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Zach Randolph Finesses No Jail Time In Weed Case

Zach Randolph will be sending his lawyers a big present for the holidays. The NBA players cut a deal that avoids him having to do any jail time for his weed case. 

Z-Bo got popped with a backpack full weed a little over a month ago. So much (2 pounds) that cops initially charged him with felony marijuana possession, with intent to sell.

However, the charges were reduced to misdemeanors, but Randolph was still facing up to a year in the bing.

According to TMZ, Randolph cut a deal with prosecutors where he will plead guilty to resisting arrest, and in exchange the weed charged will be completely dropped.

All Randolph has to do is stay out trouble and complete a gang community service (150 hours).

Fair enough.

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Meet Cristoph: the next icon in progressive house [Interview] – Dancing Astronaut

It seems strange to consider that, in the overall scheme progressive house,  is a relatively recent arrival. The Newcastle native has been all but ubiquitous in the scene over the past two years, and his well-honed arrangements indicate the experience a seasoned veteran producer. Stunningly, however, less than four years have passed since Christopher (CJ) Costigan released his debut record, The Harry K EP, near the end 2013.

Costigan’s evolution in the years since is apparent through the esteemed labels which have invited him to contribute EPs. His stylistic trajectory is apparent from his deeper releases for Tube & Berger’s Kittball Records in 2014 and 2015 to his widely-celebrated debut on the coveted 8-Track series for Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep in Sound last year.

After beginning 2017 in the techno realm with The Sign EP on Coyu’s Suara imprint, Cristoph has been welcomed into the pantheon progressive house’s most venerated legends. The iconic pair Sasha and John Digweed have both recognized the British producer’s talents: in the past year, he’s released EPs on Last Night On Earth and Bedrock, the latter in conjunction with fellow burgeoning talent Jeremy Olander.

Meet Cristoph: the next icon in progressive house Interview] - Dancing Astronaut


Yet, none Cristoph’s achievements in the progressive house realm have solidified his reputation as momentously as his alignment with Eric Prydz. One electronic music’s most revered figures, the Swedish juggernaut is discerning with who he deems worthy his mentorship. And, if the events the past several months are any indication, Prydz has proudly taken CJ Costigan under his wing.

2017 has thus far proven to be yet another banner year for Prydz, and Cristoph has been present for almost every significant moment along the way. When the progressive hero debuted his unprecedented, holograph-laden EPIC 5.0, he selected Cristoph as his opener (it’s worth noting that, as this writing, there has yet to be a second performance this show, so no other DJs have taken this mantle). Throughout the summer, Cristoph performed on the main stage ahead  the most critical nights  Eric’s Hï Ibiza residency, including the closing and opening parties and both its deadmau5 b2b sets.

Most notably, Eric Prydz chose Cristoph to provide the first release on his newly-minted Pryda Presents imprint. Launching the anticipated brand in June, the British artist’s Balearic-primed “” preceded the label’s yet-unreleased sophomore single, “Trippleton,” composed by Prydz under his Tonja Holma alias. Once again, Costigan laid the groundwork for the Swedish artist in a pivotal moment.

Now, Cristoph has received yet another honor in this vein by becoming the first-ever artist to take over Prydz’s EPIC Radio series with his own mix.

Detailing each Cristoph’s accomplishments the past year can become exhaustive — even just those which are related to his revered Swedish ally. However, for those who devotedly follow progressive house in its truest form, his story is an important one to watch. Though CJ Costigan’s success in the realm has skyrocketed in an incredibly short timeframe, he’s anything but a flash in the pan.

Cristoph is being groomed by the genre’s most well-respected veterans with an unprecedented ardor. The artist’s acceptance among the progressive pantheon comes from skills that he’s demonstrated on his own, and across less than half a decade. With the support and mentorship artists like Eric Prydz, Sasha, and John Digweed, Cristoph isn’t just primed to become a superstar. Rather, wheels are being set in motion for CJ Costigan to bring progressive house to new, unforeseen heights.

Read our interview with Cristoph below.

Meet Cristoph: the next icon in progressive house Interview] - Dancing Astronaut


Meet Cristoph: the next icon in progressive house Interview] - Dancing Astronaut[hupso]
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Guess Which Rapper Signed A Promising Deal With Madonna's DanceOn?

Los Angeles, CA – After gracing the building with his presence at DX Turbo earlier in Summertime ‘17, rising Houston star Stoppa came through to bless #DXLive with some exclusive songs and even spoke on getting noticed by the one and only Madonna, DanceOn, the company she co-founded with So You Think You Can Dance creator Nigel Lythgoe.

“I hooked up with her company and they took my single ‘What’s The Word?’ And gave it to some the dopest dancers online from all over the world],” Stoppa told Trent, Jake and Marcel during the weekly show. “There have been people from like Bulgaria sending in videos, people from India, people from South Africa. It’s just been going crazy. Shout out to DanceOn for that.”

Madge and her company have come to be known for their viral ability to pair songs with world class cancers and as it turns out Stoppa was one the lucky ones and now hopes the affiliation will boost his career to even greater heights.

“What her company does. They find some the dopest dancers online Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, they take all the dance videos that these influencers do and they put them on Youtube so they put What’s the word on and I think the first dancer that danced to it was] Tommy The Clown,” Stoppa remembered.

The “Weed Water Wifi” rapper said fans can expect the video to roll out around the end August and they’re even going to try to get the boss lady herself on there. “We’re gonna hit her people and see what we can do if we can get Madonna in the video but I’m pretty sure they’re gonna say no but we’re still gonna hit her up though.”

Tune into #DXLive every Thursday from 3pm-5:30pm PST and be sure to submit your music to the #LitnessTest crew.

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Trill Sammy Remixes Tay-K's "The Race" & Details Move To L.A.

Los Angeles, CA – Last week, Trill Sammy released his remix Tay-K 47’s “The Race” and since then it’s gotten more than half a million plays on YouTube and another 200,000 on SoundCloud.

But who’s Trill Sammy, you ask? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered.

The Greater Los Angeles Area is home to approximately 18 million souls. With the Hollywood sign overlooking the city, people from all over the world come here in pursuit their dreams. In the words Kendrick Lamar: “They come for the women, weed, and weather.”

Insert 19-year-old Trill Sammy, who hails from Houston, Texas. The young trap rapper already has close to 1 million followers on Instagram, all while remaining independent. Sammy is most known for his 2016 remix to Madeintyo’s “Uber Everywhere,” and his close affiliations with Famous Dex and Dice Soho. 

Recently, HipHopDX caught up with Sammy at his new crib in Hollywood. With his furniture in the making and his belongings still back home, Sammy marked the move to L.A. with a large stomach tattoo by Pachuco Tattoo shop owner Herchell, who also recently inked Lil Twist’s face with a “loyalty” tattoo. 

Fresh f the 3.5 hour tattoo session, Sammy reported being a bit drowsy. Sparking up a Barewoods blunt courtesy Sour Matt, the Houston MC spoke on why he decided make the move at this point his life.

He explains, “Everybody working out here. There’s a lot studios out here. I love the weed out here. It’s just a better environment for me to build. There’ll be a chance for me to just focus on myself more.”

When asked how the parties and drugs compared to H-town’s, it seemed like a no-brainer.

“Everybody out here on the white,” Sammy answers with a smile. “We just be smoking in Houston. Parties are more kickbacks and shit. Parties out here, you’re definitely going to catch someone famous. I’ve been to a couple them. You’re going to catch somebody major at the parties out here. Especially in the hills and shit.”

Of course, being a rapper from the Magnolia City means you’re bound to cross paths with some the city’s notables. Just last year, Trill Sammy opened for RiFF RAFF on his Peach Panther Tour.

“RiFF RAFF always been cool. I came up listening to RiFF RAFF, Soulja, Chief Keef (at the moment). I fuck with RiFF RAFF hard. He fucks with me, too. He always looking out for me. Anything I need, I can hit him. I call him Uncle RiFF. Shit.”

With exciting news yet to be revealed, Trill Sammy credits his big break to his management.

“My big break? Shit. I got a super, super magnificent management … It’s all about your team, though. As long as your team functioning right, I feel like you’ll be good.”

When asked how he compares to the current wave turn-up rap music, he admitted he didn’t have many touchpoints to compare with.

“The rap wave? Shit. I’m just a trill nigga out Houston, Texas. Just doing my own thing. However I feel. Just having fun with it. I don’t really listen to a lot other niggas. I describe my sound more Southern, turn up, like you said.”

Sammy also lists Young Thug and Post Malone as artists he hopes to collab with in the near future. “As far as the young wave, I fuck with Dex hard. Ugly God. Whoever fuck with me I fuck with them.”

It’s safe to say this move to L.A. was also fueled by the works his upcoming project, which will feature the likes “Magnolia” rapper Playboi Carti.

“I met him. He’s cool. I fuck with Carti hard. Carti doing his thing. I like his flow he got. It’s fly,” he said.

Get ready to hear more from Trill Sammy in the coming months.

“Tour coming soon. We gon turn up. We gon stay lit. We going everywhere!”

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A Conversation With Cyhi The Prynce On His Debut Album, Working With Kanye West & Getting Advice From Jay-Z

(AllHipHop Features) “It’s here. The word God is here. The new books the Bible will be to you in less than two months,” declared Cyhi The Prynce in the final moments my phone call with the G.O.O.D. Music rapper/songwriter.

After releasing well-received mixtapes like Royal Flush, Ivy League Club, and Black Hystori Project, Cyhi is finally ready to deliver his debut studio album.

No Dope On Sundays is a continuation the East Atlanta emcee’s extensive musical catalog that combines lyrical prowess with urban Gospel-like proclamations.

His work on the Kanye West albums Yeezus and The Life Of Pablo earned Cydel “Cyhi” Young multiple Grammy nominations, and now he’s on the verge fering his own ficial LP to the world.

In part one my conversation with Cyhi The Prynce, we discussed No Dope On Sundays, his exit from Def Jam Recordings, collaborating with Kanye, and Jay-Z’s 4:44 album.

ALSO READ: Cyhi The Prynce, Nick Grant, Nitty Scott & More Tapped For 2017 Beats N Bars Festival]

AllHipHop.com: Can you explain how you came up with the title for the album?

Cyhi The Prynce: The title was something I used to say every time I’d write a super-dope song. I’d be like, “My story’s going to change the streets. It’s no dope on Sundays and you ain’t going to find a dime bag weed. Then my manager was like, “You should name the album No Dope On Sundays.”

When he said that, it kind stuck with me. So I just rolled around to it for a minute, and I was like, “Yeah, let’s go with No Dope On Sundays.” I always felt like my music could touch anybody, even the most sinful people, and make them want to reflect on what they’re doing.

AllHipHop: You’ve been releasing mixtapes throughout your whole career. Why did you decide to finally release your ficial studio album?

Cyhi: I’ve been wanting to put out an album. My upbringing in the music industry was a lot different than other artists these days. A lot my early start came from the streets. I was young at the time with a lot talent. But I was always around OGs that had a lot money. I tried to do it with my family a few times but that didn’t work.

So I tried to branch outside that, and I got with a young guy in the music industry that worked at Def Jam. He was close to L.A. Reid. Then Def Jam and L.A. Reid parted ways. Def Jam didn’t want to drop me from the label because I wouldn’t be part G.O.O.D. Music. The guy who left Def Jam had my rights, so I couldn’t put out new music until Def Jam and him got their situation together.

So I would put out mixtapes just to stay relevant and to build my fan base. But now that I’m clear all those messy situations, I can finally put out music that I want to do. This was my first album I ficially put together with a budget.

AllHipHop: Was that whole situation what you were referring to on “MovIn’ Around?” There’s a line where you talk about getting a release from your label.

Cyhi: Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. A lot people don’t know I left the streets for the music industry because I thought the music industry was going to save my life. But the music industry didn’t do nothing but send me back to the streets. I got my situation together, hustled my way back up, and now I’m back to putting out my album.

AllHipHop: You’re no longer on Def Jam. But are you still associated with G.O.O.D. Music?

Cyhi: Yes, definitely. When I was at Def Jam I was on an All-Star roster. Also, people knew that my friendship and writing abilities with Kanye were strong. They didn’t want to interrupt that. So I was put to the back burner just to make sure there’s somebody there to make sure the cash cow does what he has to do.

But once Travis Scott came to the team and he was part G.O.O.D. Music but he wasn’t actually on Def Jam – he was like, “I’m on Sony.” I was like, “That would be great.” He still gets his own marketing and his own label to push him. That’s what I decided to do. I thought, “I need to get with a major outside Def Jam to add value to my project.” Once I figured out how to maneuver, I just inked a deal with Sony Music. And it’s f to the races.

AllHipHop: You mentioned Kanye. He’s credited as an executive producer on your album. How involved was he in the creation the album?

Cyhi: He was very involved at the beginning because I started working on the album at the beginning the “Saint Pablo Tour.” But due to his recent health issues, he kind had to back f. He had to get his family and his life where he wanted to get it.

I had to take all the notes that he gave me and finish them f myself. What I started doing was sending it back to him and say, “How do you like that?” He would say, “You should do this. You should do that.” Then I would make the tweaks. But he was heavily involved in the beginning.

AllHipHop: You wrote with him on The Life Of Pablo]. Can you talk about what that process is like?

Cyhi: I was like his hype man in the studio. That was kind like my job. laughs]  I don’t want to make it seem like I’m doing everything, but I do put in a lot work. At the same time, it’s more so a brainstorming thing. He wants the best musicians, the best producers, the best engineers, the best writers, the best rappers.

He knows when I’m in there the bars got to be A-1. He knows when I’m in there the concepts and things we’re coming out with… he knows he has someone he can reflect f what he saying, somebody who can bounce around ideas.

Also being able to see the process how to start a record from scratch and build it to a finished product, that’s what I needed to see. That’s what I learned, and you guys will hear that growth on my album as well.

AllHipHop: You can hear that on “Nu Africa.” There was one particular line on there that caught my ear. You mentioned a bunch different celebrities and how you would like to possibly see them contribute to helping the continent Africa. You said something about Jay and Beyoncé buying land in Egypt. Jay dropped 4:44, and some the themes on that album were financial independence and support black-owned businesses. I was wondering what you thought about the messages he talked about on that project.

Cyhi: Since my album’s coming out, I can wave my flag now. For the past five years, I’ve been setting the template for the whole music industry and nobody even knew it. If you listen to Royal Flush and you listen to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, to me, that was a Royal Flush. It was just done way better.

When you listen to Watch The Throne, I was the one on that prince/king vibe. I was even in those sessions. I was supposed to be on the album. A lot people don’t know that. So when you hear Black Hystori Project, you hear “New Slaves,” you hear “Blood On The Leaves,” you hear Yeezus.

That’s what I always brought to my peers. They gave me different ways to make my music, and when I come in the room I also bring my vibe. I also played my album for Jay-Z, and Jay-Z is the one that told me to put out “Movin’ Around” first.

We’re all family. People don’t know it, but I’m a very intricate part that circle. So when you hear those type similarities, that’s because we’ve had conversations. That’s because we’re drinking wine at Easter together. And that’s where we want to move the world.

I love 4:44. It was incredible, and my album is kind in that same direction. But like I said, I was the one who waved the flag first, in my opinion.

ALSO READ: Cyhi The Prynce Responds To A$AP Rocky Saying Atlanta Rappers Sound The Same]

Cyhi The Prynce’s No Dope On Sundays is scheduled to be released this fall.

Purchase Cyhi The Prynce’s music on iTunes. Stream his music on Spotify and Tidal.

Follow Cyhi on Twitter @CyhiThePrynce and Instagram @1cyhitheprynce.

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Rae Sremmurd's Slim Jxmmi Publicly Shames Uber Driver After Firing Him

Chicago, IL – Rae Sremmurd rapper Slim Jxmmi evidently was not up for following his Uber driver’s rules. In an Instagram video posted early Sunday (August 6), one half the self-proclaimed Black Beatles fires his driver Igor for allegedly not allowing him to smoke weed in his car.

“What’s your name? Igor?” Jxmmi said. “Igor, you don’t believe you’re fired, do you? He don’t believe he fired. You’re fired.”

Someone can be heard in the background yelling (possibly Swae Lee), “That’s some bullshit. We gotta get high, man!”

The public attempt at shaming his driver comes on the heels Rae Sremmurd’s latest release, “Perplexing Pegasus,” which dropped on Friday (August 4). The duo is in Chicago getting ready to perform at Lollapalooza at 9 p.m. CST.

Check out Jxmmi’s video above courtesy DJ Akademiks.

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Ultra Japan drops its 2nd wave of artists – Dancing Astronaut

In four short years, iteration has quickly become the largest festival in the country. The brand’s expertise in crafting international festivals has set a new standard there with its impeccable production and strong lineups.

This year is no different — the second phase artists has just been released as the festival’s start date September 16 looms closer. Joining alongside talent which already includes Alesso, The Chainsmokers, and Pendulum, the newest wave talent includes other mainstage residents such as Nicky Romero and Rob Squire’s other super-group, Knife Party. KSHMR, Underworld, and Tchami will also be making their Japanese debut.

On the underground side, synth wizard Stephan Bodzin will be joining the Resistance fray, alongside Eats Everything, John Rundell, and more.

Ultra Japan’s 2017 edition unfolds across September 16-18 in its usual digs Odaiba Ultra Park.


Ultra Japan drops its 2nd wave  artists - Dancing Astronaut
ULTRA Japan Phase Two Lineup (in alphabetical order)

Live Headliners

Empire the Sun (Live)
KSHMR (Live)*
Pendulum (Live)
Porter Robinson (Live)
Tchami (Live)*
Underworld (Live)*

DJ Headliners

Carl Cox**
The Chainsmokers
Joseph Capriati**
Knife Party*
Nicky Romero*
Sasha & John Digweed**
Seth Troxler**
Steve Angello
Steve Aoki


Eats Everything**
Frank Walker
Jon Rundell
Nic Fanciulli**
Nick Martin
Sam Feldt
Stephan Bodzin (Live)**
Takkyu Ishino**
Wednesday Campanella*
Yasutaka Nakata*

Local Support

2 Wasted*
DJ Aki + Yuuki (Live)*
DJ Baku*
Florian Picasso*
Fumiya Tanaka**
Habanero Posse*
DJ Hokuto*
Junior & Royal*
Justin Oh*
DJ Kekke*
Ken Ishii**
DJ Maar*
Monkey Timers*
Monster Rion*
Naoki Serizawa**
DJ Ogawa**
Osamu M**
Takkyu Ishino**
Teddyloid (Live)*
Tokoto Mitomi*
Vandal Rock*
DJ Yogurt*

* Denotes Phase Two Artist
**Denotes RESISTANCE Artist


Ultra Japan drops its 2nd wave  artists - Dancing Astronaut[hupso]
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Page Kennedy Recalls Playing Sega Genesis On Ice Cube's Tour Bus

Detroit, MI – Actor/rapper Page Kennedy has tapped the brakes on acting to shine the spotlight on his music. After dropping his highly personal Torn Pages LP in March, he’s been rolling out singles like “The Story Of O.J.” and his most recent, “Made You Look,” featuring a cast reputable MCs — KXNG Crooked, Elzhi, Mickey Factz, Cassidy and King Los.

What many people may not realize is the Motor City native has been at it for years. His Hip Hop connections stretch back to a time when The Notorious B.I.G. was still alive and Ice Cube wasn’t a major movie star.

“I have been rapping since I was 7,” Kennedy tells HipHopDX. “I have opened shows for Biggie, Ice Cube, Method Man and Redman. I been doing this. I just never had a deal and now, we are in a climate that rappers don’t need deals anymore to be heard. So I used my following that I gained by making people laugh to hear what it is I really have to say.

During one Cube’s stops in Clarkston, Michigan for the 1992 Lollapalooza music festival, Kennedy remembers getting a chance to kick it on the N.W.A legend’s tour bus.

“When he was in Michigan, I used to go around the shows that he did with my manager at the time, Rodney L., who helps book him,” he explains. “Then, when I got a little older I started to open for him. I remember being a kid, like maybe 15, and I remember I used to play Sports Talk Baseball on Ice Cube’s tour bus on his Sega Genesis. It was amazing ’cause I was really young and learned so much from those guys. I will cherish those moments forever.”

Fast-forward to 2017 and he’s more focused than ever on making his own mark on Hip Hop culture. His forthcoming mixtape, Straight Bars, is built on a strictly lyrical foundation and the guest spots unequivocally display the art rhyming.

“I look at myself as a lyricist,” he says. “I look at myself as one the best at it. I’m always inclined to find the most powerful MCs and have them all on the song to see who stands out, so I handpicked these artists. Crooked I KXNG Crooked] is definitely is the stand out on this song in my opinion, which is why I put him last. No one could have gone after that unless Eminem was on this song laughs].

“Everyone on the song is dope or they wouldn’t be on it,” he adds. “Crooked just had a chance to hear what everyone did before. Not to say that he wouldn’t had still killed it, ’cause he would have. He is one the best we have. But so is Elzhi.”

While Kennedy prepares to release Straight Bars on August 18, it’s important to note that fans his acting work (Weeds, Blue Mountain State, S.W.A.T.) will see more him on the small and big screens. His Hip Hop career in no way signifies the end his acting, but it’s something he feels compelled to do right now.

“I’m going hard on this because it’s like a itch that you have and if you don’t scratch, it’s just going to bother you forever,” he admits. “I’m not done acting. I actually have a large role in a blockbuster movie that’s coming out next summer called Meg Jason Statham, Rainn Wilson], but for right now, I’m just living and breathing as a rapper.”

Check out “Made You Look” above, and the cover art and tracklist for Straight Bars below.

Page Kennedy Recalls Playing Sega Genesis On Ice Cube's Tour Bus

  1. Hello
  2. Welcome To Detroit
  3. Game Over
  4. No Offense
  5. The Boogeyman
  6. Page Is Like
  7. Who Shot Ya f. Axel Leon
  8. Victory Is Mine
  9. Pump Em Up
  10. Made You Look f. KXNG Crooked, Elzhi, Cassidy, King Los & Mickey Factz
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Call Snoop & Wiz: California Reportedly Has Too Much Weed

Los Angeles, CA – As the first U.S. state to legalize marijuana in any capacity, California has enjoyed revolutionizing the weed industry as it has blossomed across the other areas the country.

Apparently, such hydroponic growth has been too much a good thing. According to Hezekiah Allen, executive director the California Growers’ Assn, who says the Golden State is suffering from a cannabis surplus that will naturally bud into illegal activity.

Some marijuana growers will stay in the black market and continue to illegally send cannabis to other states, which is also not allowed under federal law, he said according to a new report by Los Angeles Times.

“We are producing too much,” he continued, even pointing out how those legally licensed “are going to have to scale back. We are on a painful downsizing curve.”

In 1996, California made history as the first state to legalize medical marijuana and this past November, voters collectively decided that recreational use should be within their rights as well.

That still doesn’t mean the population is smoking their keep. Joseph Devlin, chief Cannabis Policy and Enforcement for City Sacramento, said his calculations deduce that Cali is producing five times more than their actual consumption and Lori Ajax, chief the state’s Bureau Medical Cannabis Regulation, agrees that the foreseeable scale backs will deter would-be growers from doing the right thing like a Spike Lee joint.

“For right now, our goal is to get folks into the regulated market, as many as possible,” Ajax said, before realistically outlining, “There are some people who will never come into the regulated market.”

Relevant: Damian Marley Speaks On 4/20, Medical Marijuana & New Stony Hill Album.

Visit Merry Jane for a full overview the other states that have legalized the calming plant to date.