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Jemele Hill Clapping On Cheeto Trump Sparks Corny ESPN Response

Jemele Hill, currently the co-host the east coast evening edition SportsCenter, fired f a series tweets Monday (Sept. 11) taking sharp jabs at President Donald Trump, calling above many things a white supremacist. Hill’s employer, ESPN, responded with a statement calling her tweets inappropriate and saying they addressed the matter internally.

As SI.com notes, it all began when Hill addressed a tweet from The Hill regarding rapping rock cornball Kid Rock and his alleged bid for public fice. She then began firing up Donald Trump and said that he was, “the most ignorant, fensive president my lifetime. His rise is a direct result white supremacy.”

ESPN tapped Hill’s wrist according to the Obama-hating nutballs in the comments to the tweet, although there has been a relaxing those sorts comments. A highly unnecessary “#FireJemele” hashtag is on the struggle bus route right now trying to catch legs, but folks with sense and working eyes have been tweeting in support the anchor. You can find those responses after the flip.

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Jidenna Impresses With NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Rapper/singer Jidenna joined NPR to take part in the latest installment their iconic Tiny Desk Concert series for a video that was published this week.

Tiny Desk Concerts generally give artists a chance to perform their music in a more relaxed and informal environment and Jidenna embraced that atmosphere, ditching his typical tailored-suit attire in favor a short-sleeved shirt, shades and baseball cap.

The Wisconsin artist performed some tracks from his debut studio album The Chief, singing into a toy microphone. He wasted no time trying to get the crowd NPR staffers to loosen up and sing the “Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce” refrain his song “Trampoline” with him.

Jidenna also had some kind words for NPR’s mission, saying “It’s a pleasure and honor to be here with you all. I didn’t know there was so many you that work here but it makes sense because you truly are a beacon light for, not just for radio, but for information in this information age, so thank you for doing that work. Long live NPR, long live Tiny Desk, Long Live The Chief.”

This led into him performing his song “Long Live The Chief,” before closing on “Bambi.”

Take 12 minutes out your day to watch the performance.

Previous participants in NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts include Chance The Rapper, Anderson .Paak and T-Pain.

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Brooklyn's getting a huge new nightclub and it looks litty

New York City’s got the right idea when it comes to coping. Recently the city mourned the unfortunate closing   but things aren’t all bad. After all, NYC’s likely getting its very own soon and an impressive looking new nightclub just announced it will be opening its doors in Bushwick this fall.

Brooklyn-based production company PopGun has announced its 24,000 plus square foot warehouse venue named Elsewhere will open to the public in November. The venue includes a main room with a capacity 675 and a side room that can hold 200 people. It also has a bar/cafe on the second floor and an enormous rotop opening mid-2018 that will also host parties, performances and film screenings that can hold up to another 500 people.

PopGun is the former team behind Glasslands, an independent Williamsburg venue that closed in 2014. They plan to host a bevvy acts from DJs to live acts beginning in November and have already tapped a collection artists to perform including , , , and more.

Check out the first few photos the venue and its calendar events below.

Brooklyn's getting a huge new nightclub and it looks litty


Brooklyn's getting a huge new nightclub and it looks litty


Brooklyn's getting a huge new nightclub and it looks litty


Brooklyn's getting a huge new nightclub and it looks litty


Elsewhere 2017 Events:

Wed 11/1 Bruno Major (Zone One)
Thu 11/2 Guantanamo Baywatch, Surfbot (Zone One)
Thu 11/2 ADULT., Plack Blague (Hall)
Fri 11/3 Slow Magic (Hall)
Fri 11/3 TOMI (Zone One)
Fri 11/3 Classixx (DJ Set) / Poolside, Lloydski + in Zone One: Garrett David, Phoneg1rl, DJ Jor
Sat 11/4 Kllo (Zone One)
Sat 11/4 Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (DJ Set)
Thu 11/9 MNDSGN, Yaeji, P.U.D.G.E. (Hall)
Fri 11/10 Anamanaguchi Elsewhere Takeover!]
Fri 11/10 Stacey Pullen / Juan Atkins
Sat 11/11 HUMANS (Zone One)
Sat 11/11 Moon Boots
Tue 11/14 PopGun Party: No Age (Hall)
Wed 11/15 PALM (Zone One)
Thu 11/16 PALM (Zone One)
Thu 11/16 JLin, Total Freedom (Hall)
Fri 11/17 P.O.S., Metasota, Transit22 (Zone One)
Sat 11/18 Celebration (Zone One)
Sun 11/19 Parquet Courts, B Boys (Hall)
Sat 11/25 Cyril Hahn
Thu 11/30 Sunflower Bean (Hall)
Fri 12/1 Buke & Gase, RIVKA (Zone One)
Fri 12/15 Kölsch
Fri 12/22 Blockhead (Zone One)
Sat 12/16 Iori, Halal & Relaxer
Fri 12/22 Octave One Live]



Brooklyn's getting a huge new nightclub and it looks litty[hupso]
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Q-Tip Gives Phife Dawg Ultimate Salute During ATCQ's Final Denver Show

Morrison, CO – A Tribe Called Quest descended on Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado on Thursday night (August 10). As Tribe continues to mourn Phife Dawg’s untimely 2016 death, Q-Tip, Jarobi, Consequence and Ali Shaheed Muhammad honored him in such a way that his spirit was felt throughout the nearly two-hour set.

With the spotlight on an empty microphone stand and the Five-Foot Assassin’s photo looming behind, any time a Phife verse would start, Jarobi, Tip and Cons would turn their backs on the crowd, and look at Phife’s photo, allowing his bars to take centerstage.

Q-Tip Gives Phife Dawg Ultimate Salute During ATCQ's Final Denver Show

There was one particular moment when Tip couldn’t hold his composure as he talked about his late friend, someone he’d known since they were little kids running around the streets New York City. As his eyes welled up with tears, there was such a long, dramatic pause between words, the Hip Hop luminary apologized to the crowd.

“This will be our last show in Denver, but we want y’all to keep listening to us and enjoying us,” Tip said with an interim pause. “We appreciate it … I apologize for that. You know, I know that when Phife and I first started rhyming we were like 9 years-old] and we heard ‘Rapper’s Delight,’ and he was the one who encouraged me. When Run-DMC came out, because they were from our neighborhood, he was like, ‘So we can do it, too.’ You know, I know my man is here enjoying this, so we just wanted to play one our favorites.”

The song he was referring to was “Butter,” which appears on Tribe’s 1991 classic, A Low End Theory. When Phife first heard the beat, there was a little battle over who would appear on the song.

“When I first did the beat, he came in the studio with some chicks,” he said. “I was in there working all night in the studio, so I played the beat, Ali’s in there, he’s like, ‘Yo this is my solo shit.’ I was like, ‘Nah, we both on it. He was like, ‘Nah fuck that. This is my record.’ And it is his record. It’s my favorite. Enjoy it.”

From “Award Tour” and “Dis Generation” to “Electric Relaxation” and “We The People,” Tribe enthusiastically spanned their entire catalog, performing a packed setlist.

Afterwards, in the catering room backstage, Tip, Jarobi, Cons and Ali Shaheed took some time to talk to the small handful people with the appropriate credentials. Tip touched on Phife and his struggle with diabetes.

“It was hard for Phife,” Tip told HipHopDX. “He was addicted to sugar.”

It was a difficult subject for Tip, but he was open to talking about it, and admitted he was moved to tears during the show. Judging by their deliberate choice to honor Phife throughout the entire set, they clearly have no intention letting Phife’s spirit dwindle nor will they ever try to replace the irreplaceable. After all, he had his own mic the entire evening and no one else ever touched it. It was as if he was there all along.


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REZZ flouts convention and asserts her musical dominance in 'Mass Manipulation' [Interview + Album Review] – Dancing Astronaut

How does one define REZZ?

It’s a question that musicians, critics, and fans alike have pored over throughout the artist’s brief, but momentous musical tenure. Once dubbed by the masses as the “female Gesaffelstein,” Isabelle Rezazadeh has since transcended this reductive – albeit, highly laudable – characterization, to create a style that is entirely her own.

“People used to compare me to Gesaffelstein, but we don’t sound alike at all in my opinion,” told us in a conversation earlier this year. “There are some similarities… we both make dark music.” The 22-year-old producer further noted that she’s outgrown the phase her career in which it is necessary, or even accurate to liken her music to that other artists: “I find that as late, I’m the one being compared to. I find that lately people are saying, ‘You sound like Rezz.’”

REZZ flouts convention and asserts her musical dominance in 'Mass Manipulation' Interview + Album Review] - Dancing Astronaut

Today, August 4, marks the biggest milestone Isabelle Rezazadeh’s career to date, as she releases her debut album, Mass Manipulation. And, while she’s far past the point in her career when she was consistently – and inaccurately – referred to as “dark queen techno,” the eight-track mau5trap LP puts forth her innate, authentic sound with greater strength and clarity than ever before in her career.

Like any true artist, REZZ arrives at her signature sound through adhering to an intangible, but indomitable vision – one which comes from a psychedelic headspace that she describes as “almost inhuman.”

“It’s this part my brain that I just can see and hear a certain vibe music and sounds… and I’m really inspired by that,” she asserts. “I want to get as much music out that part my brain as I can.”

To attempt a reduction REZZ’s music into typical genre stereotypes is to wallow in futility. In the producer’s own words, her music is “all very slow paced and chill and vibey, and it] sucks you right in. It’s almost like a hypnotic] void… you’re gone, but you’re all there, all at the same time.”

“That’s how I feel, that’s how I want other people to feel, and that’s what I’m inspired by,” she continues. “That’s the main thing i’m super inspired by, just getting my vision out there in the most accurate way possible.”

In terms her modus operandi, it still makes sense to liken REZZ to Gesaffelstein. The vision which drives her necessitates that she integrate her authentic musical inspirations with her live show and overall aesthetic – arguably, her own sort Gesamtkunstwerk. And, like Gesaffelstein, a major way through which REZZ achieves this mission is through an emphasis on raw minimalism.

“I love simplicity in music. I think it can be very heavy hitting and to the point… obviously complex tunes can be cool too, but I like simplicity in everything,” says Rezazadeh. “Simplicity in mindset, simplicity in clothing, simplicity in the way you present yourself. It’s totally a lifestyle.”

REZZ flouts convention and asserts her musical dominance in 'Mass Manipulation' Interview + Album Review] - Dancing Astronaut

“ I feel like I’m making music that is telling people how to feel.”

Throughout Mass Manipulation, REZZ achieves her vision, in part, by channeling her passion for psychology. The artist acknowledges that her interest in cognitive science has made her “aware her] feelings, why she reacts] to things a certain way, and why other people react to things a certain way.” A knowledge which, when harnessed properly, has allowed her “to evolve as a person and a producer, stay focused and motivated, and not lose track her] vision.”

Thematically, Rezazadeh’s album pinpoints the nexus between expressing her own feelings authentically and determining her audience’s reaction to their musical manifestation on a visceral level. “ I feel like I’m making music that is telling people how to feel,” she says. “I just want me, my music and everything about my brand to be based around hypnotizing the masses through my music,” she says. And, from the album’s hauntingly mesmerizing opener, “Relax,” the artist successfully endeavors to do just that.

When prompted to tell the story Mass Manipulation in her own words, REZZ states, “It’s more a reaction or commentary to modern consumption habits. We trade more in ideas and media than tangible things, so this is my intangible idea how existence looks – or could look.”

REZZ flouts convention and asserts her musical dominance in 'Mass Manipulation' Interview + Album Review] - Dancing Astronaut

Those who follow REZZ religiously are already well-versed in the canon her debut album. In a fervently-followed album rollout, the artist provided her first impressions on “how existence looks” by released the first half her album.

Over the course the past month, Rezazadeh’s newly-released album singles – “Relax,” “Diluted Brains,” “Premonition,” and “Drugs!” – have become as important a facet her musical catalogue as any other songs released in the past three years. Meanwhile, hitherto unreleased songs such as “Green Gusher” and “Synesthesia” have been staples in her sets for quite some time.

As a whole, the album traverses REZZ’s aforementioned musical vision, from the sinister psychedelia “Drugs!” and “Green Gusher,” to the quaking minimalism “Ascension” and “Diluted Brains.”

Additionally, the album plays host to what very well may be the most virulent production Rezazadeh’s career thus far, “Livid.” In this maniacal, menacing track, REZZ has arguably achieved her most memorable output since 2016’s “Edge,” and has, once again, demonstrated the true breadth her abilities.

With the thoughtful construction Mass Manipulation, and with the visceral draw songs like “Livid,” Isabelle Rezazadeh has proven that she’s far past the leap from “rising star” to dance music icon. Yet, despite her swift evolution to this artistic phase, the artist’s recruitments on the album indicate that she is still in touch with her inner bedroom producer.

More vocally than most her peers within the industry, REZZ has used her highly-publicized album as a platform to highlight dark horse producers. She invites up-and-comers Knodis, 13, and Kotek on “,” “,” and “Ascension,” respectively. By prominently including the aforementioned as collaborators, rather than featured (or uncredited) artists, Rezazadeh aims to fer these artists a similar opportunity in their nascent careers to that which deadmau5 provided her in the not-too-distant past.

In stark opposition to the “ensemble cast” collaborations which permeate much today’s dance music climate, REZZ states, “I don’t care how big or small artists are, it’s all about the music to me.”

“People would be surprised how many talented unknown names there are out there,” she coyly adds, though she is quick to dispel any rumors creating her own imprint in the near future. “I have thought about it but I’d rather put all my focus on my own music as that’s what keeps me sane & what I’m most passionate about.”

REZZ flouts convention and asserts her musical dominance in 'Mass Manipulation' Interview + Album Review] - Dancing Astronaut


After full consideration Mass Manipulation and Isabelle’s inspirations, we get a better sense the previously-posed question, “How does one define REZZ?”

The Canadian producer can’t be defined according to her connection to a specific style or sect ancestral artists. Nor should she ever again be lauded for being a tremendous talent “at her young age”; indeed, Rezazadeh is far past the stage her career wherein focusing on her precocity doesn’t inadvertently detract from her deeply-conceived trajectory.

REZZ is at the forefront a new movement. Hers is a mission which bridges the gap between commercial and underground dance music, and one which eschews formulaic success strategies for unique concepts and authentic sounds.

There’s a reason that hundreds thousands fans fervently flock to their fondly-dubbed “Space Mom.” Infiltrating an industry in which commodification strengthens its grip every day, REZZ is one the rare producers who is strictly putting forth art.

And, in doing so, she’s creating an alternative blueprint for the new age dance music

This story features additional reporting by .

All photos are by .

REZZ flouts convention and asserts her musical dominance in 'Mass Manipulation' Interview + Album Review] - Dancing Astronaut[hupso]
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Your Paradise Fiji: A destination music experience that lives up to its hype – Dancing Astronaut

“It’s called ‘Your Paradise’ because everyone can define the experience for themselves — fans and artists alike.”

The festival market is oversaturated. It has been for years.

Every new festival promises some shiny new experience and tentimes under delivers on the lty expectations sold to ticket buyers. Immaculately art directed drone footage and oversaturated Instagram photos make for great marketing, but not so great festivals. After all, millennials love experiences — they’ll pay to go based on influencer promotion alone — look no further than Fyre Festival for pro.

But tropical, f-the-beaten path locations are where the similarities between the ill-fated Fyre Festival and Your Paradise end. Yes, it’s a remote festival on an untouched tropical paradise, but while the former was all hype and no delivery, the latter has spent years honing the experience by being connected to industry, the artists, the culture, and the local population.

There’s no overpromises here. Everything is exactly as advertised. And guaranteed to leave a lifelong impression.

“We’re very transparent in terms the product we’re trying to deliver. We don’t oversell, we don’t overpromise.”

The Your Paradise concept is the brainchild Hadi J, Ignacio Garcia, Daniel Farley, Steve Pillemer, and Dominic Furber, a team Australian events and dance music veterans who saw an opportunity to create something unique in one the world’s most remote locations, the Fijian Islands. The team knows what they are doing, having all been embedded in Australia’s dance music industry for over a decade. Hadi J and Ignacio became fast friends during their younger, more party-fueled years. It was during this time that they met Dominic backstage at a Laidback Luke show in 2011 and Steve during his stint as a social media photographer. Then came Dan, a 15 year veteran on the DJ circuit, and Dom’s first partner on the project. With just an idea and a dream, Dan and Dom brought the concept to a meeting with Hadi J and Ignacio. A few days later, the two were jetting to Fiji to do the initial scouting for the festival’s first year.

Four years later and the guys have established their humble brand as one the best destination festival experiences in the world. And they’ve had their praises sung by both the guests and the artists who perform.


When it made its debut in 2014, the festival’s lineup focused on taste-making over showy headliners. They tapped , , , , and more for their first time around the block. Since then Your Paradise has attracted the attention and , as well as and , who have now become defacto members the Your Paradise family. Martin is going on his 3rd year performing at the fest. And Skrillex, although not yet listed on this year’s lineup, is likely to make an appearance with his crew in 2017. After all, if there is any “OWSLA All Star,” it’s Sonny Moore.


The beauty the festival is in its intimacy. In the same way that Holy Ship puts artists and fans side by side, Your Paradise does the same but on a smaller scale. Imagine it as summer camp, in paradise, with your favorite DJs supplying the soundtrack to every day.

“The whole concept is what gave us a point difference in my opinion. There are destination festivals in proven more cliché locations, but we’re the first promoters in the world to do something on this scale in a country with zero infrastructure or music industry.” Dominic tells us “We’re bringing A-list artists to Fiji and the idea has always been to allow the artists and audience to connect in locations and ways they never have before – and can’t anywhere else.”

It’s with this in mind that Your Paradise sets itself apart. The artists may as well be guests at the festival. They surf Cloudbreak in the morning, relax in the crystal clear water during the day, and perform to the entire crowd 600 every night. And even when the main stage closes, the island’s housing — group lodges with connecting rooms — beg for late night afterparties that are attended and thrown by the talent on the lineup

Your Paradise Fiji: A destination music experience that lives up to its hype - Dancing Astronaut


Last year, Skrillex spent his time in Fiji as if he were on vacation. He mingled with guests and made appearances during nearly every set including a surprise main stage set with Doorly, Justin Martin, and Miguel Campbell only hours after arriving on the island.

How did a small 600 person boutique festival convince Skrillex to headline? A boat party. On the largest catamaran in the South Pacific — the Fiji One.



Your Paradise boasts a ton additional experiences as well. There are the usual resort ferings — surfing and fishing trips, snorkeling, and skydiving. But the music excursions are where the festival shines. Take Cloud 9 for example, a floating barge, bar, and wood-fired pizza grill where Gary Richards played for 8 hour straight during last year’s festival.

And then there’s the Sandbank Sermon. When the tide rolls out, the party rolls in.  The experience brings the entire festival out into the middle the ocean — a half mile f shore — where the morning’s low tide creates a dance floor unlike any other.

Running a large scale music event on a remote tropical island comes with a whole host challenges. But the team over 20 talented staff make it run without a hitch. The entire experience feels seamless — just as the founders intended.


The island itself is about a fifty minute boat transfer from mainland. So the festival needs to consider connections, transfer times, and flight delays in everything they do. The amount required attention and customer service is staggering. They have contingency after contingency in place in case things go sideways — and on island time that can be ten.

“Because its remoteness we have to make doubly sure that from a customer perspective we provide a seamless experience.” Hadi J explains. “We start organizing Your Paradise a year before the actual event to cover all our bases. That why we have everything organized in a way that guests don’t have to think about anything.”

Transportation isn’t the only challenge. The team has to ship and power their high quality production on an island that runs on generators.

“We have to work very closely with the resort to make sure that there’s enough generators and electricity on the island to be able to power a main stage, an audio system, lighting production and the guest houses. So there’s transportation, there’s production, and then there’s working with the artists to make sure we can deliver an amazing experience that makes the trip worth their while.”

“Every one that I’m aware that’s attended the event in the last three years has had the time their lives.”

The team also plans to expand the brand to other locations without losing what makes it great in the first place. The strength its open-ended concept is what sets the festival apartment from its ilk. And its why the festival is attracting attention from artists and fans across the globe.



Your Paradise 2017 is going down on December 6th through the 12th. OWSLA All Stars, Justin Martin, NGHTMRE, L D R U, Snakehips, Billy Kenny, Mija, Oski and more are already announced.




Your Paradise Fiji: A destination music experience that lives up to its hype - Dancing Astronaut[hupso]
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No religious affiliation to tour cancellation, says Bieber

has been the subject speculation since his recent cancellation the remaining dates his Purpose World Tour.

Spanning an eighteen-month period, the Purpose World Tour resulted in more than 150 shows held across six continents. Bieber’s cancellation the final fourteen dates the tour closes out the massive initiative.

While “unforeseen circumstances” were cited as the culprit the cancellations, a report from sought to lend insight to the vague justification, asserting that a renewal faith on Bieber’s behalf was the primary reason for the tour’s termination.

Yet when questioned by paparazzi in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, the Biebs denied that “religious enlightenment” had any influence in his decision to suspend future performances until further notice. “No, you already know the reasons,” Bieber replied when asked by a cameraman whether the cancellations had any religious association. Bieber’s response to the cameraman alludes to his brief, post tour date cancellation video interview with TMZ on Tuesday where Bieber assured fans that “Everything’s fine.” “I’ve been on tour for two years,” Bieber continued, “…Just resting and getting some relaxation.”

John Mayer and frontman, Michael Angelakos, have vocalized their support Bieber’s withdrawal. “When someone pulls remaining dates a tour, it means they would have done real damage to themselves if they kept going. We’ve lost so many great artists lately. I give Justin two thumbs up] for realizing it was time to call it. You should too,” tweeted Mayer.



No religious affiliation to tour cancellation, says Bieber[hupso]
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Premiere: REZZ collaborates with Knodis on her third album single, 'Premonition' – Dancing Astronaut

Despite having only first delved into Ableton in November 2013, Isabelle Rezazadeh had accomplished more by the end last year than a majority producers do in a lifetime. We dubbed as our “,” not because she hadn’t yet broken through to a substantial following, but because her prolific output and indelibly authentic sound gave us a pleasant premonition that far bigger things remained on her horizon.

In the first half 2017, Rezazadeh has proven this forecast to be resoundingly accurate. At 22 years old, the Canadian producer has now performed coveted slots at Ultra, EDC, and Bonnaroo. She’s orchestrated an with enough gravitas to recruit such impressive supporting acts as , , and . But, most impressively, she’s shaken the dance music realm anticipation for her debut studio album, Mass Manipulation.

Over the course the past month, REZZ has released a new track from her forthcoming mau5trap LP each Friday at Midnight (Eastern Time), satiating fans as they await its release date August 4. Thus far, the artist has released two her recent set staples, “Relax” and “Diluted Brains.”

Premiere: REZZ collaborates with Knodis on her third album single, 'Premonition' - Dancing Astronaut


With only hours remaining until the ficial release her third single, REZZ has been gracious enough to treat the “Cult” earlier than usual, providing an advance stream “Premonition.” Featuring the work esoteric dark horse producer Knodis, Rezazadeh’s newest single follows the pervasive trend its album predecessors. That is to say, “Premonition,” like “” and “,” stands out stylistically from her existing work, while also adhering to the sonic traits that have led her catalogue to gain its vast momentum.

More so than any REZZ’s prior releases this year, “Premonition” recalls the essence  her most widely-acknowledged influence . The slick, yet aggressive bass lines which occupy the single’s initial segment evoke palpable sensibilities, which are notably flavored by further French supporting samples (à la ). As the song progresses, it continues to evolve, both in terms structure and composition, ultimately blending her and Knodis’ inspirations with their innate stylistic tendencies.

Each release from the forthcoming album comes alongside exclusive merchandise, available for preorder .

Featured image Rukes. In-text image Tessa Paisan.

Premiere: REZZ collaborates with Knodis on her third album single, 'Premonition' - Dancing Astronaut[hupso]
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Deadmau5 announces Red Rocks show, enlists Feed Me for stellar BBC Residency mix [Stream] – Dancing Astronaut

Today, July 10, announced the dates for the second part his tour, which will see him venture through Canada and Colorado. News  the Cube 2.1 coming to Red Rocks is undoubtedly exciting. Yet, the magnitude his most recent BBC Radio 1 Residence mix may be more scintillating to the artist’s fanbase.

Over the course 2017, deadmau5 has used his monthly Residency sets as a platform to showcase his keen taste for techno and progressive house, as well as new music from his imprint. For his July edition the program, which was broadcast on Thursday, July 6, Joel Zimmerman continues both the aforementioned focuses, but also treats his listeners to a special guest mix from one his more renowned signees, , who steps behind the decks for the second hour the broadcast.

A day before REZZ released the lead single from her forthcoming mau5trap album, Zimmerman begins his mix with “” before further highlighting his label with selections from No Mana and ATTLAS. Outside his label, deadmau5 highlights a superb selection techno from the likes Frankyeffe and Reinier Zonneveld – favorites Pig&Dan’s Elevate and Coyu’s Suara imprints, respectively. The artist also features what is arguably one the year’s most important progressive singles, Cristoph’s “,” which notably served as the inaugural release on Eric Prydz’s new Pryda Presents imprint.

After deadmau5 concludes his set with a premiere “Drive” from rising talent Emmit Fenn, Jon Gooch continues the trend tasteful club-germane selections. Alongside a number tracks from his own catalogue, Feed Me draws from Enrico Sanguilano, Secret Cinema and Egbert, and notably features Maceo Plex and Shall Ocin’s formidable remix Stephan Bodzin’s “Powers Ten.”


REZZ – Relax
Frankyeffe – Psycho
Reinier Zonneveld – Transelement
Drunken Kong – How I Work
No Mana – Main’s Groan
Johannes Heil – Exile 007 B2
Transcode – Magnetic Empathy
Edu Imbernon & Duologue – Underworld (Undercatt Remix)
Cristoph ft. Jem Cooke – Feel
ATTLAS – What You Do To Me
Emmit Fenn – Drive
Kellerkind – Shakti Pan
Egbert – Knapperig
Enrico Sangiuliano – Ghettoblaster
Feed Me – Starcrash
Secret Cinema & Egbert – Maximaal
Stephan Bodzin – Powers Of Ten (Maceo Plex & Shall Ocin Remix)
deadmau5 – Strobe (Feed Me Remix)
Feed Me – Shell Pet

View dates for the lots shows in a row tour (part 2) below:

Deadmau5 announces Red Rocks show, enlists Feed Me for stellar BBC Residency mix Stream] - Dancing Astronaut

Featured image by Rukes.

Deadmau5 announces Red Rocks show, enlists Feed Me for stellar BBC Residency mix Stream] - Dancing Astronaut[hupso]