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Porn Stars in Music Videos: An Absurdly Detailed Investigation

When a story breaks that won't be covered fairly (or at all) by larger media moguls, RefinedHype DJBooth is there. When some sort injustice or wrongdoing goes unreported, RefinedHype DJBooth is there. We are the lighthouse in the foggy, treacherous seas internet journalism. A beacon hope where there is only despair. If we didn't prove it with our groundbreaking absurdly detailed investigation into rapper poses we will certainly do it now.

Recently, B.o.B put Allie Haze in one his videos. For those readers out there who don't know Haze—which judging by the speed the booty the week answers and the borderline unhealthy stalking ScHoolboy's video girls is none you—she is an adult film actress, A.K.A a porn star. Sure, putting a porn star in your music video is provocative, but that won't stop B.o.B and it certainly didn't stop these artists. It's time for an absurdly detailed investigation into porn stars in music videos.

So that's Allie Haze and Skin Diamond in one video? Hot damn! But this isn't first-time B.o.B has incorporated the use Academy Award-winning talent in his videos. You might remember the "Headband" lyric video, which features the booties Kristina Rose, Ava Rose and Sunny Lane, because how could you forget? Damn... five porn stars in just two videos? It looks like Bobby Ray might just be the King Porn Star Featured Music Videos.

Not so fast, says Eminem. While you know Em for his funny, ten satirical videos, Shady has also been known to put quite a few porn stars in his videos. Obviously, Lisa Ann was in the "We Made You" video because she looks just like Sarah Palin. The legendary Jenna Jameson was in the "Without Me" video and the equally as blond (though definitely less popular) Gina Lynn was in the "Superman" video. Also, I'm not sure if this counts, but Paris Hilton was in the "Just Lose It" video, and we all remember that video. But, that's not all. Apparently, Eminem spends more time on Redtube than a 14-year-old boy without parental supervision. Em also put Sasha Grey, perhaps the most famous porn star on Earth, in his "Space Bound" video. Sorry B.o.B, but I think Eminem has you beat not only in star power, but volume too; he has starred alongside more porn actresses than Ron Jeremy.

Eminem's porn star obsession also rubbed f (no pun intended) on his mentee, 50 Cent. In the "Disco Inferno" video, not just any booty would do (although there is a lot any booty anyway), so Fiddy called on Daisy Marie to really put the booty over the edge. Also, ironically, the video features a cameo from Nick Cannon, who isn't allowed to watch porn because Mariah says so. He has to settle for BET Uncut videos.

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ZHU shares music video for Nero collab, "Dreams"

The NSFW quality & music video for their collaboration, “Dreams,” has managed to match — and perhaps exceed — the track’s ominous tone.

The music video for the track aligns with the single’s dark tone, showing piles unclothed human bodies stacked in piles, or alternatively, suspended in air, rising and falling in sync with the song’s slight builds and drops. An eerie production, the Dreams music video remains in ZHU’s shadowy wheelhouse.

After witnessing inaugural success in New York, ZHU’s Blacklizt party has another destination on its radar for New Year’s Eve. The Blacklizt bash will descend upon San Francisco, hosting sinister drops in time for the 2018 ball drop. The NYE event will kick f at 1015 Folsom at 10 PM on Sunday, December 31st, extending until 4 AM on Monday, January 1st. Those interested in ringing in the new year to the tune ZHU may purchase tickets to the event .

ZHU shares music video for Nero collab, "Dreams"[hupso]
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Young Thug & Carnage's "Young Martha" EP Drops This Week

More music from Young Thug is coming this Friday (September 22). The Beautiful Thugger Girls rapper has joined forces with producer Carnage to form Young Martha with plans to release their debut EP later this week.

The project is Carnage’s second collaborative release 2017, having teamed up with G-Eazy for the Step Brothers EP in March. The producer unveiled the release date for his Thugger collab earlier this month Instagram, but the announcement has flown under the radar.

The lack attention comes as a bit a surprise due to the popularity the EP’s lead single, “Homie” featuring Meek Mill. A music video for the track has already racked up one million views on YouTube since its premiere on September 7.

Watch the “Homie” video below.

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Hackers target VEVO in data breach

Checkmate, VEVO.

The music video platform has fallen victim to a data breach after a group hackers associated with a larger network, OurMine, has recovered more than 3 terabytes VEVO’s internal files, consisting promotional statistics and video count statistics on VEVO’s most prominently watched artists. The hackers also made f with more serious information, including alarm code procedures at use in the company’s UK fice.

Hackers target VEVO in data breach

OurMine has previously boasted its responsibility for WikiLeaks, HBO, and Facebook Barcelona hacks. The hackers are said to have infiltrated VEVO an employee account on Okta, a workplace application utilized by the company. Yet when OurMine reached out to VEVO to share the news their security breach, a disbelieving employee brushed f the hacker network, telling the group to “f*ck f,” claiming they had not obtained “anything” at all.

Inflamed by the response, OurMine has since gone on to leak the stolen information, even removing several the URLs that link to stolen documents at VEVO’s request. The music sharing service has acknowledged and confirmed the attack, noting “We can confirm that Vevo experienced a data breach as a result a phishing scam LinkedIn. We have addressed the issue and are investigating the extent the exposure.



Hackers target VEVO in data breach[hupso]
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Hip Hop Week In Review: Drake, XXXTENTACION & Hurricane Relief

HipHopDX – This week in Hip Hop, Drake was spotted back in the studio. XXXTENTACION publicly denied domestic abuse allegations and released a controversial music video, and HipHopDX spoke with Houston Hip Hop stars Bun B and Chedda Da Connect about the impact Hurricane Harvey had on their city.

Drake Back In The Studio

It’s been quite the week for Drake. The rap superstar kicked it f by posting a picture the studio he set up in his new Toronto condo, suggesting that he’s getting back to creating some more new music.

Later, he was spotted romancing The Florida Project actress Bria Vinaite. Then, during singer Shawn Mendes’ The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon appearance, the actor shared an amusing anecdote about how Drizzy’s security detail roughed him at The Weeknd’s concert.

And at the end the week, Drake mourned over the sudden death his friend and OVO Sound affiliate, Anthony “Fif” Soares.

Read more about Drake’s week here.

XXXTENTACION Denies Domestic Abuse

Following the details XXXTENTACION’s domestic abuse being revealed, the Florida rapper quickly hopped on social media to defend himself. He not only denied the allegations that led him to charged with aggravated battery a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment and witness-tampering, but he also threatened critics by saying he would “domestically abuse your little sister’s pussy from the back.”

The controversy only increased when he released his visual for “Look At Me,” which features a white child placing a noose around his neck before being hanged by X.

Learn more about XXXTENTACION’s domestic abuse case here.

Hurricane Harvey & Irma Relief Efforts

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma brought destruction upon those in Texas and Florida, but it also brought people closer together. Scooter Braun and Port Arthur, Texas-native Bun B organized the “Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief” fundraising telethon, which aired live on Tuesday night (September 12).

Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, Questlove, Vic Mensa and DJ Khaled were among the many celebrities who actually sat down and answered the incoming phone calls. Beyoncé, Drake and Will Smith also sent in encouraging video messages.

Bun B recently spoke with HipHopDX, along with fellow Houston residents Mathew Knowles, and Chedda Da Connect, for series detailing the aftermath in Houston called Hip Hop From The Harvey Frontlines. 

Read Bun B’s Hip Hop From The Harvey Frontlines interview here.

DXclusives: Kanye West, Quavo & The Breakdown

From The Archives: When Kanye West’s “Graduation” Made Him A Pop Music Behemoth

Scott Glaysher revisits Kanye Wests’s 2007 Grammy Award-winning album Graduation and combs over the impact that each song had on Hip Hop at the time. Is Graduation a classic? According to Glaysher, it is and has sonically stood the test time.

Read the 2017 Kanye West Graduation review here.

Quavo’s Top 10 Features Of 2017 (So Far)

Quavo has been featured on so many songs this year, it’s almost surprising when you don’t hear a song with his voice on it. He’s currently featured on Post Malone’s “Congratulations,” which has been hanging out in the Top 10 the Billboards chart for quite some time now, and was featured DJ Khaled’s single “I’m The One” with Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper, which dominated the #1 spot for months.

Check out Quavo’s Top 10 Features 2017 (So Far) here.

The Breakdown: When Did Hip Hop Become So R&B?

On this week’s episode The Breakdown, Murs wonders, “When Did Hip Hop Become So R&B?” The veteran MC examines the rise singing in the genre in detail.

Check it out below.

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Macklemore Explains Why Ryan Lewis Isn’t Producing “Gemini” Album

Ahead next week’s release his sophomore solo album Gemini, Macklemore stopped by Sway in the Morning to explain why his long-time producing partner Ryan Lewis is absent from the upcoming project.

The pair amicably parted ways earlier in the summer, having previously collaborated on a handful projects, including 2012’s Grammy-winning album The Heist and last year’s follow-up, This Unruly Mess I’ve Made.

“It was a decision that we both came to,” he said. “I think with the last album and how intense it was at times – particularly making ‘White Privilege II,’ that was an intense, as it should have been, song to write … I think it was really heavy to make a nine-minute song about race. And again, it should be heavy. You can’t even scrape the surface on it.”

Although it was ultimately a mutual decision, Macklemore did reveal that it was Lewis who first proposed the idea them going their separate ways following the release their last album.

“I think with that and just other songs that we did, it was time to step back a little bit,” Macklemore continued. “And Ryan was the one that actually brought it up to me and I was like, ‘Yo, let’s do an EP.’ And he was like, ‘I feel like I would be the worst producer for you right now.’ I’ma give you guys the hundo version. I think that that was the best thing that he could have said because we needed that space. You need space to appreciate somebody. We’ve been working together nine years. We’re best friends. We worked together every single day; music videos, in the studio, all that stuff. I heard that and at first I was like, ‘Damn, music without Ryan’ and then I was like, ‘You know what? He’s right, we need a break.’ It was very much mutual. He was the person that put it out there first. And there’s no love lost. Ryan and I will make music together in the future.”

Gemini is set to drop next Friday (September 22). In support the project, Macklemore is scheduled to go on a 19-date tour, starting in Portland, Oregon on October 6 and wrapping up in Boston, Massachusetts on November 14.

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Porter Robinson and Madeon release more Shelter merch

 and may have given their final performance their massive tour this past April, but fans lucky enough to witness the legendary duo firsthand will likely let the experience live on forever in their memories—and now their wardrobe.

While the duo did release a merch line for the Shelter tour, now they’ve decided to release a limited run, this time tailoring it around the music video for “Shelter.” The new limited-edition merch line includes multiple “Rin-themed” shirts, a hat, a stuffed bear, and a beach towel. Of course, Rin is the anime that Porter had created with A-1 Pictures and Crunchyroll. See the full, limited-edition merch line.

Porter Robinson and Madeon release more Shelter merch





Porter Robinson and Madeon release more Shelter merch[hupso]
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Hollow Da Don Hits "Everyday Struggle" To Discuss Whether Battle Rap Is Dead

New York City, NY – The last time we saw Hollow Da Don and Joe Budden match wits, they were both on stage at “Total Slaughter” trying to take each other’s heads f in a rap battle.

Fresh from battles in 2017 against Cali legend Dizaster and URL heavyweight Tay Roc, Hollow sat down with Budden once more — as well as with DJ Akademiks and Nadeska Alexis — for an episode Everyday Struggle.

Asked about last weekend’s battle with Tay Roc on URL’s Summer Madness 6 card card, Hollow did some typical deadpan clowning, telling Nadeska, “I mean it was just humbling, first all, to have my peers show love but … yeah, I got it.”

Joe Budden cleared up comments he made on Twitter last week on the current status battle rap culture, explaining that he’s been falsely accused saying that “battle rap is dead.” Akademiks also chimed in on this point, telling Hollow that it’s been a while since a battle event ended up on his “radar.”

It’s a recurring theme in discussions about the culture lately. Major players in the scene have stepped away over the years, while many masters the sport haven’t been able to match the performances or popularity their peak. Output from premier U.K. battle rap league Don’t Flop has also ground to a halt in recent months after infighting between the staff.

Hollow gave a thoughtful response, saying “It matters what your perception ‘dead’ is.”

Referencing the spate mainstream attention the scene received in 2012 after Loaded Lux vs. Calicoe, Hollow asked “Is it alive because JAY-Z is tweeting it or because people are talking about it, like because Complex or these outlets are promoting it? That doesn’t mean it’s not alive, it just means it’s not in the mainstream eye like it was … But in our world, it’s alive and it’s doing better than ever.”

Meanwhile, URL’s Summer Madness 6 just sold out Irving Plaza, and the Eminem-produced battle rap movie Bodied was one the biggest hits to come out the Toronto International Film Festival.

Hollow Da Don also brought his trademark sense humor to several topics the day including R. Kelly’s recent behavior, Ted Cruz’s Twitter account liking a porn tweet and XXXTENTACION’s controversial new music video for “Look At Me!”

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adidas Teams With NFL’s Von Miller, Mike WILL Made-It & YG

In case you haven’t noticed, adidas has been quietly taking over the sneaker market (notice them retro Jordans STILL on the shelves?) and they continuing to make the moves that helped them become a hot commodity. The three stripes recently debuted their new pre-game anthem “Heart A Lion” courtesy Von Miller, Mike WILL Made-It & West Coast rapper YG.

The song coincides with the release the brand’s new Z.N.E. Pulse Collection which is inspired by that heart racing feeling athletes get in anticipation the big game.

“I’ve always been a fan adidas and how they create, and they’ve been a fan my work, so we came together with Von Miller to create something,” said Mike WiLLMade-It a press release. “It’s really all about Von Miller working out – they recorded his heartbeat and asked if we could do something with that… so I took the approach finding a tempo from his BPM and built from there. Finding something new and fresh and different, like I always do when I go in the studio and work.”

Check out some the collection below and on the flip, as well as the music video, below and keep an eye out for the joints at select retailers.

adidas Teams With NFL’s Von Miller, Mike WILL Made-It & YG

adidas Teams With NFL’s Von Miller, Mike WILL Made-It & YG

Photo: adidas