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LCD Soundsystem's 'tonite' is a celebratory coming-of-age

Long before serving as the frontman dance-punk’s group the century, James Murphy was a DJ, falling into , really, by happy accident. But Murphy wasn’t just a DJ in the early 2000s. He was a force to be reckoned with. His eventual label DFA began merely as a party where Murphy entertained his friends by doing what he loved. What may have been done blindly at the time — although surely clear in hindsight — was Murphy serving as the intrinsic ingredient in NYC’s marrying dance and rock. Helping launch the careers groups like the Rapture or Hot Chip along the way, he left his mark on both the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Arcade Fire. There’s no doubt disco-rock would not be the same without him.

Often speaking out against the commercial side dance music is a man who gave an entire generation indie kids a revolutionary repertoire records to bust a move to.

Currently amidst their mighty revival, LCD Soundsystem — and Murphy, in particular — is revisiting these roots on “tonite.” Marking itself as the third song f their forthcoming LP,  “tonite” hits airwaves with a plethora vintage musical vehicles. Riding along a smooth crescendo comes a polished dancehall track, revealing a glimmering path back to Murphy’s days an oily forehead behind the booth or a floor wet with sweat.

While it may seem Murphy’s coming to grips with age and his relevance once more, as he did on “Losing My Edge,” there’s rather a man who’s, at last, changed his tone. “Everybody’s singing the same song/It goes tonite, tonite, tonite, tonite,” he begins. Near the second half the stanza, he continues this time much darker: “I never realized that these artists/Thought so much about dying.”

“Man, life is finite/But shit, it feels like forever.” As the song comes to an end, it rises in intensity and Murphy turns to the camera. “You hate the idea that you’re wasting your youth/That you stood in the background until you got older/But that’s all lies.” Murphy’s understood his mortality for quite some time, and on “tonite,” he’s thinking beyond. It’s a blissful wave euphoria that leaves listeners optimistic what else they too can do to improve their internal landscape and realize their own American Dream. It seems, at last, Murphy’s realized he’s been living his all along.

American Dream is out Sept. 1 Columbia/DFA.

LCD Soundsystem's 'tonite' is a celebratory coming--age
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Lil Peep Drops "Come Over When You’re Sober (Part One)" 2 Weeks Early

New York native Lil Peep has dropped Come Over When You’re Sober (Part One) ahead schedule. Although the seven-track EP was initially scheduled for an August 11 release, the date was pushed back to September 1, but the tattoo-laden rapper apparently decided to deliver the album two weeks earlier than expected.

Lil Peep has picked up some buzz after the release his 2015 mixtape, Lil Peep Part One. Since then, he’s released several projects, including collaborative efforts with Nedarb Nagrom and Lil Tracy.

Come Over When You’re Sober (Part One) features the lead single “The Brightside.” The 20-year-old indie artist just wrapped up a tour in support the EP, which ended on August 16.

Check out the album stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Lil Peep Drops "Come Over When You’re Sober (Part One)" 2 Weeks Early

1. Benz Truck (гелик)
2. Save That Shit”
3. Awful Things
4. U Said
5. Better Off (Dying)
6. The Brightside
7. Problems

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LCD Soundsystem is releasing a new song tomorrow

‘s currently in the midst one music’s mightiest revivals.

Subsequently timed after the release music journalist Lizzy Goodman’s 2000’s-NYC music chronicle Meet Me In The Bathroom — the band that’s been through it all has thrown it into overdrive — hightailing it into today’s indie realm. With what’s surely just the beginning the fun, two singles, “Call the Police” and “American Dream,” have been unearthed. Now the band’s revealed a third new song “tonite” will be gracing airwaves tomorrow. Premiering on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show on Apple Music the band will be giving listeners a taste the new American Dream.

American Dream is out September 1 Columbia/DFA.



LCD Soundsystem is releasing a new song tomorrow
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Bon Iver's destination festival is cancelled

The days destination festival turned out to be unexpectedly numbered.

The Mexican concert vacation, “Days Have No Numbers,” was announced by the indie folk band just last week, named after a lyric from the group’s most recent LP, 22, A Million. Slated for January 21st-25th 2018 at the Riviera Maya’s Hard Rock Hotel, news the event was met with enthusiasm, the festival functioning simultaneously as an all-inclusive island escape and concert series.

Plans concerning Days Have No Numbers, however, have already halted according to the festival’s website. The site notifies resort ticket package holders and interested parties alike that the event has been cancelled due to “unforeseen circumstances.” Refunds are promised to appear in 5-7 business days to those who purchased entry to the festival. Bon Iver was to be joined by a variety fellow performers, including and , but as the event site’s statement states, the Bon Iver event is “Bon Over.”




Bon Iver's destination festival is cancelled
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Dizzy Wright Drops Third Album "The Golden Age 2"

The demise Funk Volume has opened up a different path for Dizzy Wright.

Last year marked the end the indie label, which began a new chapter in the careers the roster members such as Dizzy. Following the release projects like his 702 EP, the skilled MC finally drops his first album without the backing Funk Volume.

Dizzy’s The Golden Age 2 is his third solo LP and a sequel to his 2013 mixtape, The Golden Age. The new project features 18 tracks with guest appearances by Big K.R.I.T., G Perico and Demrick.

Check out the stream, cover art and tracklist for The Golden Age 2 below.

Dizzy Wright Drops Third Album "The Golden Age 2"

1. Looking Up f. Euroz
2. Word On The Streetz
3. Outrageous f. Big K.R.I.T.
4. FFL
5. Do The Most
6. Fraud
7. Make Moves With Me f. Demrick
8. In Desperate Need f. Chellè
9. Talk To Me / Don’t Hold Back
10. Big Shots f. Reezy
11. JOB
12. Choosin f. G Perico
13. Caught Slippin
14. Ghetto N.I.G.G.A
15. Pet Peeve f. Fatz and Sedrew Price
16. Give It To Em Real
17. Can’t Keep Falling f. Chellè
18. Loophole f. Irv Da Phenom

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Milo Releases "Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?!" LP

Hellfyre Club product Milo has continually managed to fly under the radar, even though he routinely delivers high-quality work. Perhaps he’ll get his just due with the release his new album, Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?!

The lyrically gifted artist’s latest work features 15 tracks with guest appearances by indie rap vets like Busdriver and Self Jupiter. And in his words, it’s rejuvenating release.

“Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?! is about boundaries and permissions,” Milo wrote on his Bandcamp. “The artist creating their own license to ill. What it means to answer a call that never comes. The process flaw turned idiosyncrasy turned style. That old transmutation spell, the happening as one perfects tricks and in turn masters magic. To set the elenchus upon itself, to begin a poet and end a rapper. Agency. That is what makes the rapper an exceptional artist, Beyond a poet. In years gone, rappers once focused on getting Free. Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?! is a return to form.”

View the stream, cover art and tracklist for Milo’s Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?! below.

Milo Releases "Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?!" LP

1. Poet (Black Bean)
2. Landscaping f. Elucid
3. Call + Form (Picture)
4. Magician (Suture)
5. The Young Man Has a Point (Nurture) f. YOUNGMAN
7. Note to Mrs.
8. Paging Mr. Bill Nunn
9. Sorcerer
10. Take Advantage the Naysayer
11. IDK
12. Yet Another f. Lorde Fredd33, YCP Beno and Signor Benedick the Moor
13. Ornette’s Swan Song f. Self Jupiter
14. Embroidering Machine
15. Rapper f. Busdriver

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Blac Chyna Following Nicki Minaj's Pinkprint Into Rapping Soon

Los Angeles, CA – When Blac Chyna isn’t going to war over social media with baby daddy Rob Kardashian or hosting frequent gigs at Ace Diamonds, the former stripper is said to be polishing up her rhyme skills as she embarks into the rap game.

According to TMZ, Chyna wants to be the next Nicki Minaj and the artistic catalyst was said to arrive at a recent video shoot in Miami for Yo Gotti single “Rake It Up” (which features the Queen Barbz).

Sources close to her said she’s already recording music and can describe her sound as “rap, ‘poetry music’ and traditional singing.”

The article also mentioned Chyna speaking to several labels in Los Angeles, and having already met some higher up executives at Capitol Records, which sources close to HipHoDX can also confirm. If she decides to leave labels alone and go the indie route, she certainly has the means to make it happen.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are close to wrapping negotiations on a custody agreement for their daughter, Dream, and the big revelation from the talks so far — “Chyna’s killing it financially,” an adjacent TMZ report states.

As Chyna and Rob wrap up the final negotiations regarding the custody their daughter Dream, the male Kardashian reportedly isn’t raking in anywhere near the amount dough as his estranged baby mother. There’s allegedly a chance Rob could potentially ask for child support down the line as well.

His reality show checks apparently pale in comparison to the income generated from Chyna’s hosting and appearance gigs.

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Talib Kweli and Blue Note Announce 3-Month Residency

It’s been almost 15 years since Talib Kweli dropped his proper debut, Quality. In celebration the milestone, the Brooklyn rapper will be holding down a 3-month residency at the legendary Blue Note Jazz Club venue in Greenwich Village, New York City. 

Kweli will hold 16 shows with a live band on September 7, November 9-11, 2017, and January 25-28, 2018. If you’re math is shaky, that’s eight dates with two sets per night at 8 pm and 10:30 pm.

Quality was released in November 2002 then indie Hip-Hop powerhouse Rawkus Records and feature the Kanye West-produced hit “Get By.” If that’s where your Kweli knowledge starts, delve into the work he’s done with Yasiin Bey (then known as Mos Def) as Black Star and with the renowned DJ Hi-Tek as Reflection Eternal.

Call 212-475-8592 or visit www.bluenotejazz.com if you want to make table reservations ($45) or hold down the bar for $30.

What, the Blue Note is a legendary jazz club and that’s how they get down.

Talib Kweli and Blue Note Announce 3-Month Residency

Photo: WENN.com

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KSHMR announces own label, forthcoming EP


has hardly kept quiet as late, teaming up with to release the duo’s celebrated and long awaited single, “,” and likewise lending his skills to his , created with support from The Golden Army. The Indo-American DJ additionally sparked speculation when he addressed on Twitter, writing “check your DM,” a message that suggested yet another new collaboration might just loom on the horizon.

KSHMR’s consistency and alacrity in releasing track after track could very well be credited to his ingenuity, and partly is. But as other KSHMR fans noted, the publication so much new music in a relatively short timeframe could only indicate one thing: the establishment his own label on which such music would be subsequently released.

KSHMR has accordingly announced the conception his own label, a nod to his roots in its title, “Dharma Worldwide.” “Dharma” is commonly defined in Buddhist and Hindu terms as the “principle or law that orders the universe,” and the “essential function or nature a thing.”

With the news the label’s foundation comes KSHMR’s pledge to release a new single on the label each Friday, to be drawn from his forthcoming EP, Materia. “Festival Lights” is the first track to be released on Dharma Worldwide, a song that features indie producer, Maurice West. “Festival Lights” maintains a clear cultural sound that is complemented by KSHMR’s addition thunderous chords that only build as they intensify, culminating in what is a powerful drop, even if only a snippet it may be heard from the sample.


KSHMR announces own label, forthcoming EP
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