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How Jevon Doe Bounced Back From A Near-Death Experience For "My Life Changed Pt. 1"

West Hollywood, CA – After years independent grind that even left him homeless for a stint, Houston rapper Jevon Doe has been making a name for himself in the realm Hip Hop, signing with Atlantic Records just last year. To fully pursue his dreams becoming the best artist he can be, Jevon recently traded H-Town for the City Angels. Now, he shares a side his story that’s never been heard before.

On Thursday (August 17), HipHopDX partnered with Popular Demand and 1800 Tequila to host the ficial listening party for his new EP, My Life Changed Pt. 1. With friends, family, media, and fans all out to support, WCSP in West Hollywood, CA soon reached capacity. Greeted with an open bar and free chicken at the door, the evening quickly turned into a celebration.

During the live Q&A, Jevon Doe summarized his sound, eventually boiling it down to four words.

“It’s got that South in it,” he says. “It’s got that H-town in it. You could feel where I’m from. You could see what I’m reppin’. But it’s also global. I feel like it’s very global. I feel like my voice attracts, so I feel like what I’m speaking about also attracts. I think there’s a lot people in the world that just want to hear somebody just speak some real shit, but sound cool doing it. But really be cool. So I think that’s really what my sound generates: H-Town, South, global, cool.”

Jevon also credits a fellow H-town legend as one the two artists who ignited his desire to rap.

“The first artist I really started liking was Z-Ro. He’s from Houston. From there, it was Lil Wayne. Them two right there really sparked me into wanting to rap. And then on top that, it was Drake, Childish Gambino, Big Sean, those type artists that really kept me trying to get it.”

In 2016, Doe unleashed his debut project Story Of My Life, with features from Bun B, Ty Dolla $ign and Buddy.

He explains, “The first one was Story Of My Life, and this one’s My Life Changed. So pretty much I told people how I got to the point being signed and being here. And then My Life Changed: being out in L.A., being in Hollywood, being around celebrities, working every damn night, being tired as fuck, but still trying to get it. So all that happened.”

Fitting to the name, while Story Of My Life told the tale Doe’s life struggles, his biggest obstacle yet was still to come.

“Also, it branched f a situation that happened with my ex-girlfriend. The whole situation where she came in and did what she did, that gave me that motivation to really want to tell people, ‘I’m really in this shit. I’m out here trying to get it, and I got people trying to hold me down.’”

The second record on the EP, “Angels Protecting Me,” recounts the evening his ex-girlfriend showed up at his doorstep with her brother and three other guys. Beyond a home invasion, Jevon was beat up and held at gunpoint. It left him with two broken hands.

With the reality what was happening in that moment, Jevon reveals the only two things crossing his mind: “What the fuck was going on and I hope I don’t die.”

While the ficial music video sees Jevon retelling the evening in detail, DX asked how it had impacted him mentally.

“Yeah, they fered me therapy. The city and all that,“ he said. “But I never went to it. I just didn’t have time. I was in the studio. I had to keep pushing, to be honest. I had to get my stuff — get it back. To this day, I mean, yeah. It does affect me. There’s different things that come from it. But I’m still alive. That’s the best thing about it. Because I could have been gone.”

Turning a negative into a positive, it was clear Doe wasn’t worried about Pt. 2 anytime soon.

“Part 2 … I don’t even know. I may not drop it for a while. I may keep it an open story, and eventually, I close it up. When it’s time for me to close it up.”

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Shaq Throws More Shade At LaVar Ball

It appears that Shaq Diesel’s diss track toward LaVar Ball last month wasn’t the last word in the rivalry. Shaq came back this weekend with more shade for the head the Big Baller Brand.

Shaq spent some time spinning records at the Rehab Pool Party at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas this past weekend. DJ Whoo Kid, one the pioneers Hip Hop’s mixtape scene, was in attendance. He asked Shaq about the progress his beef with Ball. “I don’t even know who that is … Never heard him,” Shaq responded. Whoo Kid jumped in with his own words on the subject. “Fuck that nigga,” he added.

“He heard us though,” Shaq said, smiling.

In July, Shaq released a three-minute diss track toward Ball where he talked about his basketball skills and the Big Baller Brand. He brought up recent words from Ball, who made it clear that he felt he could beat Shaq in basketball.

“You beatin’ me? That’s a bunch bologna/You think you Mailman, you ain’t even Jeff Malone,” he responded. Toward the end the track, Shaq traded in disses for compliments as he let Ball know just how good his kids are at basketball.  “You’ve done a great job, I love how your sons play/ And lil ‘Melo too, attitude hella cool/ Jumper wet wet like two thots in a pool,” he admitted.

Ball responded to Shaq’s song by calling him old and irrelevant.

Can someone set up the one-on-one match already?

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Outasight Drops "Richie" Album

Outasight is back.

The rapper/singer/producer has released his brand new album titled Richie. The 11-track project is his first release since 2015’s Big Trouble. Hoodie Allen makes the lone guest appearance on the LP.

View the stream, cover art and tracklist for Outasight’s Richie below.

Outasight Drops "Richie" Album

1. Got You
2. Bop
3. Feel Good f. Hoodie Allen
4. The Mission
5. NY 2 LA
6. About Last Night
7. Still Young
8. Ferrari Sunset
9. Life the Party
10. Stylin’
11. Vibin’

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Who to see at Billboard's Hot 100 Fest

The Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival returns to New York this weekend, with fan favorite performers taking over Jones Beach on Saturday, August 19 and Sunday, August 20. Headlining the two-day event come the likes Zedd, Major Lazer and Marshmello, while artists from Le Youth, Whethan, and many more are set for the signature beach stage.

Just days away, we break down the acts you won’t want to miss when Hot 100 gets underway in New York.


Young Bombs
3:10-3:55PM @ Beach Stage

Kick f your Hot 100 weekend at the Beach Stage, where Young Bombs will supply the early energy in a setting that embodies the Jones Beach music experience. Straight f their Lollapalooza performance, the duo heads to New York festival-ready and equipped with new tunes. Known for their popular remixes over the past year, Young Bombs newest fering came just this week; a rendition Frank Walker’s “Less Lonely.”

6-6:45PM @ Heatseekers Stage

If you’re seeking heat, look no further than FLETCHER, set to perform at the aptly named Heatseekers Stage. FLETCHER has been one pop’s promising young talents since breaking through with her single “War Paint” in 2015, and the singer has established herself as an artist with her recent Finding Fletcher EP. With hits like “Wasted Youth” and an impressive young catalogue, FLETCHER is one act on Saturday you’ll want to catch while you can.


Camila Cabello
6:30-7:15PM @ Hot 100 Stage

Stars today and tomorrow will flood the stages Billboard’s Hot 100 Fest, and Camila Cabello stands out among pop icons set to perform. Formerly a member Fifth Harmony, Cabello is currently powering forward with her solo career and has the music to ascend to new heights. Her recent singles “OMG” with Quavo and “Havana” featuring Young Thug were released to widespread acclaim, and collaborations with the likes Major Lazer and Cashmere Cat prove her compatibility deeper into the dance space. With her debut solo album due next month, Camila Cabello and her collection brand new hits will be a sight to be seen at the Hot 100 Stage.

Major Lazer
9:45-11PM @ Hot 100 Stage

It’s only appropriate that Diplo and Major Lazer bring Hot 100 Fest to its conclusion this Sunday night. Perhaps the most interesting act the weekend in respect to their genre-crossover appeal, attendees should expect for Major Lazer’s nighttime set to unite all fans for an explosive finale. With their new Know No Better EP setting the soundtrack the summer, the group will come with an arsenal jam-packed with hits. From “Cold Water” to “Run Up” or “Lean On” to “Pon de Floor,” Major Lazer’s original music assures that there will be not one dull moment for the Jones Beach crowd.

It’s not too late to join the party this weekend. For a chance to win a pair tickets, enter our contest below. Winners will be chosen at 12PM EST on Friday, August 18.

For more information visit the .

while you still can.

Who to see at Billboard's Hot 100 Fest
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Young Thug Gifts Mother $50K On His Own Birthday

Atlanta, GA – As Young Thug was ringing in his 26th birthday, he decided to gift his mother with $50,000. The Jeffery mastermind threw a private party on Wednesday (August 16) at The Tago International Center in Atlanta, where he presented the unsuspecting matriarch with the generous gift.

Young Thug Gifts Mother $50K On His Own Birthday

T.I., Young Dolph, Young Scooter, Lil Durk, singer Jacquees, and other close friends and family were in attendance for the celebration.

Thugger was born on August 16, 1991 and since launching his rap career with the I Came From Nothing mixtape in 2011, he has become one ATL’s greatest success stories.

Check out more photos the soiree below.

Embed from Getty sEmbed from Getty sEmbed from Getty sEmbed from Getty sEmbed from Getty s

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Ibiza clubs seek harsher penalties for unlicensed events

Ibiza is seeking to expel the illegal parties frequently held in “large-scale villas” on the island. As legislation that proposes to place a cap on the total beds available to tourists in Ibiza moves towards legal implementation, a group clubs and bars located on the Balearic island are making a move in the next legislative direction, lobbying for more stringent action against unlicensed events. Comprised twenty seven entities, the group, dubbed the “Leisure Association Ibiza,” includes prominent beach clubs like the Blue Marlin Ibiza, and high prile nightclubs like Hï Ibiza.

Managed by Jose Luis Benitez, the Leisure Association Ibiza deems such illegal and unlicensed activities as the catalyst for Ibiza’s reputation as an uncontrolled drug ridden party destination. “It’s time to end this harmful image that’s repeated every summer,” Benitez asserted.

Fines collected at the expense  Ibiza homeowners who host comparable illegal gatherings have totaled up to €84,000, or $98,602.56 U.S. dollars this year.



Ibiza clubs seek harsher penalties for unlicensed events
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It was only a matter of time, but Borgore has officially partnered with Pornhub for latest music video [NSFW]

Porn. The word is almost onomatopoeic in its ubiquitous meaning. Hub. The loosely used suffix to define the effective center any particular activity or network. So essentially Pornhub would be the internet’s self-proclaimed epicenter pornography, though today, the website is adding another beat, excuse the pun, to their relatively narrow content mill. The pornography giant has partnered with to debut his latest music video for an appropriately titled “Savage.” Yes, nowadays Pornhub is diversifying their portfolio with music video hosting. Though it was only a matter time before they either linked with Borgore’s brazenly crass brand, or fered him a job.

The “” producer’s latest output is par for the course Borgore: its loud, aggressive, bass-laden party music, though the marketing campaign behind the new music video is undeniably ingenious. Leveraging the millions eyes viewing Pornhub pages at every hour the day, Borgore’s C- new tune and hilariously NSFW new video will be in front everyone whether they like it or not.

It was only a matter  time, but Borgore has ficially partnered with Pornhub for latest music video NSFW]

We don’t have the decency to publish the full video on our site, but you can head to the to view the video in full.

It was only a matter  time, but Borgore has ficially partnered with Pornhub for latest music video NSFW]
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Illegal rave in Surrey requires 50 police officers, one helicopter to end event

Police ficers in Surry, England found themselves in a stand f over the weekend after a massive illegal rave attracted the attention the authorities, after they were initially alerted by concerned citizens in the neighboring Dorking area.

The unlicensed music event attracted more than 500 people to a Surrey fice block at approximately 10PM on Saturday evening. When community members noticed a crowd assembled around the fice block, they phoned police to investigate the situation. It took a total fifty police ficers to terminate the rave—a helicopter circled above the building as party goers resisted ficers’ movements to shut down the event. Dorking is hailed as one the UK’s most active nightlife spots, classifying the illegal rave as a certifiable disturbance, but not all that absurd considering the community’s spirited reputation.


Illegal rave in Surrey requires 50 police ficers, one helicopter to end event
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LCD Soundsystem's 'tonite' is a celebratory coming-of-age

Long before serving as the frontman dance-punk’s group the century, James Murphy was a DJ, falling into , really, by happy accident. But Murphy wasn’t just a DJ in the early 2000s. He was a force to be reckoned with. His eventual label DFA began merely as a party where Murphy entertained his friends by doing what he loved. What may have been done blindly at the time — although surely clear in hindsight — was Murphy serving as the intrinsic ingredient in NYC’s marrying dance and rock. Helping launch the careers groups like the Rapture or Hot Chip along the way, he left his mark on both the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Arcade Fire. There’s no doubt disco-rock would not be the same without him.

Often speaking out against the commercial side dance music is a man who gave an entire generation indie kids a revolutionary repertoire records to bust a move to.

Currently amidst their mighty revival, LCD Soundsystem — and Murphy, in particular — is revisiting these roots on “tonite.” Marking itself as the third song f their forthcoming LP,  “tonite” hits airwaves with a plethora vintage musical vehicles. Riding along a smooth crescendo comes a polished dancehall track, revealing a glimmering path back to Murphy’s days an oily forehead behind the booth or a floor wet with sweat.

While it may seem Murphy’s coming to grips with age and his relevance once more, as he did on “Losing My Edge,” there’s rather a man who’s, at last, changed his tone. “Everybody’s singing the same song/It goes tonite, tonite, tonite, tonite,” he begins. Near the second half the stanza, he continues this time much darker: “I never realized that these artists/Thought so much about dying.”

“Man, life is finite/But shit, it feels like forever.” As the song comes to an end, it rises in intensity and Murphy turns to the camera. “You hate the idea that you’re wasting your youth/That you stood in the background until you got older/But that’s all lies.” Murphy’s understood his mortality for quite some time, and on “tonite,” he’s thinking beyond. It’s a blissful wave euphoria that leaves listeners optimistic what else they too can do to improve their internal landscape and realize their own American Dream. It seems, at last, Murphy’s realized he’s been living his all along.

American Dream is out Sept. 1 Columbia/DFA.

LCD Soundsystem's 'tonite' is a celebratory coming--age
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