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50 Cent Casually Takes Responsibility For "Power" Leak

After receiving some positive news about Power’s ratings, executive producer 50 Cent took to Instagram on Wednesday (August 16) to celebrate the show’s success. In the caption, he seemingly fesses up to leaking three Power episodes as well.

“POWER Ratings up another 10 percent for episode 408,” he wrote. “They glad I leaked the shit now. LOL #SAVAGELIFE Now watch what I do on BET. #50Centralbet.”

Given 50 Cent’s tendency to joke around, his comment about leaking the episodes could’ve easily been his way  goading the people at STARZ. The Queens rap vet has yet to clarify any his statements.

50 first alluded to the leak on Sunday (August 13) when he wrote on Instagram, “STARZ thinks I leaked my own show.”

Although 50 may be joking, STARZ is taking the leak seriously. The network revealed its plans to launch a forensic investigation to nab the culprit and is fully prepared to take legal action against the person or persons responsible for the incident.

Check out 50’s posts above.

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Nicki Minaj & Cardi B Dead Feud Rumors With Show Of Support

Cardi B recently threw a hearty amount shade at an unknown woman during a concert, and many online were quick to claim that is was meant for none other than Nicki Minaj.

Cardi, who recently earned the title  solo female rapper to chart the highest on the Hot 100 since 2014, let loose the searing shade during her set at Queens, New York’s MoMA PS1 over the weekend.

“You know this bitch. She never fucking liked me. And all a sudden she wants to be friends with me. No, bitch. I still don’t like you, bitch,” Cardi B said.

And just as quick as the internet labeled Nicki Minaj the “bitch” in question, both Nicki and Cardi quickly squashed those rumors social media.

On Sunday (August 13), Cardi tweeted a lyric from Nicki’s The Pinkprint track, “Win Again.” The Queens MC later retweeted Cardi’s tweet and added the following message:

“I see no lies when Bardi quotes Barbie #WinAgain ~ all dat reaching you gon fuk around & pull a muscle…#BarbieTingz”

This isn’t the first time Cardi and Nicki have been falsely pitted against one another.

In July, someone hacked Cardi’s Twitter account and didn’t hesitate in attempting to drag Nicki.

“Hi @NickiMinaj You Ain’t Shit Compared To Me … Pull Up Lil Nigga ..,” the hacker tweeted.

Cardi later uploaded video to Instagram, clarifying that she wasn’t the one behind the insult.

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Remy Ma Delivers Simple But Savage Eulogy For Nicki Minaj On "Wild ‘N Out"

It seems as though the long-brewing feud between rappers Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma still has a pulse — regardless how over it fans may be. The “ShETHER” rapper is set to appear on the August 10 episode MTV’s Wild ‘N Out, and a sneak peek for the show has Remy giving her “final words” on the beef.

In the clip, the black squad is setting f a regular game “Rest in Peace,” where participants share a eulogy for a random selection celebs. No surprise, the first celeb named was Nicki Minaj. Comedian Emmanuel Hudson initially made his way to the microphone, but the crowd started chanting Remy’s name, prompting the MC to approach the mic and simply state the name her own “ShETHER” diss track before walking away.

Since making a May appearance as a guest on the “The Real,” where she claimed the “the dust has settled” on the beef, Remy has since stirred things up on more than one major platform.

During the 2017 Hot 97 Summer Jam in June, Remy brought out Lil Kim, Queen Latifah, Lady Rage, MC Lyte, Cardi B, and Young M.A and also performed “ShETHER” with unflattering images Nicki on the giant screen.

She also dropped a few subliminal shots at the “No Frauds” rapper while accepting her Best Female Hip-Hop Award during the 2017 BET Awards.

Nicki hasn’t sat idly, though. She opted to perform her diss records “Realize” and “No Frauds” at the inaugural NBA Awards this past June.

To be clear, this latest chapter in their saga definitely isn’t the most dramatic attack, and it’s unclear how scripted it was and how long ago the footage was filmed.

It remains to be seen if these two can be put their differences aside. But if Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks can do it, anyone can.

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Katie Got Bandz Arrested For Alleged Identity Theft

Chicago, IL – Katie Got Bandz found herself on the wrong side the law this week.

The Chicago rapper best known for her 2013 single “Pop Out” was arrested on Monday (August 7) for alleged identity theft, according to the the Cook County Sheriff’s Department. Bail was set at $50,000 for the queen drill music, whose real name is Kiara Johnson.

Despite emerging onto the scene with a lot hype, the 24-year-old artist’s buzz has quieted down in recent years. She hasn’t released a project since 2015’s Drillary Clinton 3 mixtape.

Katie is set to return to court on August 21.

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Young Buck Teases New G-Unit Mixtape

Young Buck took to Instagram on Tuesday (August 8) to allude that G-Unit is getting back together for a mixtape hosted by DJ Whoo Kid. According to the caption, the mixtape is likely titled Power and will apparently feature all six members.

“#TheUnit MIXTAPE ‘POWER’ COMING AT ANYTIME !! HOSTED BY: (@djwhookid),” the Nashville native wrote in the caption. He also tagged fellow G-Unit members 50 Cent, Uncle Murda, Kidd Kidd, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo.

Formed in 1999, the Queens’ collective was established by founding members 50, Banks and Yayo. After Yayo was locked up in 2003, shortly before G-Unit dropped its debut album, they recruited Buck to take his place in the interim. He has since become a permanent member.

Over the years, G-Unit has released 43 mixtapes, two EPs and two proper studio albums — 2003’s Beg For Mercy and 2008’s T.O.S: Terminate On Sight. 

G-Unit’s last project was the 2015 EP, The Beast Is G-Unit.

Check out Buck’s post above.

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Papikeepitrill “C.R.E.A.M.” (Official Video)

Originally from Southside Jamaica, Queens, Papikeepitrill relocated to Pennsylvania after some trouble with the law and while there, sought out to make a change for himself, and set his sights on music. After experimenting with LSD, he was inspired to finally create a album and conquered his own unique sound. Today, he unveils the ficial music video for “C.R.E.A.M.,” which perfectly captures the essence behind his music.

Watch the trippy-visual below.

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“Auntie” Maxine Waters Talks Being A Fan Of 2Pac & Being A Defender Of Rap Music (VIDEO)

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ outspoken criticism the Donald Trump Administration has made her into a social media star for many Millennials.

Dubbed “Auntie Maxine,” the U.S. House Representatives member recently went viral for her take down Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. 

Waters’ “reclaiming my time” statement to Mnuchin became a national catchphrase and even inspired a song by singer Mykal Kilgore.

The Democratic politician expressed her appreciation for Kilgore’s Gospel rendition while on The View, but she also spoke with The Breakfast Club about being a fan Hip Hop.

In particular, she spoke about her love for the late Tupac Shakur.

“There was a certain sensitivity about him. I got to know his mom Afeni Shakur], and when he did that song ‘Dear Mama’] that talked about his mom – ‘mom was a dope fiend but she was my queen.’ Of course, that really struck me as somebody that was not only brilliant and smart but had a real sensibility, a heart, and an understanding that a lot people don’t have,” said Waters.

She added, “Tupac, for me, was very special. He was smart, and I loved him.”

Waters also discussed standing up for the First Amendment rights rappers.

“I was one the defenders rap music, even when it was gangsta music because I thought it was creative and it opened up a whole new economic opportunity for black people where jobs and positions were created when they wouldn’t play rap music on some the major stations,” stated the House rep. “And I don’t believe in censorship. So I had to go up against C. Delores Tucker and some those who were trying to censor rap music.”

She explained, “I think censorship is unconstitutional. I think it’s a way quieting voices that maybe people in power don’t want to hear because it potentially interferes with their ability to do what they do and say what they want to say and exercise power in certain ways… I may not like it, but I feel this: what you don’t want to hear, don’t listen to it… but when you start to talk about limiting voices and opinions, I think that’s dangerous in a democracy.”

Maxine Waters was asked about her favorite current rappers, and she responded, “I like Chance The Rapper]… I like Nelly. I really do. I better say that. I’m from St. Louis. Nelly, you’re fine. I love you.”

The interview also included Waters discussing Trump’s policies, Russian sanctions, supporting black businesses, the legalization marijuana, gun laws, potential 2020 presidential candidates, the Alt-Right, affirmative action, fighting discrimination, and more.

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9 Things We Learned From Auntie Maxine Waters On The Breakfast Club

In the age Trump, journalists and political figures have become rock stars to members the resistance and few have the same gusto and appeal as Maxine Waters. The California Democratic Congresswoman with more swag than some your favorite rappers dropped by The Breakfast Club today (Aug. 7) to talk politics and Hip-Hop with the morning trio.

When she wasn’t pointing out obvious truths about the nation’s current Comrade-In-Chief, Auntie Maxine was talking about why she stood up for rap in the 90’s and why Tupac is her favorite rapper.

Also, peep her at this year’s Black Girls Rock.

But first, here are the 9 things we learned from Queen Maxine Waters on The Breakfast Club.

9 Things We Learned From Auntie Maxine Waters On The Breakfast Club

Photo: Power 105

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Raekwon “Wild Tour” Shows Hip-Hop Has No Boundaries

(AllHipHop Features) The face Hip-Hop has changed greatly since Raekwon’s introduction to the game about 25 years ago when he unsystematically moved through the place he once knew as home, the Park Hill Projects in Staten Island. We know the story pretty well now, through the storytelling The Chef and his comrades, The Wu-Tang Clan. Without a doubt, as a unified front, they are collectively revered as one the greatest Hip-Hop groups to have walked this earth. I would argue that while RZA is ten credited with pulling the best emcees in his range in order to orchestrate one the most powerful forces we’ve witnessed for over 2 decades, Raekwon has been the most successful at remaining connected to the Wu-Tang lineage, crafting a legacy while simultaneously continuing his own evolution.

The Wild Tour recently made its way its way to the Masquerade in Atlanta filling the once popular, but now desolate Underground with fans excited to see Rae perform. Hosted by the boisterous Fort Knox who kept the energy levels up all night teamed by the Hip-Hop accuracy DJ Kerosene, the two served as a well-balanced team. Homage was paid to those who have passed on including Mama Niecy (mother Killer Mike), Mel Carter (Manager and Wu-Tang family), Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) and Fresh Kid Ice (2 Live Crew). Offering a multi-layered line-up, this was not a show where all the opening artists sound the same. There was a variety in artistic delivery, age, gender and sound. On the flip side, too many acts grew the crowd tiresome.

The opener Javar Rockamore, intrigued with a full band and topped it f with singer McKenzie Lawson, dropping catchy vocals on “Girlfriend” in fishnets and thigh high boots. Dope Knife fered some unexpected Eminem-type twists in his rhymes that painted a creative performance. Devin Malek, was a young rapper from East Atlanta reminiscent a young Snoop Dogg, who was incoherent in his final delivery. The Notorious L.A.D. (Wu-Tang family/Gansta Grillz) entered the stage to OutKast’s “Return the G” and moved with the confidence the Wu-Tang bloodline running through his veins as he traveled down memory lane.

The Goddess Sa-Roc played no games in her lyrical warfare as she gracefully embodied what it means to bring feminine energy to the mic with confidence and intelligence. She’s a grown woman adorned with bamboo earrings like a real one from around the way, beaded African bangles like Queen Nzinga and doesn’t have to compete with anyone in the room. Add to the equation that she can freestyle over any Biggie’s dopest beats and the bar has been set pretty high that you can’t touch her magic.

He’s been called Raekwon the Chef, Shallah Raekwon and Lex Diamond. At 47 he’s known to most close to him as Rae. In a time where our generation is losing our greats before we can acknowledge them as legends, his position is a special one. He’s alive. Still spittin’. Still nice, better yet-nicer as he’s evolved yet again. He’s still the flyest the Wu-Tang Clan. As we approach the 22nd anniversary Only Built for Cuban Linx better known as the Purple Tape, the living legend is enjoying the fruits his labor.

When he hit the stage he wasted no time in making two things clear: the show was dedicated to Prodigy and he was happy to be on Atlanta soil. There’s a long history with Raekwon in the city, which is why the night is very special. It’s home away from home. There’s love in the room from his baby sister at the front the stage and her crew. He’s surrounded by family, friends and loved ones. He’s rocked with OutKast on “Skew it on the bar-b” way before we saw really saw Northern and Southern rappers have this type chemistry.

Performing “Marvin”, “I am Nothing” and “Crown Thornes” and “This is What It Comes Too” f the album The Wild his latest work proves that he’s kept his knives sharpened. With his artist P.U.R.E., a Virginia native who he has seemed to find a kindred spirit with, Raekwon is truly one who lives by the code. He believes in family, loyalty and developing those who are hungry enough to want it for themselves. It was equally a special night for P.U.R.E. who is featured on “M&N” on The Wild, because it is his first time being on tour. You can see the excitement in Raekwon’s eyes as he speaks on the talent his ICE H2O Record label’s artist who has a powerful song “War Time”, that samples a portion a popular interview done by Tupac Shakur while incarcerated in Clinton Correctional Facility.

After running through his arsenal solo and Wu-Tang joints and doing a set Mobb Deep classics including “Eye for an Eye”, “Shook Ones Part II”, “Quiet Storm”, “Keep it Thoro” and “The Life is Mine”, he closed with some jewels:

“This is my message to the new ni–as”:

• Believe in yourself.
• Stay dreamin’: You can get what the f—k you wanna get.
• Don’t front on the ni–as that came before you. You won’t get no good luck after that.
• Love your family through thick and thin. Love ‘em.
• Be a giver. Give to those that want to work for it.
• Be a real mutha—– too. Be a real one. Don’t be a sucka. Don’t get all Hollywood when you got one fu—- record. And got a lil’ piece jewelry on and change your whole attitude. We can see that.
• Respect the culture man. Criticism is a mutha—–, but you know what? You gotta accept it…but don’t let ni—- stop you from doin’ what you need to do.
• Be a winner. Be a mutha—-in winner. You’re a winner. All ya’ll are winners to me. We here. We alive. We well. We partyin’.

The Wild Tour runs through September 26th and ends in San Antonio, Texas. Check www.raekwondachef for local dates.

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