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Drake Says His “Real Fear” Came to Life in Manchester

The idea that an experience as pure and carefree as attending a concert could be shaken by the unforgiving atrocities terrorists any kind is a sickening notion, and just yesterday (May 22) that notion was felt all over again in Manchester.

According to the latest reports, two suicide bombs were detonated outside the Manchester venue where Ariana Grande was performing, killing 22 and injuring dozens more. While the world collectively reels over yet another terrorist attack at a concert, those in the entertainment industry are once again seeing their worst nightmare realized.

Drake, who frequently tours Europe and has built quite a relationship with his UK-based peers specifically, took to his Instagram early this morning (May 23) to explain that what happened in Manchester was a very “real fear” for him and his team during the course his most recent European stint.

Drake’s comments aren’t just kind words empathy, but rather, they point to the very real dread that a large number artists and fans have experienced over the past few years.

I recently watched the Eagles Death Metal HBO documentary Nos Amis, chronicling the horrendous terrorist attack that took place during their show in Paris in November 2015, leaving 90 dead and hundreds more scarred both mentally and physically. Having seen the effect that this attack had on the artists themselves—the fear playing again, the feeling responsibility, the “survivor’s guilt”—I know that Drake is in no way embellishing when discussing this fear. It’s a fear likely shared by every artist touring abroad, one those “back your mind” fears that never fully leaves no matter how many security checkpoints or police ficers are present.

While the impact this latest attack will have on acts looking to tour in Europe is so nuanced it’s likely going to require a separate piece, suffice it to say that artists like Drake who have amassed large, dedicated fan bases overseas are seriously re-thinking their strategies for addressing those fans in a live setting.

Life is fragile, and music has been one the greatest tools developed by humans to cope with that fragility. It’s absolutely crushing that people can no longer see their favorite artists live without—on some level—fearing for their safety.

As both a contributor to and a fan musical culture, I have to believe we can persist through the hatred and fear and continue to use music as the unique, amazing, unifying and healing tool that it is.

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Tyrese Appears To Heavily Clown XXXTENTACION

Although XXXTENTACION’s face tattoos were noticeably absent, it still appears that actor/model Tyrese took to Instagram to clown the polarizing rapper, citing him as an example for why he doesn’t use drugs.

“When you look in the mirror after drinking and smoking and popping every pill they tell you to pop from these hip hop songs,” he wrote on Saturday morning (September 20). “My whole life I’ve proudly always said #NoToDrugs.”

The photo strongly resembles the Broward County, Florida native, who recently shaved f his eyebrows and dyed his signature dreads grey. One commenter chided the Fast & Furious star for “bullying,” writing, “This is Bullying.. if u think this man is on drugs u should reach out privately to help him. Not publicly try to embarrass him. At the end the day this is someone’s child.”

Others applauded him for even broaching the topic drugs in Hip Hop.

“i usually don’t agree with your rants but im grateful you were man enough to say something about the current state hip hop,” one Instagram user wrote. “God knows somebody needs too. Thank you @tyrese.”

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Budding Film Critic Chance The Rapper Takes Shots At Rotten Tomatoes

Chance The Rapper wears many hats as an artist, activist, and entrepreneur. Apparently, the Chicago native is also a budding film critic and took to Twitter to effectively roast movie review site Rotten Tomatoes for what he felt was a terrible ranking. 

Chano posted on Friday morning that he was taking in the film The House starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler, and couldn’t fathom why the site gave it just 17 percent.

Yesterday I watched a movie that I never heard . It had a 17% on @RottenTomatoes … it was funny as fuck. Wtf @RottenTomatoes,” Chance tweeted.

Chance then went in on Bulworth, which earned a 75 percent ranking. “Nah but y’all gave this shitty racist unfunny fucked up ego trip a movie a SEVENTY FIVE?!?!” Chance added.

In the end, Chance Rotten Tomatoes rant was just him having a little fun. We’ve collected the tweets for viewing below and on the following pages.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda To Trump’s Puerto Rico Tweets: “You’re Going Straight To Hell”

The Cheeto-In-Chief President Donald Trump went full Twitter fingers in a bizarre response to San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz in the wake the storm relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Trump took the public stage to slam the island’s residents in dire need after he assumed Cruz took digs at him in televised interviews earlier this week.

Trump’s Twitter assault came Saturday morning, similarly as he did just a week ago with his jabs at NFL players protesting his “son a b*tch” remarks against peaceful protests.

“The Mayor San Juan, who was very complimentary only a few days ago, has now been told by the Democrats that you must be nasty to Trump,” Trump wrote eary this morning.

Trump followed with, “…Such poor leadership ability by the Mayor San Juan, and others in Puerto Rico, who are not able to get their workers to help. They…….want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort. 10,000 Federal workers now on Island doing a fantastic job.”


It appears Trump was taking a strike at Mayor Cruz over an assumption that she and Democrat leaders have blasted his administration over its response to the needs Puerto Rico’s citizens. In an interview with MSNBC, Cruz repeated that she did not take shots at Trump and simply spoke out asking for aid to the island territory the United States.

Celebrities like Lin-Manuel Miranda and others have responded to Trump’s cheap shot and that venom has only managed to grow throughout the day.

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Vic Mensa “Rollin’ Like A Stoner,” William Cooper ft. Sean Price & Stoneface “Holy Mountain” & More | Daily Visuals 9.29.17

Even though Vic Mensa has just recently released The Autobiography, he’s ready to live the life a rock star.

In his clip to “Rollin’ Like A Stoner,” the Chicago rapper hops on a motorcycle before taking the helm low rider while guzzling some potion straight out the bottle. Don’t wet that though, he was whippin’ it stationary status on a soundstage.

The spirit and lyrical genius Sean Price lives on as his features continue to leak out in William Cooper’s “Holy Mountain” where Sean plays the superhero role called upon in our Hip-Hop time need. R.I.P. P.

Check out the rest today’s drops including work from Zoey Dollaz featuring Chris Brown, Little Dragon featuring Faith Evans, and more.






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50 Cent Says He Turned Down $500,000 From Trump To Tap Dance For The Black Vote

Donald Trump might be stashing a white hood somewhere in the White House these days, but there was a time when the Conman-In-Chief was actually (barely) cool with the Hip-Hop culture. Not so much anymore though.

But while he was running his racist presidential campaign, Donald Trump was apparently willing to pay 50 Cent $500,000 “as a part the campaign. Just to make an appearance.” Knowing it was all a ploy to trick Black voters into voting for Cheeto, 50 rightfully declined the fer.

During an interview with Ebro In The Morning, Fif said “I was like ‘Nah, that’s not good money… Yeah, i’m not gonna do that. It’s not worth it.”

It makes sense being that at the moment 50 was stomping for Hillary Clinton free charge (least to our knowledge), but unfortunately Russia did everything they could to make sure enough Americans voted against her in key states.

50 did throw Agent Orange a lifeline sorts when reflecting on The Bum’s erratic governing calling his Presidential victory an “accident.”

“If you were president by accident, you might do some the things Donald Trump is doing… I think he was campaigning] to build his prile for a bigger deal on television, and everything else.”

Speaking on the few times he met Trump in the past 50 added that he “I didn’t even know he’s who he is now.” No one really did. Donald even appeared on G-Unit Radio once back in the day and called everyone in the studio “a great group people.” Well, that’s an upgrade over “very fine people” we guess. Still, Donald Trump ain’t sh*t.

Check out the interview in its entirety below.

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PARTYNEXTDOOR Teases New Music With Single Art For "Bad Intentions"

PARTYNEXTDOOR (PND) apparently has something up his sleeve. Early Saturday morning (September 23), the Canadian singer-songwriter took to social media to share the first seven new single covers. He will continue teasing single art every day for the next seven days.

“DAY ONE 1.) Bad Intentions,” PND wrote on Twitter.

Back in July, the OVO Sound affiliate tweeted he had music coming with Kanye West, T-Pain and Ne-Yo, but nothing materialized. It’s unclear if any those collaborations will surface anytime soon.

Throughout his career, PND has worked with a laundry list top tier artists, including fellow Canadian Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Rihanna and DJ Khaled.

PND’s last project was the Colours 2 EP, which he released in June. His new solo album, Club Atlantis, is expected to arrive sometime this year.

Check out his tweet above.

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NFL, NBA & MLB Players Form Like Voltron Against Race Baiting Comrade Trump

Donald Trump has managed to unify an influential group people, against himself. Pro athletes from the NBA, NFL, MLB and more have formed like Voltron against Cheeto’s race-baiting antics. 


It all started when at a rally in Alabama, the alt-POTUS, without mentioning his name, came for Colin Kaepernick. The moron in chief called any NFL protester a son a b*tch (seriously).

This is where we mention the obvious pattern Trump coming for Black people (see: The Central Park 5, Barack Obama, etc.). If this is where you saying something like “But Omarosa,” go have a seat.

Needless to say, players and even the NFL itself blasted Trump’s commentary.

Then the next day he was bored and decided to come for NBA players, specifically Steph Curry, for being hesitant to pay a visit to the White House. Trump rescinded the Golden State Warriors’ invite and has since proceeded to get burned by Steph Curry…

…burned by LeBron James…

and burned by the team.

Over in the MLB, Bruce Maxwell the Oakland Athletics became the first player to take a knee in protest during the National Anthem. Take note that he still has his hat over his heart, so he’s protesting anything BUT the flag.

Many were wondering if NFL players would stand up for themselves, or turn tail. While many have made statements against Cheeto, the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars protested early this morning before their game in London. Even Ray Lewis participated, so you know it’s real.

But before we get all excited, the overqualified Colin Kaepernick still doesn’t have a job.

Peep more NFL players repping on the following pages.

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Donald Trump Is The Real Son Of A B*tch [EDITORIAL]

Donald Trump’s words at an Alabama rally Friday night (Sept. 22) for Sen. Luther Strange was a chance for the former business mogul to attack not only Black athletes but anyone who dares to stand against inequality and oppression. In a classic abuse power, the President the United States effectively declared war on the nation’s citizens and their freedom to peacefully demonstrate or criticize its leaders, even as they prove themselves to have the decency a pile dust.

While most world leaders use public airtime to address important issues or to rally a positive cause, Trump opened his speech in Alabama Friday by blasting peacefully protesting NFL players then adding false motives to their gesture.

Time and again, Colin Kaepernick and others have explained that the protest is aimed at calling attention to police brutality, the lack equal rights, and injustices many people color face in this nation. For Trump and others to frame the protests as a dig at patriotism and the military helps stoke the very fires the woefully ignorant flock that managed to get him elected. It’s cowardly. It’s low. It cheapens the what being president should stand for.

Instead speaking in loving support those affected by the storms in Puerto Rico or other pertinent matters, Twitter Fingers Trump used this Saturday morning to snatch away an invite to the White House to the Golden State Warriors that apparently never existed. Reacting to Warriors All-Star Stephen Curry’s Friday comments that he’d vote “no” if Trump and his cronies actually had the stones to invite them, the tweet was yet another childish response from the petulant Commander-in-Chief.

Trump using his powerful platform to hurl threats, insults, and whip his base into a frenzy misguided negativity does nothing but prove the fact why athletes and entertainers have turned to speaking out, as ESPN anchor Jemele Hill did recently. The criticism Trump has received and the protests around the country aren’t happening for unsubstantiated reasons. America has a race problem, and instead calling out so-called sons b*tches for made-up reasons, perhaps Trump needs to take a look in the mirror to realize who the real son a b*tch is.

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