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"Chopper" Is The Most Hip Hop Word & Other Lessons From New Vocabulary Study

Ever noticed that the word “trapping” features in way more Hip Hop songs than it does in songs by Céline Dion or Dolly Parton?

Matt Daniels at The Pudding and a team researchers put together a study that looked at about 50,000 Hip Hop songs from popular artists to uncover the specific words that are said way more ten by Hip Hop artists than artists any other genre. The study also compared Hip Hop artists to one another, to reveal which words are most unique to each artist.

Comparing the likelihood that a word appears in a rap song to the likelihood that it appears in a song another genre, the study found that “chopper” is the most Hip Hop word. “Stunting,” “flexing,” “mane,” “trill,” “trapping,” “homie,” “balling,” “realest,” and “snitch” make up the entire Top 10 (in that order).

“Sailed” is the least Hip Hop word.

Some proper nouns also feature — including Nike and Biggie. Which makes sense, since we can’t remember the last time Billy Joel or Bruce Springsteen sang about either those things.

The study for which words are most central to each artists looked at 1. words that an artist says more than the genre average (N.W.A’s use “police”) and 2. rare words in hip hop – if an artist says it, there’s a good chance you know who it was (N.W.A’s use “Compton”).”

Unsurprisingly, some the words you’re more likely to hear in a JAY-Z song include “Hov,” “Jigga” and “Roc.” Some are a little more left field, like Kendrick Lamar’s Top 10 including words like “Lucy,” “Abusing,” and “Vanity” (although his number one word is “Compton”).

In some cases what sets a rapper apart isn’t even a real word. Lil Yachty’s number one Most Yachty word is “Skrrrt,” for example, although Kodak Black, Drake and Migos are also known to use it.

In general, it looks like the words most unique to specific rappers tend to be their hometown or state, or a list their own nicknames, or one-f words from unusual song titles — such as “Cocoa” from “Cocoa Butter Kisses” by Chance The Rapper.

Definitely check out the full breakdown here.

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Survey Says: Under Armour Sneakers Are Officially Played Out?

A recent poll has confirmed what the streets have been saying for a while now, Under Armour sneakers are fake lit.

According to a survey conducted by Wells Fargo, UA sneakers are no longer perceived as cool. The study which polled young male consumers revealed that only 27% the participants perceived the brand highly. This score shows a significant lag behind adidas (70%) and Nike (81%). Even more alarming was the data that came back about purchasing habits.

A whopping 33% the respondents said they were less likely to buy their shoes while only 17% said the likelihood them copping a pair had increased. The poor performance landed Under Amour last on the list footwear brands.

The news should not come to anyone as a surprise since the apparel company has been struggling financially all 2017. In January CEO Kevin Plank announced that their revenue was slowing causing their stocks to plunge.

To add sea salt to the wound, Twitter creeper Kevin Durant threw them all the way under the bus when he said “nobody wants to play in Under Armours” when discussing why high school athletes choose Nike contracted colleges. KD‘s commentary also caused their stock to take a noticeable hit.

Recently, Under Armour announced a partnership with A$AP Rocky that will allow him to design lifestyle products under the UA flag. Additionally, they are reevaluating the Steph Curry shoe line which hasn’t had a notable release in some time.

Via Hypebeast

Survey Says: Under Armour Sneakers Are Officially Played Out?

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Watch this hilarious anti-LSD PSA excavated from the 1960s – Dancing Astronaut

A public service announcement produced in 1969 has been drudged up online warning about the “dangers” taking LSD. The amusing, albeit well-intentioned, short film, entitled Case Study: LSD, documents a young woman’s first acid trip where she claims a hot dog’s life.

That’s right, you’re not tripping. She took a hot dog’s life who, she goes onto explain, “has a wife and kids to support.” She then describes how the hot dog screams in pain as she eats him.

The three-minute clip, which was sponsored by the U.S. Government for wide dispersement in high schools, is a chilling cautionary tale still photos against a backdrop eerie music. The voiceover narrator was left traumatized by her psychedelic experience when she realizes she has “murdered” the very food she purchased.

The curious 18-year old female then cites the gateway culprit into her hallucinatory world: “I was pretty jacked up on marijuana, so I decided to try it, and I dropped it.”

While the sixties adolescent — bless her heart — most likely had no scientific basis to explain for her auditory hallucinations, thankfully a decades-long fight for funding and drug-based research would tell her that what she was probably experiencing was a disillusionment ego, diminished sense self, and increased feelings empathy and connectedness with all things.


Watch this hilarious anti-LSD PSA excavated from the 1960s - Dancing Astronaut[hupso]
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California lawmakers refuse bill to extend last call to 4 AM

California ficials who have fought for months to extend California’s last call time for alcohol from 2 AM to 4 AM won’t witness the institution their proposed bill anytime soon, it seems.

The bill circulated throughout the state’s Senate where it passed, pushing the bill forward to the Assembly, the final hurdle in the bill acceptance process before reaching the governor for signature. Despite the creation a petition in support the bill that notably received more than 1,000 signatures, the bill did not pass the Assembly round. The bill’s Assembly rejection proved to be particularly irritating to Senator Scott Wiener, the spearhead the “Let Our Communities Adjust Late Night Act” (LOCAL) on which the bill was built.

Opponents LOCAL and its corresponding bill asserted that extending drinking hours from 2 to 4 AM would likely invite an increase in DUIs and various other alcohol-related fenses — their counterarguments have led lawmakers to implement a task force devoted to the study the extended call time and its potential effects.

Wiener, however, finds the creation such a task force unnecessary. “There’s no need to study anything,” Wiener wrote in a Twitter post, “There’s nothing radical about letting local communities decide for themselves whether to let their bars and nightclubs go later. It’s embarrassing that California shuts down its nightlife so early. We’re not going to give up. Nightlife matters to our economy and culture, and California’s one-size-fits-all approach to closing time needs to be reformed.”


California lawmakers refuse bill to extend last call to 4 AM[hupso]
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A new study confirms that concert-goers are happier people

If the one friend that regularly attends concerts seems to smile a little more frequently and a little brighter than most, there’s a reason for it. A new Australian study indicates that those that frequent live music events are general happier people than those who do not.

Working through a sampling  1,000 people, the study explored “the connection between habitual music engagement and subjective wellbeing.” Researchers ultimately determined that concerts inspire a contentment derived not only from live music, but from the sense community present at a concert. The concept sharing an experience with a large group other people was found to increase one’s satisfaction and overall happiness.

Of course, as avid concert-goers can attest, these findings are not new revelations. Those who ten attend live music shows have long been their own kinds researchers, reaching the same findings through their own concert related experiences.


A new study confirms that concert-goers are happier people[hupso]
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RZA Thinks New MCs Need To Step It Up

New York, NY – Wu-Tang Clan’s Masta Killa, RZA and DJ/producer Mathematics recently stopped by Hot 97 to discuss the pioneering New York Hip Hop collective’s forthcoming album, Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues.

About 11 minutes into the interview, as the trio was talking about Hip Hop as a business, RZA doled out a handful gems about what MCs can do to become a reverberating voice in the culture.

“I would advise any MC who is coming on as an MC, or as they call it a rapper, to definitely strive to have powerful bars, great lyrics,” RZA said. “Because even a singer strives to become a better singer, a guitar player strives to become a better guitar player, you know what I mean? I think that it’s important for their longevity and for them to recognize at one point in life — whether it’s Marvin Gaye, Bob Dylan, Nat King Cole, as far as we can go back — sometimes the artist’s voice becomes the voice  the time, then the voice the world. It’s important they recognize they are making a soundtrack our generation.”

As he continued, he touched on Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole’s roles in the current Hip Hop landscape, explaining how they provide the balance the culture needs. He uses Future‘s “Mask Off” and its reference to the powerful pain killer Percocet to make his point.

“It’s ‘Mask Off’] not giving a description everything that’s happening,” he says. “But now Kendrick will come on, who I think is an MC who keeps the balance for us, I think J. Cole keeps the balance and I love Future, trust me. Put on Future, I might jump up and start dancing with you. I’m into it, but there has to be a balance, and I think the MCs who aren’t putting that focus into it that they should always consider it, and go back and study the great ones so that they can add that. I mean, we watch Drake just become greater and greater. We watch that happen — even Kendrick. You watch him continue to become a better MC because he cared about being that.”

Later in the interview, they touch Martin Shkreli, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Azealia Banks, classic Hip Hop and their excitement for the new album.

Watch the full interview above.

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These guys do illegal drugs on camera in the name of education – Dancing Astronaut

There’s are few better ways to educate oneself then to see the topic study in progress. Dutch YouTube channel Drugslab has taken this notion in stride, albeit with a more controversial issue: drugs.

The trio who runs the channel and participates in its videos have found a brand new way to reach and educate the masses. Rather than simply lecturing on the correct usage and side effects substances that have earned so much disdain from the public, they’ve taken to actually imbibing in these substances on camera — all in the name proper and effective education.

Quite a few substances have been ingested by Drugslab so far, some even multiple times. More popular ones covered have been MDMA/ecstasy, LSD, ketamine, and cocaine. That said, all three the channel’s educators have said they would not be testing the upper tier dangerous, illicit substances like heroin and krokodil.



These guys do illegal drugs on camera in the name  education - Dancing Astronaut[hupso]
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See what streaming platforms are paying artists – Dancing Astronaut

Ready for it? Every 1000 plays an unsigned artist gets earns them: $6.40 from , $3.80 from , and a whipping $0.60 from . Artists who are signed earned more, $7.30 from Apple Music, $4.40 from Spotify and just $0.70 from Youtube for every 1,000 plays, an Information is Beautiful study shows reported by Digital Music News.

See what streaming platforms are paying artists - Dancing Astronaut

The RIAA did their own study as well and found every 1000 plays an unsigned artist gets earn them, $12, from Apple Music and $7.50 from Spotify, but YouTube only pays out $1.50. One thing is for sure, the amount money made from music isn’t what it used to be — and leaves the current environment in a period uncertainty and flux.


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See what streaming platforms are paying artists - Dancing Astronaut[hupso]
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Solange Denounces Racists Before Deleting Twitter Account

Solange is seemingly weary the ways the world. In the wake the recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, the “Cranes In The Sky” singer has deleted her Twitter account.

Solo’s final tweet addressed the arrest Takiyah Thompson, who was placed in police custody on Tuesday (August 15) in connection with the removal a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina.

“Deleting my twitter soon, but before I dip when we gonna pull up ? & what we got to do to get my new hero Takiyah Thompson free?,” she wrote.

Solange later expressed her frustration with the “deep dark rooted ugliness” present in the United States her Instagram account, which is still active as  Wednesday (August 16).

“been trying to study myself been trying to practice self preservation during this time and not give racist ugly ass fuck bois who reek citronella my energy so that I can preserve my spirit to perform this album,” she wrote. “fuck white supremacist fuck nazis fuck your stale ass bland ass monuments fuck asking folks to be graceful.”

Check out both posts above.