A few Sundays ago, Precious and I met at the Tom of Finland House in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Surrounded by a lovely crowd and dick pics, we had a chat about art, music, gender, and Instagram among many other hot topics. After discovering Precious Child in their videos, I had lots of questions, and […]


Do you need to get your headphones right? Tired buying bad technology? Could you use a serious upgrade with all your favorite audio devices? Today, check out the top five reasons you should get your hands on Fanstereo’s new Ayo & Teo Celebrity Capsule Collection headphones, speakers and more! Make sure to read each reason […]


If you left a screening  Black Panther too hype to contain yourself, you might want to get in on a dance challenge that’s sending waves throughout social media. The #BlackPantherChallenge — not to be confused with the #BlackPantherChallenge that’s fundraising for kids to see the movie — started gaining hype when actress Kendra “K.O” Oyesanya posted a […]