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11 things we learned from ODESZA's Reddit AMA – Dancing Astronaut

Yesterday,  elated their family dedicated followers by sitting down for a  AMA. Hosted on the sub-reddit for , Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight took some time out their touring schedule while at the Ninja Tunes fices in London to fer some insights. Ranging from their favorite production tools and techniques, their impending Foreign Family Collective festival, and the resounding question the possibility their live show changing up, ODESZA were appreciably candid and thoughtful in their answers.

Here are 11 interesting facts we learned from the Seattle-based producers’ AMA:

1. ODESZA summed up their latest album in one word, “Perspective”

11 things we learned from ODESZA's  AMA - Dancing Astronaut


2. The meaning behind their iconic icosahedron is deep, and the two are highly receptive to Bonobo collab.

11 things we learned from ODESZA's  AMA - Dancing Astronaut


3. The boys are itching to work with Kevin Parker, the vocalist from Australian psychedelic rock band Tame Impala.

11 things we learned from ODESZA's  AMA - Dancing Astronaut


4. A festival is seeming more like an inevitability than a possibility. 

11 things we learned from ODESZA's  AMA - Dancing Astronaut


5. While their favorite festival to play is , their favorite venue is .

11 things we learned from ODESZA's  AMA - Dancing Astronaut


6. Their artistic creativity is grounded in never becoming too comfortable. Also, Maschine by is among their favorite synthesizer stwares. 

11 things we learned from ODESZA's  AMA - Dancing Astronaut


7. They gracefully addressed fan nostalgia over their earlier sound in Summer’s Gone…

11 things we learned from ODESZA's  AMA - Dancing Astronaut


8. A collaboration is definitely in the works.

11 things we learned from ODESZA's  AMA - Dancing Astronaut


9. Scoring a film is one their wildest ambitions. 

11 things we learned from ODESZA's  AMA - Dancing Astronaut


10. They are continuously adding new edits and pieces to their stunning live performance. 

11 things we learned from ODESZA's  AMA - Dancing Astronaut


Read the full AMA .

11 things we learned from ODESZA's  AMA - Dancing Astronaut[hupso]
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Watch Pharrell join Stevie Wonder's Daft Punk cover at Global Citizen

Game recognize game.

This past weekend Global Citizen fest commenced in New York’s Central Park, drawing nearly 60,000 attendees all focused on advancing the political discourse around global human rights. Led by a lineup major starpower that included , , , and The Killers among others in 2017, the festival has paired some the top names in contemporary music together since it’s establishment in 2012. This year’s event brought Pharrell Williams and Stevie Wonder together on stage for a welcomed follow up to their 2014 Grammys performance, paying homage to Daft Punk with a funky live rendition the Robots’ comeback hit “Get Lucky.”

The pair had previously performed the track together with the French duo, though for their Global Citizens reunion, Pharrell accompanied Wonder on an extended medley tunes that included ‘s “Happy” and Wonder’s 1972 hit “Superstition.” ‘s Global Citizen’s performance was not complete without a message his own too, as he took a knee in solidarity with any the athletes who’s peaceful protests took the same form over the weekend.

Protests aside, watching these legends pay tribute to Daft Punk in Central Park made for a top highlight at the end this year’s summer festival circuit.

Watch Pharrell join Stevie Wonder's Daft Punk cover at Global Citizen[hupso]
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Hip Hop Week In Review: Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, Nas, Usher & Kevin Hart

HipHopDX – This week in Hip Hop, news emerged about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy and Travis Scott is the father. Also, it appears Nas and Nicki Minaj have become more comfortable in revealing the closeness their budding relationship. Additionally, Usher and Kevin Hart were warped in more scandals.

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Are Having A Baby

20-year-old Kylie Jenner is pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby. It’ll be the first for both and they’re reportedly having a girl, according to sources who spoke to TMZ.

Naturally, the jokes flew across social media when it came to Kylie’s ex-boyfriend Tyga not being the father.

Read more about Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s pregnancy here.

Nas & Nicki Minaj Are Probably A Thing

Nas enjoyed his birthday by spending time with Nicki Minaj, fueling rumors that they are indeed a couple. Although the two have not announced they’re dating publicly, a video Nas licking Nicki’s face while calling him by his government name may have confirmed it for some.

A few days later, Nas and Nicki posted identical pictures with different captions. Nas called Minaj his “shorty” in his Instagram caption and Nicki playfully captioned about how he was trying to “holla” at her.

Read more about Nas and Nicki Minaj’s budding romance here.

Usher & Kevin Hart Deal With Salacious Scandals

It’s been a wild week for Usher and Kevin Hart. Both married megastars have been hit by sex scandals that have turned their lives upside down

The identity the woman suing Usher for $20 million for allegedly infecting her with herpes was revealed this week. Her name is Laura Helm and she claims to have had two sexual encounters with the R&B singer before locating a bump on the inside her mouth and vagina. An unidentified male accuser also claimed he was infected by Usher after an encounter at a Koreatown spa. Usher’s lawyers referred to the claims as “opportunistic.”

While Usher’s courtroom woes pile up, Kevin Hart found himself at the center an extortion plot. The comedian was caught on camera having sex with a woman named Montia Sabbag, who is not his wife. The extortion attempt has prompted an FBI investigation.

Read more about Usher’s Herpes saga here and Kevin Hart’s sex tape here.

Notable New Music

– Jhene Aiko – Trip
– Wu-Tang Clan – “Lesson Learn’d”
– Rapsody – Laila’s Wisdom
– G-Herbo – Humble Beast

DXclusives: Nas, Danielle Bregoli & EarthGang

One Time 4 Your Mind: Ranking Nas’ Albums From Best To Worst

The #DXLive crew ranked Nas’ discography from his debut album, Illmatic, all the way to his more recent project, 2012’s Life Is Good,.

Watch how it all went down here.

Can Danielle Bregoli, Cardi B & Blac Chyna’s Insta-Fame Last?

It appears 2017 is the rise the social media star and record deals are being handed out like candy if you can sustain the numbers. Kyle Eustice examined the phenomenon “Cash Me Outside” girl Danielle Bregoli, Cardi B and Blac Chyna inking record deals based on their massive following.

Audio Push’s Price — who co-wrote Bregoli’s “These Heaux” — shared his thoughts on the direction record companies have chosen to go in, explaining how it’s all possible.

“It’s about the music, star power and the team,” Price opined. “If you have the right team and creatives around you, no question you can sustain a long career. In this day and age, if people buy into the person, that’s enough to sustain. Cardi B is a prime example. No one expected her to get a #1, but consistency and people buying into her manifested that. Now look.”

Read the full editorial here.

EarthGang’s Journey: From Watching A School Burn To Signing To Dreamville

EarthGang signed to J. Cole’s Dreamville imprint this summer and DX staff writer Justin Ivey got the opportunity to speak with them about their journey. While they’ve been releasing music consistently for years, they began to see their fan base grow after touring with Ab-Soul and Mac Miller.

“Yeah, both actually. Ab-Soul took us,” Dot explained. “We had never been anywhere before this. The Ab-Soul tour is going to have an effect regardless. And then the Mac Miller tour was like … It was a good time for Mac, it was a good time for the music he was dropping. It was very good for us. We was talking to Mac all the time. That’s still our dog. People be busy. Niggas working. But all that synergy at that time was boosting up the numbers. I think that actually was the first time we had a video … he tweeted out the video. It went crazy. It’s pretty good.”

Read the full EarthGang interview here.

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Tchami and Malaa team up for 11-stop 'No Redemption' North American tour

Undoubtedly leading the current revival  French house tastemaking comes two producers who are quite literally writing the trends in deep pulsating, bass forward house music. Today  took to Twitter today to announce to fans the “No Redemption” North American tour alongside enigmatic house producer and fellow CONFESSION confidant,  to cap f 2017.

The 11-city roll out will grace major Canadian markets Toronto and Montreal, while crossing the U.S. with the remainder stops — with Las Vegas, Brooklyn, Miami and Chicago in the duo’s crosshairs. The “No Redemption” road stretch is pairing the dark, deep, and wildly unpredictable turns Malaa with the symbolic religious sacraments Tchami as he takes his constituents to church.

Pre-sale tickets are  using the code “SUMMER99.”

Tchami and Malaa team up for 11-stop 'No Redemption' North American tour[hupso]
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Meet the counselors of Dirtybird Campout: Ardalan – Dancing Astronaut

, Southern California’s wildest adult summer camp, is preparing for its third installment this weekend, October 6-8. As has been established in its past editions, the campout will be packed with childhood nostalgia, scrumptious BBQ, and earth-shaking beats. Furthermore, this year will be its biggest yet, with a move to a larger venue at Lake San Antonio. Adding to the label’s nest talent, acts like Amtrac, Coyu, and the Desert Hearts crew will be joining the house haven’s music lineup with more special guests still to be announced. Ahead this weekend’s bonfire debauchery, we’ve teamed up with Dirtybird for an ongoing interview series spotlighting both the imprint’s own stars and the myriad world-class artists on the concert’s bill.

Ardalan is one the newer generation Dirtybird idols, but well-loved all the same. The Iranian producer quickly caught the dance world’s attention with his raucous blend tech, hip-hop, and house influences that leave any listener with no choice by to shake it. Naturally, his aesthetic fit within the Dirtybird family perfectly, and he first made his way into the fold in 2010. A few years later, he’d blown up considerably as his music proliferated the underground and he amassed a legion followers.

Fast-forward to the present, and Ardalan is now preparing for his third run at Dirtybird Campout as one its regular counselors, where he’ll be bringing guests yet another round raunchy, bounce-worthy beats that are sure to keep the party going no matter what hour he plays. Ahead his appearance, he sat down to answer some key questions on his musical background, the Campout, working with Dirtybird, and more.


Meet the counselors  Dirtybird Campout: Ardalan - Dancing Astronaut

How long have you been DJing for & how did you get your start?

Almost 10 years ago! I got my start DJ’ing when my good friend Shurik bought a pair technics in 2007. We would play in his garage which he had turned into a lounge for all the homies and we would play pool and spin records all the time after school. Those were really good days!

What was your first label release? Would you still play it?

My first label release was when I did “Mr.Spock” with Justin 7 years ago. I was really stoked to have my first release on Dirtybird. It really feels special when I hear or play it from time to time!

What has been the biggest breakthrough your career?

The biggest breakthrough for me is definitely connecting with my fans, the relationships I have made with other awesome artists, and being part the Dirtybird family!

If you could be another artist for a day, who would you pick?

Alanis Morissette

What are you looking forward to most about Dirtybird Campout?

Karaoke and kickball! Oh and music.

If you could recommend three artists to catch from the lineup, who would you pick?

A very very tough choice because the line up is pretty damn sweet and stacked. But The Martin Brothers DnB set will be so epic. Matthew Dear and The Egyptian Lover for sure! and the special guest even though I don’t know who it will be!

What are three essential items you wouldn’t go camping without?

Sunscreen, A drinking cup, and happy thoughts.

Do you have a favorite (or funny) camping memory?

Yeah one time I went camping in Yosemite and in the middle the night I could hear the breathing a creature. I smelled it as well and it was unbearable. pun intended.


Meet the counselors  Dirtybird Campout: Ardalan - Dancing Astronaut[hupso]
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Mystery Woman In Alleged Kevin Hart Sex Tape Revealed

A woman who was photographed with Kevin Hart earlier this summer wants no part the actor/comedian’s drama. According to TMZ, singer Monique “Momo” Gonzalez wants to make it clear she isn’t the woman Hart was allegedly cheating with in the recently surfaced video.

The woman in the tape is reportedly Montia Sabagg (although she sometimes spells it Montiah Sabagg), a 27-year-old traveling stripper who Hart met in Las Vegas, but she says she’s not the one who filmed the encounter. Sabagg is willing to take a lie detector test if Hart coughs up $420,000.

Meanwhile, Gonzalez, who has a hefty following on social media, has been bombarded with scathing comments following the release the sex tape.

In July, Hart and Gonzalez were photographed together in a parked car outside a Miami hotel, but a rep for Gonzalez claims it was nothing more than a friendly conversation.

Shortly after TMZ shared the photo, Hart laughed it f on social media with a meme that read, “At the end the day you just gotta laugh at the BS.”

Following the latest batch allegations, he posted a video to Instagram on Saturday (September 16) apologizing to his pregnant wife and children for his mistakes.

“And doing that, I know that I’m gonna hurt the people closest to me, who I’ve talked to and apologized to, my wife and my kids,” Hart said. It’s a shitty moment. It’s a shitty moment when you know you’re wrong and there’s no excuses for your wrong behavior.”

Authorities involved in the matter are trying to decode encrypted emails sent from the extortionist who is reportedly attempting to blackmail Hart for $10 million.

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SnowGlobe Festival reveals their glorious 2017 lineup – Dancing Astronaut

After the quick rise and fall 2017’s festival season, it’s not uncommon to see festival fiends pre-planning their schedule for 2018. Fortunately for those zealots, many companies have taken advantage this opportune moment and found a way to create experiences unlike any summer events. Most recently, has blown fans away with the release their 2017 lineup, a well-received mixture the most popular names in dance music.

Taking place in South Tahoe Lake, California over the last weekend in December, SnowGlobe brings together the best both worlds for a New Years Eve celebration. Headliners , , and are affirmed to close out the main stage each night, transforming this magical outdoor experience into the hottest (and coldest) party to close out 2017. Immersed not only in the variety acts at the event, the three-day outdoor event gives attendees the opportunity to enjoy the leftover spirit Christmas, and ring in the New Year surrounded by thousands others in the SnowGlobe family.

SnowGlobe Festival reveals their glorious 2017 lineup - Dancing Astronaut

Tickets are available for purchase .

Read more:

SnowGlobe Festival reveals their glorious 2017 lineup - Dancing Astronaut[hupso]
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This guy ran five ultra marathons at Burning Man – Dancing Astronaut

immediately established itself as a unique place during the first burn in June 1986. Way before festivals became the biggest events the summer, Black Rock City became a mecca for those looking to dance in the desert.

Dancing, however, isn’t the only thing to do at Burning Man. One attendee has made the pilgrimage to the Nevada desert and ran an ultra marathon — 31 miles — at five different iterations the festival. In a display the sheer size and logistical marvel setting up the festival, the entire race consists just four laps around the festival’s perimeter. For those who don’t wish to run the race for themselves, this participant has uploaded a video his performance for all to enjoy.

This guy ran five ultra marathons at Burning Man - Dancing Astronaut[hupso]
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Monique Gonzalez Denies Kevin Hart Extortion Plot, Stripper Now In Question

Kevin Hart‘s personal life is a complete wreck after he took to video to apologize for his infidelity, sparking many to connect a hatched extortion plot to one Monique “Momo” Gonzalez. The Miami singer is claiming that she is not at the center the money grab, and now a traveling stripper by the name Montia Sabagg is the woman in question.

As reported by TMZ, Gonzalez, who was seen in a car speaking with Hart over the summer which first sparked the cheating rumors, says that she and the comedian just had a friendly conversation. With heavy speculation, many associated a leaked sex video and extortion plot to Gonzalez but the outlet has uncovered an even stranger twist.

TMZ reports:

Adding to all these new developments is Sabagg claiming she’s not trying to extort Hart and that she doesn’t know who taped their sex romp. Hart’s legal went after Sabagg, who countered with her own lawyers and demanded $420,000 to sit and take a lie detector test to back up her claim she had nothing to do with the taping the video.

Investigators are working diligently to crack encrypted emails sent by the extortionist, who was seeking $15 million.

Photo: screen cap/TMZ