This past Friday, Erykah Badu celebrated her 47th birthday with an epic bash at the Bomb Factory in Dallas. Everyone from Yasiin Bey (f.k.a. Mos Def) to Jada Pinkett-Smith came out to show love. Dave Chappelle even serenaded Erykah with a rendition Prince‘s “1999!” But one the most heartwarming moments the celebration came when Erykah’s second […]


Just a day after making up hilarious historical facts about the 1600’s, folks on Twitter are back at it again with the super relatable commentary. This time around, everyone’s putting their best Y2K foot forward with these #TweetLike2000s tweets. The World Wide Web, still undefeated. Hit the flip to see how many these new millenium […]


Kylie Jenner fans have been torturing themselves as they desperately await news about whether or not the young reality star is pregnant. This tweet above, liked nearly 500,000 times, proves Keeping Up With The Kardashian fanatics really, really want—no, need—to know. Whenever you’re ready, Kylie. Hit the flip for more from her fans, who simply […]


Zach, a big fan Kayzo‘s, recently lost his sister, the fan tweeted. And in order to provide her with a proper burial, he’s selling his rare signed Kayzo t-shirt.  Kayzo saw the tweet and immediately sprung into action, launching a GoFundMe for Zach’s sister. He told Zach to keep his shirt and that “we’ll find a […]


Sometimes, social media is all the promotion you need to keep your business up and running. Houston native Jackie Garza used the power Twitter to help her dad’s bakery stay open, unlike most mom and pop shops that were damaged when Hurricane Harvey hit the city back in September. She continued on, adding images the […]