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Dubstep Producer Doctor P Isn't Excited About New Eminem Album

San Bernardino, CA – Any fan EDM knows Doctor P is one the original godfathers the bass-driven Dubstep movement. For Hip Hop fans, the triple threat (musician, producer and DJ) has recorded with Method Man, Far East Movement and Jarren Benton throughout his career. 

Having performed sold-out arenas in L.A., the legendary Coachella festival and a mind-blowing show at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, Doctor P told HipHopDX this was his first time performing at HARD Summer.

Speaking with P (real name Shaun Brockhurst), at his artist trailer on Day 1 Destructo’s 10-year anniversary HARD festival on August 5, DX asked about his passion for Hip Hop and how that ties into dubstep.

He explains, “I originally listened to Hip Hop. Before I discovered electronic music, I was always listening to Hip Hop. It was always like Wu-Tang, D12 and stuff. I kinda grew up in the whole Eminem thing in the early 2000s, so I was like probably 14 or 15 listening to Eminem’s first album. That was the first thing I heard that wasn’t like pop music — so it blew my mind.”

With recent news Eminem’s new project coming as soon as this fall, Doctor P was far from intrigued.

“I don’t really follow Eminem anymore,” he explains. “I’ve gotten quite bored him. I feel like he was really angry when he was in his early 20s and all his music was insanely angry. But nowadays he’s like middle-aged and not angry anymore. He’s faking the anger now — so the music doesn’t have quite the same passion for me anymore that it did.”

This led into P’s current stance on old Hip Hop vs. new Hip Hop.

“I definitely prefer the older stuff. It’s cliché to say that the oldies are the best. But you got the odd track now like Rich Chigga … He’s a new guy but he’s got that old school vibe, big time.”

With Rich Chigga recently hopping on a trap record called “Gospel” with XXXTENTACION and Keith Ape, DX asked if Doctor P would be interested in a collab with the 17-year-old.

“No, not really,” he answers. “I would if he did the vocals on a banging dubstep track. But he’s a nice crossover for me. He’s got the vibe an old school vocalist (sort ). Whereas Future and people like that, I can’t really listen to that stuff. I don’t know. They’re not cool enough for me. They’re cool in a different way. People like Wu-Tang and those guys, they were so cool in like a gangster way. But I feel like that gangster-ness is gone and that’s what I liked about Hip Hop originally.”

Still on the topic collabs, Doctor P linking with Method Man on “The Pit” back in 2013 meant he needed a new Hip Hop artist to look forward to.

I’d love to work with Pusha T. He’s got the coolest voice I’ve ever heard. He’s like the new Method Man for me. You know, Method Man, you hear his voice, and it gets you straight away. I feel like Pusha T is like that as well. Every time he does a verse on someone else’s track, it’s the best bit on the song. I’d love to work with Pusha T.”

When asked what his fav Pusha song was, P answers, “’Burial’ is the one that everyone knows. It was the first one his that really got my ears, so that’s the classic for me.”

As with any festival, the later the set time, the better. Before P was brought out to perform at 9:30 p.m., he quickly drew the connection between dubstep and Hip Hop.

“I feel like the vibe dubstep is very Hip-Hop-y, like the grooves. I feel like if you take away the vocals from a Hip Hop track, there’s still a dubstep-iness to a lot the beats. So, you take the vocals and put it on a dubstep track and it works.”

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Page Kennedy Unveils "Straight Bars" Project

Page Kennedy is gonna make sure you respect him as an MC.

The actor-turned-rapper continues his Hip Hop exploits with the release his Straight Bars project. The Detroit native puts lyricism at the forefront, as the title suggests, and recruits some heavy hitters to help him out. Elzhi, Mickey Factz, King Los, Cassidy and KXNG Crooked all appear on the posse cut “Made You Look,” which Kennedy spoke to HipHopDX about earlier this summer.

“I look at myself as a lyricist,” he told DX. “I look at myself as one the best at it. I’m always inclined to find the most powerful MCs and have them all on the song to see who stands out, so I handpicked these artists. Crooked I KXNG Crooked] definitely is the stand out on this song in my opinion, which is why I put him last. No one could have gone after that unless Eminem was on this song laughs].”

Check out the stream, cover art and tracklist for Straight Bars below.

Page Kennedy Unveils "Straight Bars" Project

1. Hello
2. Welcome To Detroit
3. Game Over
4. No Offense
5. The Boogeyman
6. Page Is Like
7. Who Shot Ya f. Axel Leon
8. Victory Is Mine
9. Pump Em Up
10. Made You Look f. Elzhi, Mickey Factz, King Los, Cassidy and KXNG Crooked

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Who to see at Billboard's Hot 100 Fest

The Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival returns to New York this weekend, with fan favorite performers taking over Jones Beach on Saturday, August 19 and Sunday, August 20. Headlining the two-day event come the likes Zedd, Major Lazer and Marshmello, while artists from Le Youth, Whethan, and many more are set for the signature beach stage.

Just days away, we break down the acts you won’t want to miss when Hot 100 gets underway in New York.


Young Bombs
3:10-3:55PM @ Beach Stage

Kick f your Hot 100 weekend at the Beach Stage, where Young Bombs will supply the early energy in a setting that embodies the Jones Beach music experience. Straight f their Lollapalooza performance, the duo heads to New York festival-ready and equipped with new tunes. Known for their popular remixes over the past year, Young Bombs newest fering came just this week; a rendition Frank Walker’s “Less Lonely.”

6-6:45PM @ Heatseekers Stage

If you’re seeking heat, look no further than FLETCHER, set to perform at the aptly named Heatseekers Stage. FLETCHER has been one pop’s promising young talents since breaking through with her single “War Paint” in 2015, and the singer has established herself as an artist with her recent Finding Fletcher EP. With hits like “Wasted Youth” and an impressive young catalogue, FLETCHER is one act on Saturday you’ll want to catch while you can.


Camila Cabello
6:30-7:15PM @ Hot 100 Stage

Stars today and tomorrow will flood the stages Billboard’s Hot 100 Fest, and Camila Cabello stands out among pop icons set to perform. Formerly a member Fifth Harmony, Cabello is currently powering forward with her solo career and has the music to ascend to new heights. Her recent singles “OMG” with Quavo and “Havana” featuring Young Thug were released to widespread acclaim, and collaborations with the likes Major Lazer and Cashmere Cat prove her compatibility deeper into the dance space. With her debut solo album due next month, Camila Cabello and her collection brand new hits will be a sight to be seen at the Hot 100 Stage.

Major Lazer
9:45-11PM @ Hot 100 Stage

It’s only appropriate that Diplo and Major Lazer bring Hot 100 Fest to its conclusion this Sunday night. Perhaps the most interesting act the weekend in respect to their genre-crossover appeal, attendees should expect for Major Lazer’s nighttime set to unite all fans for an explosive finale. With their new Know No Better EP setting the soundtrack the summer, the group will come with an arsenal jam-packed with hits. From “Cold Water” to “Run Up” or “Lean On” to “Pon de Floor,” Major Lazer’s original music assures that there will be not one dull moment for the Jones Beach crowd.

It’s not too late to join the party this weekend. For a chance to win a pair tickets, enter our contest below. Winners will be chosen at 12PM EST on Friday, August 18.

For more information visit the .

while you still can.

Who to see at Billboard's Hot 100 Fest
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Eminem Drops New “Camp Shady” Merch Line

Six days after initially teasing new merch Instagram, Eminem dropped a limited run “Camp Shady” t-shirts and accessories on Thursday (August 17) the Shady Records online shop.

As suggested by his blatantly photoshopped post, the merch is summer specific. The “Camp Shady” items include a trucker hat, white bandana, canteen, mug, and two shirt colorways.

The question remains whether this new collection is a clue about his upcoming project.

As previously reported by HipHopDX, Em has been in the studio with rapper 2 Chainz, who talked about the experience with DJ Drama on Shady 45 Radio. “That’s how I know I can rap,” 2 Chainz told Drama when the topic came up. Originally brought in for a chorus, he talked his way into a verse, which ended up sticking.

“It’s for — he has a project coming up,” 2 Chainz nonchalantly noted when asked what the song was for.

Dr. Dre was also reportedly working on a track for the project, which The Defiant Ones director Allen Hughes described as being “in the 11th hour.”

Whether Camp Shady is an actual working title for Marshall’s upcoming ninth studio album or simply just a fun line merch remains to be seen.

Eminem Drops New “Camp Shady” Merch Line

Either way, are you coppin’ or nah?

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Ibiza clubs seek harsher penalties for unlicensed events

Ibiza is seeking to expel the illegal parties frequently held in “large-scale villas” on the island. As legislation that proposes to place a cap on the total beds available to tourists in Ibiza moves towards legal implementation, a group clubs and bars located on the Balearic island are making a move in the next legislative direction, lobbying for more stringent action against unlicensed events. Comprised twenty seven entities, the group, dubbed the “Leisure Association Ibiza,” includes prominent beach clubs like the Blue Marlin Ibiza, and high prile nightclubs like Hï Ibiza.

Managed by Jose Luis Benitez, the Leisure Association Ibiza deems such illegal and unlicensed activities as the catalyst for Ibiza’s reputation as an uncontrolled drug ridden party destination. “It’s time to end this harmful image that’s repeated every summer,” Benitez asserted.

Fines collected at the expense  Ibiza homeowners who host comparable illegal gatherings have totaled up to €84,000, or $98,602.56 U.S. dollars this year.



Ibiza clubs seek harsher penalties for unlicensed events
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Azealia Banks Confirms Iggy Azalea Collab Isn't Happening

The plan was for two former rivals— Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea — to make peace through music on Iggy’s forthcoming album Digital Distortion. But according to Banks, the proposed collaboration has been squashed because Def Jam will no longer be releasing singles from Iggy.

Azealia Banks Confirms Iggy Azalea Collab Isn't Happening

A truce was made between the two this summer after five years publicly beefing with each other. Azalea extended an olive branch to Banks in June and expressed hope they could come to an understanding. Shortly after, she announced  Snapchat the two would be working together on her album Digital Distortion, which has gone through a bumpy rollout and still has no release date.

Def Jam’s alleged decision is normal when a record company begins to lose money or faith in an artist. In March, Digital Distortion‘s “Mo Bounce” failed to touch Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Iggy’s last single “Switch” was also a poor performer, failing to appear on any American charts.

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Get a first look at Martin Garrix's Armani campaign – Dancing Astronaut

Earlier this summer, it was announced that  would be the face . As the summer comes to a close, Armani Exchange has revealed the a video to preview the upcoming campaign.

Set to Garrix’s 2016 track “Make up your Mind,” the video shows the producer in an array Armani outfits. Obviously comfortable in front the camera, Martin Garrix dances around and plays a drum while showing f his new attire. You can find the gear Garrix is sporting and more on Armani Exchange’s .

Get a first look at Martin Garrix's Armani campaign - Dancing Astronaut
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Tay-K Goes From Fugitive To Hot 100 Artist With "The Race”

The rise Tay-K is both fascinating and troubling.

The 17-year-old rapper has blown up over the summer thanks to his single “The Race,” which debuted at #70 on the latest Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song is definitely catchy, but the sordid backstory its creator has raised questions about exactly why people are so compelled by the record.

The teen sensation was born in Long Beach, California before moving to Arlington, Texas with his family. In an interview with Say Cheese TV, he said his mother’s gang experience influenced him, affecting both his music and actions in the streets. But that life led him down a violent path.

Tay-K’s first run-in with the law came when he connected to the murder 20-year-old Sara Mutschlechner in 2015. Authorities determined he was in the backseat an SUV during a New Year’s Eve shooting in Denton, Texas. Eric Johnson, a former Marine who rapped under the name Santaga Sage, was ultimately convicted as the shooter and sentenced to 44 years in prison.

Things got worse in the summer 2016. Tay-K was allegedly involved in the murder 21-year-old Ethan Walker, who was killed during a home invasion in Mansfield, Texas. Tay-K was arrested in connection to the murder, which soon led to him becoming a fugitive.

On March 27, 2017, Tay-K tweeted, “Fuck dis house arrest shit fuck 12 they gn hav 2 catch me on hood.” He cut f his ankle monitor and went on the lam, allegedly engaging in more violent behavior while on the run.

During his time as a fugitive, Tay-K became the suspect a murder that occurred in San Antonio, Texas. He was also accused robbing and brutally beating a 65-year-old man in Arlington, Texas.

The law caught up to the controversial artist on June 30 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. “The Race” was quickly released on the Buffet Boys YouTube channel after his arrest and began its meteoric rise. The song unabashedly embraced his felonious background with the opening lines: “Fuck a beat, I was tryna beat a case/But I ain’t beat that case/Bitch, I did the race.”

The record became a viral hit, getting extra boosts in recognition from the likes Travis Scott, Playboi Carti and Kodak Black, who has even said he’d like to sign Tay-K. As Tuesday (August 15), “The Race” has well over 19 million views on YouTube.

Plenty rappers, including Lil Yachty, have released their own versions “The Race” and the original has ficially hit the Billboard charts, all which will only increase the song’s notoriety. At this point, its success is undeniable.

Still, there’s no separating the man kid from the art. Would people be so intrigued by this record if it wasn’t for the unsavory things he’s accused doing?

Tay-K is currently in custody facing a murder charge at the Lon Evans Correction Center in Tarrant County, Texas. Authorities hope to try him as an adult.

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Kid Cudi Hitting The Road For Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin' Tour

Kid Cudi is preparing to embark on a North American tour in support his 2016 album Passion, Pain, and Demon Slayin.

Starting September 30, fans can catch him on the road for a run shows that end in November. Cudi has been relatively quiet in 2017 following a rough 2016, which saw him check into rehab for depression and suicidal urges. Things seem to be better now as he informed fans that he “was good” at his BET Experience performance in June and was recently spotted hanging out with Kanye West.

Check out all Cudi’s upcoming tour dates below.

09-30 – Philadelphia, PA – Skyline Stage at the Mann
10-01 – Boston, MA – Blue Hills Bank Pavilion
10-03 – Wallingford, CT – Toyota Oakdale Theatre
10-04 – Toronto, Ontario – Rebel Complex
10-06 – New York, NY – Central Park Summerstage
10-07 – Cleveland, OH – Wolstein Center at CSU
10-08 – Washington, D.C. – Echostage
10-11 – Raleigh, NC – Red Hat Amphitheater
10-12 – Atlanta, GA – Coca-Cola Roxy Theatre
10-14 – Orlando, FL – Hard Rock Live
10-15 – Miami, FL – James L. Knight Center
10-17 – New Orleans, LA – Mardi Gras World
10-19 – Houston, TX – Revention Music Center
10-22 – Dallas, TX – Bomb Factory
10-28 – Mesa, AZ – Mesa Amphitheatre
10-29 – Los Angeles, CA – Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival
11-02 – Oklahoma City, OK – The Criterion
11-04 – Chicago, IL – Aragon Ballroom
11-06 – Saint Paul, MN – Myth Live Event Center
11-08 – Milwaukee, WI – Eagles Ballroom
11-10 – Denver, CO – Fillmore Auditorium
11-11 – Salt Lake City, UT – SaltAir
11-14 – Sacramento, CA – Sacramento Memorial Auditorium
11-17 – Avila Beach, CA – Avila Beach Resort
11-18 – San Francisco, CA – Warfield Theater
11-21 Vancouver, BC – PNE Forum
11-22 Seattle, WA – WaMu Theater

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