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DOOM Announces 1st New KMD Album In 24 Years With "True Lightyears" Featuring Jay Electronica

After almost 25 years and dozens projects, DOOM is back with a fresh KMD track. “True Lightyears,” which features Jay Electronica, is part Adult Swim’s The Missing Notebook Rhymes series, which promises 15 weeks new DOOM collabs and singles. The Jay-assisted track marks the second week and follows “Negus” with guest vocals from the late Sean Price.

In addition to “True Lightyears,” DOOM has also revealed he’s releasing another full-length project under the KMD moniker titled Crack In Time, the first new KMD album in 24 years. It’s reportedly being distributed  Metalface/Nature Sounds, DOOM’s own imprint.

Back when DOOM was known as Zev Love X, the enigmatic rapper was part a Hip Hop group called KMD. Formed in 1988, the group began as a graffiti crew, but eventually turned to music. A year later, MC Serch recruited them for the seminal 3rd Bass LP, The Cactus Album, which led to a deal with Elektra Records. 

KMD released its debut project, Mr Hood, in 1991, but the label shelved the group’s sophomore album, 1993’s Black Bastards. After DOOM’s younger brother and KMD member DJ Subroc was killed by a car when he was crossing a New York expressway, the London-born MC disappeared for years. He eventually reemerged in the late ’90s as the villainous MF Doom.

Listen to the KMD track above.

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A Tribe Called Quest Explains Outside Lands No-Show

Fans the legendary group A Tribe Called Quest were disappointed this weekend after Q-Tip, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Jarobi and Consequence were no-shows at the 10th anniversary Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco, California.

Tribe was scheduled to co-headline the festival among acts like Lorde, Gorillaz, The Who and Metallica, but the group canceled its Friday night (August 11) set and rescheduled for Saturday (August 12), citing “unforeseen travel issues.”

Fans were unhappy and understandably disappointed by the last-minute cancellation.

Tribe was sympathetic to their fans and subsequently fered a long-form explanation, which was published in the LA Times on Monday (August 14).

“Upon the eve playing for you, we performed not to a mixed crowd festival patrons but a filled house solely Questers,” the statement began, referencing their recent show at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado. “The beautiful Red Rock amphitheater was filled with voices helping us get through a difficult performance without our brother Phife. You would think that with every performance we heal a little more and the sadness is easier to handle. Sometimes that is the case and sometimes the grief and loss is compounded. Although the house was filled with love and we felt it all, we also felt the huge void Phife’s absence. We walked f that stage deep in grief.”

After finally regaining their composure for the Saturday set, it still didn’t come together. “We wanted to play for you, and we wanted to honor Phife’s wife in their hometown … we are deeply sorry. We look to correct this and regain your confidence.”

The statement closed with, “We are not making excuses for our absence. We just wanted you to know that we are still grieving and yet we want to honor every one you for 28 years music love.”

The current tour is being billed as their final run under the A Tribe Called Quest moniker. A plan action to “correct and regain confidence” has not yet been announced.

Check out video the Red Rocks show above.

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Techno Tuesday: Henry Saiz on creative inspiration, his 'Balance' compilation, and more – Dancing Astronaut

is a feature on Dancing Astronaut documenting the culture underground dance music. We’ll bring you exclusive interviews, tracks, and narratives from artists within the techno, tech house, and deep house world in an effort to shed light on some the best talent outside the world mainstream dance music.

Originality, diligence, and authenticity are the cornerstone elements being a successful artist — elements which Spanish progressive composer Henry Saiz possesses in spades. Having impressed his more established peers on with his ingenuity and ability to manipulate sound into breathtaking melodies and complex soundscapes, he established his label Natura Sonoris in 2008 as an outlet for his own music and to help cultivate careers other artists he knew and shared a mutual vision with. Since then, Saiz has charted many successes under his belt, from having his label showcased at reputable global events, to high-charted singles and remixes, to putting together his ground-breaking audio visual album which is due come the end 2017.

More recently, Saiz was invited to contribute a second compilation to the widely-revered Balance series — a rarity for the company, which has only invited a select few artists back beyond their debut contributions. Their recruiting him was only natural, given his breathtaking first mix on the series in 2011 which saw him saw him recording the majority his music in the field and through reel-to-reel tapes. His second Balance compilation is extra special: a hommage to Natura Sonoris’ tenth birthday. Fittingly, the dynamic mix takes place across several parts varying energy. Each exclusive track and remix within is expertly weaved together by Saiz to create a proper, emotional journey through all shades on the label’s spectrum.

Dancing Astronaut had the privilege delving into the world progressive with Saiz right before the compilation’s release for this edition Techno Tuesday, where topics including live performance, his vision for Natura Sonoris’ next chapter, and his creative inspiration were discussed.


Techno Tuesday: Henry Saiz on creative inspiration, his 'Balance' compilation, and more - Dancing Astronaut
You’re one the select few to be invited to Balance for a second round; your talent and authenticity clearly speaks for itself! Can you speak about the importance remaining true to oneself creatively in order to promote career longevity?

Remaining true to yourself is generally important for us as human beings and for career longevity just as much, especially in the ever changing music business. Unfortunately over time the pressure the scene can cause a lot damage for artists and their creativity, making them do things the way the industry, the label, or the management dictates. This is reality, we can’t escape that. What we can escape though is compromising our integrity. Getting involved in the music industry a musician has got to understand what he does and why he does that in the first place. Music is an art, it’s a form self-expression. If you don’t have what to express or come here to express someone else’s self – it’s not going to last, people who are here for the music will spot a fake from miles away. Yes, taking easier paths can be quite tempting at times, but in the long run in order to succeed in this fiercely competitive industry you have got to keep your intentions pure, stay true to yourself, your authenticity and your originality, ignore limitations and focus on doing music that is deeply honest.

Did you select artists to make songs specifically for this compilation, like Hernan Cattaneo did for his most recent Balance contribution?

When shaping up the main idea for this compilation I wanted to create a mix that would showcase the spirit the label, highlight its aesthetics, evolution and musical variety. I knew I wanted to feature some the old tracks, but to just do that wouldn’t be much fun, so I decided to select some favorites and get them reworked by the artists I thought would fit that spirit and those aesthetics. With the original material it was pretty much the same approach, it was either from people we already have released on Natura or were planning to. There were so many more I wanted to get involved, but unfortunately I had a time limit for the mix hehe.

Touring around with a band and adding a “live” element has been a cornerstone element your performance. Can you talk more about your roots as a metal band member and musician at a young age?

I started playing bass when I was a teenager and I was involved in a couple bands different genres at that time. But my most important project was exactly that black metal band that Luis and Eloy were also parts . Actually we won the best black metal band award in Spain with it, and also the best bass player, so we were kind cool haha. But anyway, that didn’t last very long and three us left the band as we wanted to go a bit more electronic way with it, you know, to experiment with sounds, keyboards etc, which the rest the band wasn’t really into and so our paths with them diverged. Then the three us started experimenting with electronic music and that’s what we’re doing up until this day! Although the musical direction has changed, we’re still trying to reflect that kind energy nowadays as well. Maybe some day we’ll get back to it and produce a proper black metal album too, who knows. :)

Your label is turning 10 already – wow! Where has the time gone? Of this journey thus far, what has been the hardest struggle you’ve dealt with in this swiftly changing industry, and your biggest triumph as a label boss? And, what do you see for Natura Sonoris over the next 10 years?

I know, right? When I look at the label, it’s like I just launched it but it’s really been 10 years. 10 fruitful years good music and lasting friendships. This was the initial idea when I started this label. I wanted to make a platform for any musician who thinks in music to just come and speak to the world with exactly that – their music. No labels, no limits to a specific genre – just truth and honesty in terms music. That’s the approach the label has followed for these 10 years, that’s the approach the label will keep following hopefully for another 10. A wonderful thing is also that we’ve managed to establish positive and lasting relationships with every artist so now it feels like one big family, that’s also very important. As to the struggles, well, just casual things like for every independent label: some support from bigger acts and exposure from media outlets would never hurt, because even though the main idea is to provide the audience with unique and honest music, it still needs money to function properly, so that’s where the going gets a little tough sometimes. But I’m positive we’ll get there eventually. :)

On another note, last year you stunned audiences with your audiovisual show which was a great crowdfunded project. It seems more artists are taking this direction as well. Do you think this is the future electronic?

I can’t say if the future, but at this point quite a challenging turn events for sure. Which can either lead to the expansion artists’ creativity or to just another non-lasting hype until the next best thing happens. Incorporating an audiovisual component can get tricky. If more and more artists start taking this direction, it will get competitive and in order to stand out they will have to work twice as hard to deliver something truly memorable, that will attract attention and something that will stick. No one needs another commercial salad images, or another making-. I mean, yes it’s a nice insight but it’s boring, you won´t attract a lot people with that. The point the audiovisual concept is to make the eye listen. To create a story where the visual component enhances the audio one and not overshadows it. So there’s quite a lot things to consider when conducting a project like that.

What are some your favorite natural spots that you like to go to to seek inspiration for a track?

It’s no secret that I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Canary Islands, and Lanzarote in particular. My first album was produced there, there’s going to be a track representing that place in the new album as well. That island is very dear to my heart and it’s like no other, you’ve got to see it yourself to fully understand how special it is. Then last year’s visit to Joshua Tree National Park, which, by the way, is also going to be covered in the new album, has been quite a trip as well.

You see, with the job I have I am lucky to get that inspiration from pretty much everywhere I go as every place has its unique and special atmosphere that one way or another can and does influence a creative mind.

Who are some rising progressive acts that we should be keeping watch on?

Just as I don’t like to put labels on my own music, same goes for someone else’s. It either speaks to me, or it doesn’t, simple as that. It’s the only criteria I recognize. Last year preparing for the gig I came across this track that instantly got my attention for its emotion, and, you know, honesty; something that is a little too rare to find on the scene these days. It was ‘Shelter In The Sky’ by the dutch producer Joep Mencke. Since then I’ve been watching the guy and now I also have him contribute a track to my new Balance compilation and we’re going to have his release on Natura Sonoris as well. So I’d probably recommend checking him out. And then a good friend RIP Bestia, whose solo EP we already released earlier this year, is also working on new stuff I hope to get my hands on!




Techno Tuesday: Henry Saiz on creative inspiration, his 'Balance' compilation, and more - Dancing Astronaut
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Adult Swim Is Dropping 15 New DOOM Tracks For "The Missing Notebook Rhymes" Series

Adult Swim has unearthed a mysterious folder from the enigmatic (MF) DOOM titled The Missing Notebook Rhymes. Comprised 15 fresh tracks, the collection boasts collaborations with artists like Jay Electronica and the late Sean Price. Each track is considered a “notebook” and taken from his own upcoming albums as well as singles he is featured on. Adult Swim plans to release one new song every week for the next 15 weeks.

First up is “Negus” featuring Price, which comes from the legendary MC’s posthumous album, Imperius Rex.

As stated in the press release, the missing notebooks were last seen at the METALFACE fice in Los Angeles in 2010, the same year DOOM was denied entry into the United States.

Check out “Negus” above. For all things DOOM, head to the GasDrawls website.

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T.I. Preps 1st Hustle Gang Album, "We Want Smoke"

Atlanta, GA – Unlike some the other rapper turned label execs in his weight class, T.I. a.k.a. the “King the South” had yet to capitalize on his roster in the form a retail group release — à la Young Money — giving more juice to the brand.

That is, until now.

The southern rap icon just announced We Want Smoke, the first collective effort from Hustle Gang, featuring the entirety the Grand Hustle roster. Though the individual acts have released features from fellow label mates, this will be their first time forming like Voltron for one project.

Fresh f the first Hustle Gang tour, the project will give fans the opportunity to get acquainted with some the less recognizable talent currently bubbling under the Grand Hustle flag. A few examples are producer-turned-artist Brandon Rossi, and GFMBRYYCE, whose video for the record “Do No Wrong,” featuring T.I. and Young Dro, premiered on WorldStarHipHop last week (July 28).

The project is also set to feature the crew’s First Lady, Tokyo Jetz, who also has a debut album dropping August 2nd. Roster acts Young Booke, RaRa, Translee, and London Jae will also make appearances, as well as heavy-hitters like Young Dro, B.o.B and the new VP Grand Hustle, legendary Houston rapper Trae Tha Truth.

T.I.’s last release, Us or Else: Letter to the System ranked in at numero once on HipHopDX’s 20 Best Rap Albums Of 2016. Additionally, his Grand Hustle label has collectively earned five gold certifications, six platinum certifications — and three double-platinum certifications. Time will tell if We Want Smoke will translate to more precious metal on Tip’s wall.

We Want Smoke will be available everywhere commercially on September 15th, 2017.

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Runway Richy Vividly Describes Near-Death Car Crash That Boosted His Career

Los Angeles, CA – Few events can inspire creativity like a near-death experience. For those lucky enough to survive cataclysmic occurrences the age old saying “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” kicks in a major way. For Decatur, GA rapper Runway Richy a near fatal car accident left him with metal rods in his leg, and in fear that he may never walk again. Instead, it has him working harder than ever to elevate his career. During his recent visit to #DXLive, the artist behind the regional “Made It Happen” hit spoke on the accident that changed (and nearly took) his life.

“I really think the accident] inspired some my best work,” said Richy. “I’ve been rapping forever but I really started taking it serious since] probably like 2012-2013. I already had dropped three projects. I was finna drop my fourth one China Cafeteria 2.5. Last project I got in a real serious car accident: Truck flipped five times, I] flew out the windshield.”

He continued: “I was on the way to the studio and then turned around. I was finna go do some other shit. A car tried to swerve in my lane. I almost hit the median. I had to try to get right my truck flipped. I woke up in the hospital, my family around me. Metal rods all in my legs, screws everything so this whole year been showin’ me like, ‘Do you really want it or not?’ I had to learn how to walk again. I was in the booth.”

In addition to his own internal inspiration, the universe also conspired with the rehabilitated MC, and as fate would have it one his fellow down south rhymer took notice the up-and-coming spitter and contributed bars and exposure to his career.

“Somebody who I know and Gucci Mane] know, we made a song “Switching Sides,” premiered by HipHopDX nonetheless] and was like ‘send me that song with an open verse I might be able to get Gucci on it.’ I thought he was playing but he was like ‘No, send it.’ So I sent it with an open verse and he called me two hours later he was like ‘Check your email.’ I was on the way to a show and I opened my email and it said Runway Richy featuring Gucci Mane. I played that shit about 15 times, you feel me?”

Gucci took it one step further with an fer that called for Richy to make some major shifts in his schedule but in the end the sacrifice – as it always does – paid f.

I was at SXSW and they called me like ‘Gucci Finna go on tour we need to shoot this muthafucka in like two days. I’m like ‘Damn I’m in Austin, Texas.’ So I flew back to the A, shot the video and flew back to Austin to perform,” Richy recalled. “That shit is a blessing. To not only do a song with me but shoot the video with me. That shit’s a blessing. For them to show the kind love they show. It took them a long time to get to where they at. I understand why legends don’t just be fuckin’ with everybody. If they fuck with you, they must see something in you.”

Runway Richy f. Gucci Mane – “Switchin Sides”

Hip hop is full rappers trying to break in and while technology has made it easier to get your music out there for the world to hear, one thing that has not changed according to Richy is the hustle.

“It’s just hard work, don’t stop. Even when it don’t look too sunny for you, just never stop. Sometimes it don’t look like shit is working in your favor. You gotta keep going hard so when that time comes you’re ready.”

And as for his prediction his own upcoming project China Cafeteria 2.5, Richy’s confident it will supersede any alleged competition.

“My tape gonna be harder than any XXL freshman tape that come out this year,” he stated with unflinching confidence.

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Atlanta Arena Accused Of Mistreating Migos, Kanye West & Other Black Artists

Atlanta, GA – In a recently filed lawsuit, Sam Hayes — an Atlanta Hawks security manager who also ran security for other events at Atlanta’s Philips Arena — put the venue on blast over alleged discriminatory practices soon after he was fired.

According to TMZ, the former security manager behind the suit claims black artists were required to go through security while white artists’ requests to bypass metal detectors were granted.

A roster talent, including Migos, Kanye West and 2 Chainz, were among the artists required to go through metal detectors at the arena, after they had asked to bypass the security measure.

On the contrary, white artists such as comedian/actress Amy Schumer, British singer Adele, rockers Bon Jovi, and pop princess Ariana Grande were allowed to bypass metal detectors when the same request was made.

When Hayes approached management about the alleged discrimination, he said he was told, “Hip Hop acts draw a different crowd and the white acts bring in more money.”

Despite Hayes’ claims, reps for the Atlanta Hawks have denied the allegations made. Hayes is demanding an unspecified amount in damages.

“Samuel Hayes] was terminated for poor performance and his claims are baseless,” a spokesperson for the Hawks told TMZ. “We will defend vigorously.”

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The Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena Arena Accused Of Hating On Hip-Hop and Racism

Atlanta rappers like 2 Chainz, Migos, and Young Jeezy may dominate the charts, but that means nothing to the Atlanta Hawks, and Philips Arena, according to a new discrimination lawsuit.

According to TMZ.com a former security manager at Philips Arena claims the Atlanta Hawks and Philips had a system discrimination, specifically targeting black celebrities.
The security manager claims that black celebrities were put through rigorous security checks, while white stars were allowed to enter the venue freely, and unchecked.

According to the manager, rappers like Drake, Kanye West, 2 Chainz, Jeezy, and celebrities like Tyler Perry and Katt Williams, were all required to pass through metal detectors in order to enter the Philips Arena to perform.

However, when white artists like Adele, Ariana Grande, Bon Jovi and AC/DC made the same requests, each one theirs was granted.

TMZ.com reports that the issue turned into a full-blown lawsuit after a black security ficer told Radiohead’s crew they were required to walk through metal detectors.

The request to be checked fended the group’s crewmembers, and became disrespectful to the black security guard, by pulling down his pants.

When another white security guard intervened, he allowed the members Radiohead’s crew to pass through security, unchecked.

According to the lawsuit, management said that “hip-hop acts draw a different crowd and the white acts bring in more money.”

So far, the Atlanta Hawks or Philips Arena have not commented on the allegations.

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The Internet Drags Kendall & Kylie Jenner For Putting Their Faces Over Tupac & Biggie On T-Shirt Collection

(AllHipHop Rumors) As much as they like black men, you would think that the Kardashians/Jenners would have some good black friends that would stop the foolishness that they are ten on.

Well two members the world’s “favorite” family are under fire for superimposing their faces over images the late, great rap icons, Tupac and Biggie!

Kendall & Kylie Jenner have lost their minds! It’s like they had to know better! One them already got roasted earlier this year for claiming that Tupac was her spirit animal.

It seems like they got away with their Pink Floyd, The Doors, Metallica and Kiss t-shirts, but black Twitter and Hip Hop Twitter weren’t letting the Tupac & Biggie ones slide.

On one shirt, Tupac’s face is obscured by an Instagram screenshot Kylie posing in a pool, another features Kendall’s portrait over an image Biggie. To make matters worse, the shirts retail for $125.

They not only had fans and the culture f’d up, they had Biggie’s mom Voletta Wallace messed up as well!

Biggie’s daughter, Tyanna, on the other hand is fine with it as she stated that people make Biggie t-shirts everyday. What are your thoughts?

Join the rumor community! Do you have a rumor tip that you would like to share? If you hear or see something, send us a tip to AHHrumors@gmail.com.

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