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How Jevon Doe Bounced Back From A Near-Death Experience For "My Life Changed Pt. 1"

West Hollywood, CA – After years independent grind that even left him homeless for a stint, Houston rapper Jevon Doe has been making a name for himself in the realm Hip Hop, signing with Atlantic Records just last year. To fully pursue his dreams becoming the best artist he can be, Jevon recently traded H-Town for the City Angels. Now, he shares a side his story that’s never been heard before.

On Thursday (August 17), HipHopDX partnered with Popular Demand and 1800 Tequila to host the ficial listening party for his new EP, My Life Changed Pt. 1. With friends, family, media, and fans all out to support, WCSP in West Hollywood, CA soon reached capacity. Greeted with an open bar and free chicken at the door, the evening quickly turned into a celebration.

During the live Q&A, Jevon Doe summarized his sound, eventually boiling it down to four words.

“It’s got that South in it,” he says. “It’s got that H-town in it. You could feel where I’m from. You could see what I’m reppin’. But it’s also global. I feel like it’s very global. I feel like my voice attracts, so I feel like what I’m speaking about also attracts. I think there’s a lot people in the world that just want to hear somebody just speak some real shit, but sound cool doing it. But really be cool. So I think that’s really what my sound generates: H-Town, South, global, cool.”

Jevon also credits a fellow H-town legend as one the two artists who ignited his desire to rap.

“The first artist I really started liking was Z-Ro. He’s from Houston. From there, it was Lil Wayne. Them two right there really sparked me into wanting to rap. And then on top that, it was Drake, Childish Gambino, Big Sean, those type artists that really kept me trying to get it.”

In 2016, Doe unleashed his debut project Story Of My Life, with features from Bun B, Ty Dolla $ign and Buddy.

He explains, “The first one was Story Of My Life, and this one’s My Life Changed. So pretty much I told people how I got to the point being signed and being here. And then My Life Changed: being out in L.A., being in Hollywood, being around celebrities, working every damn night, being tired as fuck, but still trying to get it. So all that happened.”

Fitting to the name, while Story Of My Life told the tale Doe’s life struggles, his biggest obstacle yet was still to come.

“Also, it branched f a situation that happened with my ex-girlfriend. The whole situation where she came in and did what she did, that gave me that motivation to really want to tell people, ‘I’m really in this shit. I’m out here trying to get it, and I got people trying to hold me down.’”

The second record on the EP, “Angels Protecting Me,” recounts the evening his ex-girlfriend showed up at his doorstep with her brother and three other guys. Beyond a home invasion, Jevon was beat up and held at gunpoint. It left him with two broken hands.

With the reality what was happening in that moment, Jevon reveals the only two things crossing his mind: “What the fuck was going on and I hope I don’t die.”

While the ficial music video sees Jevon retelling the evening in detail, DX asked how it had impacted him mentally.

“Yeah, they fered me therapy. The city and all that,“ he said. “But I never went to it. I just didn’t have time. I was in the studio. I had to keep pushing, to be honest. I had to get my stuff — get it back. To this day, I mean, yeah. It does affect me. There’s different things that come from it. But I’m still alive. That’s the best thing about it. Because I could have been gone.”

Turning a negative into a positive, it was clear Doe wasn’t worried about Pt. 2 anytime soon.

“Part 2 … I don’t even know. I may not drop it for a while. I may keep it an open story, and eventually, I close it up. When it’s time for me to close it up.”

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It was only a matter of time, but Borgore has officially partnered with Pornhub for latest music video [NSFW]

Porn. The word is almost onomatopoeic in its ubiquitous meaning. Hub. The loosely used suffix to define the effective center any particular activity or network. So essentially Pornhub would be the internet’s self-proclaimed epicenter pornography, though today, the website is adding another beat, excuse the pun, to their relatively narrow content mill. The pornography giant has partnered with to debut his latest music video for an appropriately titled “Savage.” Yes, nowadays Pornhub is diversifying their portfolio with music video hosting. Though it was only a matter time before they either linked with Borgore’s brazenly crass brand, or fered him a job.

The “” producer’s latest output is par for the course Borgore: its loud, aggressive, bass-laden party music, though the marketing campaign behind the new music video is undeniably ingenious. Leveraging the millions eyes viewing Pornhub pages at every hour the day, Borgore’s C- new tune and hilariously NSFW new video will be in front everyone whether they like it or not.

It was only a matter  time, but Borgore has ficially partnered with Pornhub for latest music video NSFW]

We don’t have the decency to publish the full video on our site, but you can head to the to view the video in full.

It was only a matter  time, but Borgore has ficially partnered with Pornhub for latest music video NSFW]
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"Friends" Co-Creator & Other Non-TIDAL Subscribers Can Now Watch JAY-Z's "Moonlight" Video

JAY-Z’s visual for the 4:44 single “Moonlight” has been out for a while, but Friends co-creator David Crane still hasn’t seen it. The Friends-inspired music video was released exclusively through TIDAL on August 4.

On Friday (August 11), a week after its initial release, the video has made its way to YouTube and all non-TIDAL subscribers can now watch it. So far, the visual has amassed nearly 700,000 views.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Crane mentioned he didn’t have a subscription to TIDAL, alluding that was the reason he hadn’t seen the video.

“I don’t have TIDAL,” Crane said. “I’m just happy that the show is still part the cultural zeitgeist after all these years.”

Directed by Master None co-creator Alan Yang, “Moonlight” stars an all black cast — Issa Rae, Hannibal Buress, Tiffany Haddish, Lakeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Jerrod Carmichael and Lil Rel Howery.

Watch the full “Moonlight” video below.

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Black Eyed Peas Launch "Masters Of The Sun" Graphic Novel

Los Angeles, CA – The most recent musical release from the Black Eyed Peas was their star-studded 2016 music video for the re-vamped version their 2003 hit “Where Is The Love.” Now, they’re back to tell a different story — graphic novel.

On Wednesday (August 9), will.i.am, Taboo, and apl.de.ap celebrated the release their newest creative project titled Masters the Sun – The Zombie Chronicles. This took the form an in-store signing at Meltdown Comics & Collectibles in Los Angeles and a livestream Q&A.

The plot, which was written by will.i.am and inspired by his personal story, sees Los Angeles being attacked by aliens, while humans are transforming into zombies. The main character, Zulu-X, lands in the middle the action and uses his wits to fight an ancient order.

Black Eyed Peas Launch "Masters Of The Sun" Graphic Novel


In an interview with the three BEP members in attendance (minus Fergie — who Will said in June was still in the group, despite previous reports), Taboo told HipHopDX, “We’ve been working on it for four years. I just brought up the collaboration with Marvel.”


apl.de.ap explains further: “It’s what’s going on in our community right now, still. Even all the way to the Philippines. We just want to really relay a positive message. It’s a parallel story. These kids trying to save their community and trying to bring positive vibes.”

When asked about upcoming music, will.i.am made sure to keep the focus on the book.

“We’re in the studio right now, fine tuning the record. We say, ‘We’re going back to our roots.’ We’re going back to our roots,” he adds with a laugh.

The graphic novel collaborators include noted artist Damion Scott and co-writer Benjamin Jackendf.

Exclusive merch (including Masters the Sun autographed graphic novel, poster, VIP signed laminated badge, and graphic T-shirt, each featuring Damion Scott’s cover art) is available at meltdownnetwork.com.

Watch the full livestream below.

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Alan Yang Talks Directing Jay-Z’s Star-Studded “Moonlight” Video

Alan Yang was tapped to direct Jay-Z’s Friends-inspired music video for “Moonlight.”

The visuals starred several breakout actors contemporary “Black Hollywood.”

Jerrod Carmichael (The Carmichael Show), Issa Rae (Insecure), Lakeith Stanfield (Atlanta), Tiffany Haddish (Girls Trip), Tessa Thompson (Creed), and Lil Rel Howery (Get Out) took on the characters in the remake the popular NBC series.

Yang spoke with Pigeons & Planes about his participation in the Friends remake that has led to articles saying Jay created “a sort meta-commentary on black representation in media and artistic ownership.”

The co-creator Master None stated:

According to Yang, the original treatment for the “Moonlight” video was to film an entire 21-minute Friends episode shot-for-shot.

They also considered ending the clip with characters turning into skeletons.

Yang revealed:

Apparently, it was Jay-Z that chose Whodini’s “Friends” as the theme song for the “show”.

Yang told Vulture:

The 33-year-old screenwriter/producer also discussed the video’s talented acting ensemble being made up people color.

Yang said:

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Papikeepitrill “C.R.E.A.M.” (Official Video)

Originally from Southside Jamaica, Queens, Papikeepitrill relocated to Pennsylvania after some trouble with the law and while there, sought out to make a change for himself, and set his sights on music. After experimenting with LSD, he was inspired to finally create a album and conquered his own unique sound. Today, he unveils the ficial music video for “C.R.E.A.M.,” which perfectly captures the essence behind his music.

Watch the trippy-visual below.

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Watch Marshmello hit a frat party 'Find Me' music video

 takes fans for a trip down memory lane in the new music video for his 2016 release, “Find Me.” After the recent release his smooth original, “,” and his June remix to Future’s “”  proved that his sonic capabilities are even more expansive than we knew, it seems the artist now wants to remind us his road to fame.

“Find Me,” a heavy synth track with virtually no vocals f his 2016 record, Joytime, now comes complete with an ficial video. Reviving the track for peak summertime festival season is Mello absolutely ruling a frat party.

In the playful new video, Marshmello says no to beers and yes to DJing. Making his way through the party is an awkward anonymous young Mello who amidst pillow-fights and twinkie-eating contests eventually finds his rightful place behind the booth.



Watch Marshmello hit a frat party 'Find Me' music video
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Fatboy SSE Pulls Up On The Breakfast Club Demanding "Breakfast"

New York City, NY – “They,” not to be confused with those holding down DJ Khaled,  say breakfast is the most important meal the day — just ask rapper and comedian Fatboy SSE.

A video posted on The Breakfast Club‘s ficial Instagram, and shared by the New Jersey native, documented the hungry internet star as he ran up in the studio demanding breakfast before quickly retreating.

“My BIG BRO @dizz103 told me we were doing The Breakfast Club … we get there, and there’s fucking breakfast,” read the caption on Fatboy’s account. “Y’all know that’s the real reason we came.”

Dizz and Fatboy SSE are no strangers to The Breakfast Club. Dizz, the CEO York Records is an associate DJ Envy — and friend the cast. His artist, Cory North, released his debut music video, appropriately titled “Poppin’ Off,” which featured a fictitious scenario on The Breakfast Club where Cory misses his interview, causing Charlamagne to give him an auto Donkey Of The Day title.

Fatboy SSE has become a huge online property, with over 2.6 million followers on Instagram alone with the help his hilarious videos. His latest song, “Drake” with Lar$$en, is on its way to a million spins on SoundCloud. He also recently popped up in the new Juicy J video.

Fatboy’s run up on the highly rated morning show was (definitely) not to be taken seriously, but rather as another funny addition to the comedian’s catalog.

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Blac Chyna Has Plans To Be The Next Nicki Minaj!

(AllHipHop Rumors) These former strippers are coming up! Blac Chyna Has Plans To Be The Next Nicki Minaj!

It looks like Blac Chyna will be racing with Nicki Minaj in a different way.

One thing is for sure is that Blac Chyna is always going to be with the sh-ts and she’s going to always get a check!

According to TMZ, Blac Chyna now has plans to become the “next Nicki Minaj”.

Blac Chyna no longer desires to just be a girl featured in the music videos! She now wants to pursue a music career! Lawd. Wellllllll looking at Cardi B’s success with “Bodak Yellow” we may have to give her a chance, just one though!

Apparently Chyna has several record labels that are willing to get behind her to at least make a few bucks with her star power.

According to inside sources, Chyna is already in the studio, and she wants to make rap, poetry music, and R&B.

Chyna was inspired after being on set for Yo Gotti & Nicki Minaj’s “Rake It Up” video shoot in Miami.

Apparently Chyna sees Nicki as a mentor. Chyna allegedly has already met with some big folks at Capitol Records.

You can’t be completely mad at the finesse kid Chy though! She’s getting to it. LOL.

Join the rumor community! Do you have a rumor tip that you would like to share? If you hear or see something, send us a tip to AHHrumors@gmail.com.

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