cloudless Sky (Interlude)
14. RX
15. 5000 Miles