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Hip Hop Mourns The Loss Of Groundbreaking Comedian & Civil Rights Activist Dick Gregory

Washington, D.C. – Trailblazing comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory has passed away at the age 84. His son, Christian Gregory, posted the news to his father’s Facebook account on Saturday night (August 19). Although details are scarce, earlier this week, the elder Gregory had been hospitalized in Washington, D.C., which is where his earthly journey ended. The cause death was reportedly heart failure.

“It is with enormous sadness that the Gregory family confirms that their father, comedic legend and civil rights activist Mr. Dick Gregory departed this earth tonight in Washington, DC,” Christian wrote. “The family appreciates the outpouring support and love and respectfully asks for their privacy as they grieve during this very difficult time. More details will be released over the next few days.”

On Thursday (August 17), his family was optimistic he’d be going home. Christian took to Instagram to fer more insight into the situation and ask for “healing.”

“In advanced age a simple cold or a simple infection could be catastrophic,” the caption read. “At soon to be chronologically 85, my father’s true age far exceeds that. A life well-lived but heavily sacrificed, has definitively taken its toll. Laughter is truly good medicine. I’ve watched my father for a lifetime heal the world. Today he is need your healing.”

Sadly, he didn’t pull through.

Born in 1934, the Midwest native moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he started doing stand-up comedy in segregated comedy clubs. In 1961, he got his big break when he was asked to fill in for white comedian Pr. Irwin Corey at Chicago’s Playboy Club, becoming the first African-American comedian to perform in a white comedy club.

In 1962, he was asked to perform stand-up on The Tonight Show, but the former high school track star said he wouldn’t do it unless he could have a sit-down interview with host Jack Paar after his routine, something a black performer had never done. His wish was granted and his career exploded with success as a result.

During a time when America appears more divided than ever, the loss is particularly pround. HipHopDX reached out to several members the Hip Hop community to get their thoughts on Mr. Gregory’s legacy, including A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip, MC Lyte, Bun B, Chuck D, Just Blaze, Nick Grant and Styles P.

Just Blaze: “I didn’t understand his significance until I was much older, but he influenced one the greatest rap records all time. I just happened to have a part in it.”

David Banner: “Mr. Gregory was one the greats he can not be replaced. I don’t know what to say. Damn!”

Chuck D: “Dick Gregory! Came to my U Adelphi in 1984. Turned me out in speech. Did events with him. Fixed my sprained ankle. My Dad last words to me was about him.”

Nick Grant: “A necessary voice for people color. A very righteous person in which I learned a lot from through interviews and comedy. He gave a different perspective to very significant situations. He will truly be missed.”

Q-Tip: “RIP to the master teacher, the sage satirist that is Dick Gregory. Your art and introspection remains untethered. May your transition be light and wonderful. Thank you.”

Styles P: “Long live the legend. He may not be with us in the physical anymore, but energy never dies. The laughter and knowledge he delivered will be forever embedded in us.”

MC Lyte: “There was, is and never will be another like Mr. Dick Gregory. He was a courageous freedom fighter who held the torch for many generations, providing light and insight into the history this nation. He was absolutely fearless in his mission to inform and educate us all as he continued to fight for equality for all mankind. He was a source truth and I am deeply saddened by his passing. Mr. Gregory will forever be missed.”

Bun B: “Today is a sad day in the world. We’ve lost a warrior, teacher, gentleman, spokesman and life long fighter for the common good mankind. In this time racial division and separatist movement, we need the Dick Gregorys the world to show us how love and compassion rules over all. He will be missed.”

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JAY-Z Reveals Reason Behind Rift With Kanye West

JAY-Z was a recent guest on the Rap Radar Podcast, where hosts Brian “B.Dot” Miller and Elliot Wilson asked the Hip Hop titan about his relationship with Kayne West.

The world was privy to some intimate details about Hov’s feelings towards his former Watch The Throne collaborator thanks to a handful subtle disses on 4:44, but it wasn’t exactly clear why things went sour for the friends-turned-adversaries —until now.

During Part 1 the hour-long interview, JAY admitted they used to routinely argue, but always respected each other. He said when West mentioned wife Beyoncé and 5-year-old daughter Blue Ivy during his infamous 2016 rant, he “crossed the line.”

“Think about how I got to that point,” Hov explained. “It’s not even about Kanye. It really isn’t. His name is there, but it’s just the truth what happened, but I’m sayin’ the whole point is you got hurt because this guy was talking about you on a stage, but what really hurt me is you can’t bring my kids and my wife into it.

“Kanye’s my little brother,” he continued. “He’s talked about me a hundred times. He made a song called ‘Big Brother.’ We’ve gotten past bigger issues, but you brought my family into it. Now that’s a problem with me. That’s a real, real problem. He know it’s a problem ’cause me and him would have been talked about it. We would have been resolved our issues, but he know he crossed the line. I know him. he knows. He knows … I know he knows because we’ve never let this much space go between one our disagreements and we’ve had many. That’s part who we are. That’s what I liked about him. He’s an honest person. He’s open and he’ll just say things, and he’s wrong a lot times, but we’ll confront it.”

West’s and JAY’s rocky relationship was the subject a recent British documentary, Public Enemies.

West is reportedly armed with a response to JAY’s barbs on 4:44, but so far, nothing has materialized.

Watch a clip the interview above or head to TIDAL to watch it in its entirety.

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The Cool Kids Announce Release Date For "Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe"

After announcing their reunion in July 2016, Chuck Inglish and Sir Mikey Rocks — collectively known as The Cool Kids — are back with the release date for their new album, Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe. According to two tweets from Chuck and Mikey posted on Friday (August 18), the project drops on September 15.

In the 13 months since they ficially teamed back up under The Cool Kids moniker, the duo has shared a handful  new singles, including “Connect Four,” “Running Man” and “TV Dinner.” Last month, they dropped an instrumental track titled “Checkout.”

In January, they teamed up with electro-flavored Hip Hop producer Barclay Crenshaw (otherwise known as Claude Von Stoke) for “U Are In My System,” and announced their own comedy sketch show, the aptly titled Shit Show, later that month.

Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe marks Chuck and Mikey’s first album since 2011’s When Fish Ride Bicycles.

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How Jevon Doe Bounced Back From A Near-Death Experience For "My Life Changed Pt. 1"

West Hollywood, CA – After years independent grind that even left him homeless for a stint, Houston rapper Jevon Doe has been making a name for himself in the realm Hip Hop, signing with Atlantic Records just last year. To fully pursue his dreams becoming the best artist he can be, Jevon recently traded H-Town for the City Angels. Now, he shares a side his story that’s never been heard before.

On Thursday (August 17), HipHopDX partnered with Popular Demand and 1800 Tequila to host the ficial listening party for his new EP, My Life Changed Pt. 1. With friends, family, media, and fans all out to support, WCSP in West Hollywood, CA soon reached capacity. Greeted with an open bar and free chicken at the door, the evening quickly turned into a celebration.

During the live Q&A, Jevon Doe summarized his sound, eventually boiling it down to four words.

“It’s got that South in it,” he says. “It’s got that H-town in it. You could feel where I’m from. You could see what I’m reppin’. But it’s also global. I feel like it’s very global. I feel like my voice attracts, so I feel like what I’m speaking about also attracts. I think there’s a lot people in the world that just want to hear somebody just speak some real shit, but sound cool doing it. But really be cool. So I think that’s really what my sound generates: H-Town, South, global, cool.”

Jevon also credits a fellow H-town legend as one the two artists who ignited his desire to rap.

“The first artist I really started liking was Z-Ro. He’s from Houston. From there, it was Lil Wayne. Them two right there really sparked me into wanting to rap. And then on top that, it was Drake, Childish Gambino, Big Sean, those type artists that really kept me trying to get it.”

In 2016, Doe unleashed his debut project Story Of My Life, with features from Bun B, Ty Dolla $ign and Buddy.

He explains, “The first one was Story Of My Life, and this one’s My Life Changed. So pretty much I told people how I got to the point being signed and being here. And then My Life Changed: being out in L.A., being in Hollywood, being around celebrities, working every damn night, being tired as fuck, but still trying to get it. So all that happened.”

Fitting to the name, while Story Of My Life told the tale Doe’s life struggles, his biggest obstacle yet was still to come.

“Also, it branched f a situation that happened with my ex-girlfriend. The whole situation where she came in and did what she did, that gave me that motivation to really want to tell people, ‘I’m really in this shit. I’m out here trying to get it, and I got people trying to hold me down.’”

The second record on the EP, “Angels Protecting Me,” recounts the evening his ex-girlfriend showed up at his doorstep with her brother and three other guys. Beyond a home invasion, Jevon was beat up and held at gunpoint. It left him with two broken hands.

With the reality what was happening in that moment, Jevon reveals the only two things crossing his mind: “What the fuck was going on and I hope I don’t die.”

While the ficial music video sees Jevon retelling the evening in detail, DX asked how it had impacted him mentally.

“Yeah, they fered me therapy. The city and all that,“ he said. “But I never went to it. I just didn’t have time. I was in the studio. I had to keep pushing, to be honest. I had to get my stuff — get it back. To this day, I mean, yeah. It does affect me. There’s different things that come from it. But I’m still alive. That’s the best thing about it. Because I could have been gone.”

Turning a negative into a positive, it was clear Doe wasn’t worried about Pt. 2 anytime soon.

“Part 2 … I don’t even know. I may not drop it for a while. I may keep it an open story, and eventually, I close it up. When it’s time for me to close it up.”

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Dubstep Producer Doctor P Isn't Excited About New Eminem Album

San Bernardino, CA – Any fan EDM knows Doctor P is one the original godfathers the bass-driven Dubstep movement. For Hip Hop fans, the triple threat (musician, producer and DJ) has recorded with Method Man, Far East Movement and Jarren Benton throughout his career. 

Having performed sold-out arenas in L.A., the legendary Coachella festival and a mind-blowing show at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, Doctor P told HipHopDX this was his first time performing at HARD Summer.

Speaking with P (real name Shaun Brockhurst), at his artist trailer on Day 1 Destructo’s 10-year anniversary HARD festival on August 5, DX asked about his passion for Hip Hop and how that ties into dubstep.

He explains, “I originally listened to Hip Hop. Before I discovered electronic music, I was always listening to Hip Hop. It was always like Wu-Tang, D12 and stuff. I kinda grew up in the whole Eminem thing in the early 2000s, so I was like probably 14 or 15 listening to Eminem’s first album. That was the first thing I heard that wasn’t like pop music — so it blew my mind.”

With recent news Eminem’s new project coming as soon as this fall, Doctor P was far from intrigued.

“I don’t really follow Eminem anymore,” he explains. “I’ve gotten quite bored him. I feel like he was really angry when he was in his early 20s and all his music was insanely angry. But nowadays he’s like middle-aged and not angry anymore. He’s faking the anger now — so the music doesn’t have quite the same passion for me anymore that it did.”

This led into P’s current stance on old Hip Hop vs. new Hip Hop.

“I definitely prefer the older stuff. It’s cliché to say that the oldies are the best. But you got the odd track now like Rich Chigga … He’s a new guy but he’s got that old school vibe, big time.”

With Rich Chigga recently hopping on a trap record called “Gospel” with XXXTENTACION and Keith Ape, DX asked if Doctor P would be interested in a collab with the 17-year-old.

“No, not really,” he answers. “I would if he did the vocals on a banging dubstep track. But he’s a nice crossover for me. He’s got the vibe an old school vocalist (sort ). Whereas Future and people like that, I can’t really listen to that stuff. I don’t know. They’re not cool enough for me. They’re cool in a different way. People like Wu-Tang and those guys, they were so cool in like a gangster way. But I feel like that gangster-ness is gone and that’s what I liked about Hip Hop originally.”

Still on the topic collabs, Doctor P linking with Method Man on “The Pit” back in 2013 meant he needed a new Hip Hop artist to look forward to.

I’d love to work with Pusha T. He’s got the coolest voice I’ve ever heard. He’s like the new Method Man for me. You know, Method Man, you hear his voice, and it gets you straight away. I feel like Pusha T is like that as well. Every time he does a verse on someone else’s track, it’s the best bit on the song. I’d love to work with Pusha T.”

When asked what his fav Pusha song was, P answers, “’Burial’ is the one that everyone knows. It was the first one his that really got my ears, so that’s the classic for me.”

As with any festival, the later the set time, the better. Before P was brought out to perform at 9:30 p.m., he quickly drew the connection between dubstep and Hip Hop.

“I feel like the vibe dubstep is very Hip-Hop-y, like the grooves. I feel like if you take away the vocals from a Hip Hop track, there’s still a dubstep-iness to a lot the beats. So, you take the vocals and put it on a dubstep track and it works.”

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Shaq Throws More Shade At LaVar Ball

It appears that Shaq Diesel’s diss track toward LaVar Ball last month wasn’t the last word in the rivalry. Shaq came back this weekend with more shade for the head the Big Baller Brand.

Shaq spent some time spinning records at the Rehab Pool Party at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas this past weekend. DJ Whoo Kid, one the pioneers Hip Hop’s mixtape scene, was in attendance. He asked Shaq about the progress his beef with Ball. “I don’t even know who that is … Never heard him,” Shaq responded. Whoo Kid jumped in with his own words on the subject. “Fuck that nigga,” he added.

“He heard us though,” Shaq said, smiling.

In July, Shaq released a three-minute diss track toward Ball where he talked about his basketball skills and the Big Baller Brand. He brought up recent words from Ball, who made it clear that he felt he could beat Shaq in basketball.

“You beatin’ me? That’s a bunch bologna/You think you Mailman, you ain’t even Jeff Malone,” he responded. Toward the end the track, Shaq traded in disses for compliments as he let Ball know just how good his kids are at basketball.  “You’ve done a great job, I love how your sons play/ And lil ‘Melo too, attitude hella cool/ Jumper wet wet like two thots in a pool,” he admitted.

Ball responded to Shaq’s song by calling him old and irrelevant.

Can someone set up the one-on-one match already?

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Page Kennedy Unveils "Straight Bars" Project

Page Kennedy is gonna make sure you respect him as an MC.

The actor-turned-rapper continues his Hip Hop exploits with the release his Straight Bars project. The Detroit native puts lyricism at the forefront, as the title suggests, and recruits some heavy hitters to help him out. Elzhi, Mickey Factz, King Los, Cassidy and KXNG Crooked all appear on the posse cut “Made You Look,” which Kennedy spoke to HipHopDX about earlier this summer.

“I look at myself as a lyricist,” he told DX. “I look at myself as one the best at it. I’m always inclined to find the most powerful MCs and have them all on the song to see who stands out, so I handpicked these artists. Crooked I KXNG Crooked] definitely is the stand out on this song in my opinion, which is why I put him last. No one could have gone after that unless Eminem was on this song laughs].”

Check out the stream, cover art and tracklist for Straight Bars below.

Page Kennedy Unveils "Straight Bars" Project

1. Hello
2. Welcome To Detroit
3. Game Over
4. No Offense
5. The Boogeyman
6. Page Is Like
7. Who Shot Ya f. Axel Leon
8. Victory Is Mine
9. Pump Em Up
10. Made You Look f. Elzhi, Mickey Factz, King Los, Cassidy and KXNG Crooked

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XXXTENTACION's "Look At Me" Certified Platinum

XXXTENTACION’s 2017 breakout single “Look At Me” has been certified platinum by the RIAA. Earlier this week, X posted a snapshot the RIAA certification and captioned the photo, “say what you want, but you will always be forced to accept that I’m out here living my ‘own’ life.”

Originally released on SoundCloud on December 31, 2015, the breakout track samples “Changes” by British dubstep DJ Mala. The song recently passed 90 million plays on the music sharing platform.

Co-producer Rojas explained how the song came to be in Genius’ annotations the record.  “One day me and X were sitting at the crib going through beats and he wasn’t really rocking with any them, and then the last one I showed him was that beat, and he was like, ‘Rojas, this is it!,'” he explained. “In 15 minutes, it was done. X already knew the whole song in his head before he made it. He’s creative as fuck. X decided to distort the whole track in one.”

Throughout 2016, a year that X spent partly behind bars, the song’s eardrum-shattering bass and shouted chorus helped grow a huge underground following. Fans love the song so much that one recently got in legal trouble for blasting it in church. 

In January 2017, “Look At Me” was remastered and released as a proper single. Nearly two months later, it debuted at #95 on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at #34. 

The song’s notoriety hit new heights when Drake was accused jacking X’s flow for his More Life track “KMT.” Their mostly one-sided feud helped propel X’s name into Hip Hop headlines, and intense concert performances (as well as getting KO’ed on stage) helped keep him there.

2017 has been a wild year for X, and though he recently announced plans to “disappear,” his new project 17 is expected to arrive on August 25.

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Master P Seeks To "Change The Game" With Coed Basketball League

Master P is no stranger to the court, having played both college and pro basketball. And with his latest venture, the Hip Hop entrepreneur is looking to literally change the game.

P was recently named president the Global Mixed Gender Basketball League, and is also owner the New Orleans Gators, a team in the league.

While speaking with NOLA.com, the No Limit Records founder revealed why it was important for him to work with a league that isn’t for just one gender.

“There are some great female basketball players on a pressional level that are just as good as men,” Master P said. “But we never see that…It will] change the game when you see that they really have some women who can compete with men. That’s what we’re going to get out this league.”

Later in his interview, Master P revealed that it was a woman, his cousin Adelene, who taught him how to hoop.

“I learned how to play basketball from a female,” he said. “My cousin Adelene Rome taught me how to play basketball. She was good at it. She played with the boys; she was tough.”

In addition to the New Orleans Gators, other teams in the Global Mixed Gender Basketball League include the Washington, D.C. Fusion and the Atlanta Heirs. The Atlanta Heirs are owned by singer and wife to rapper T.I., Tameka “Tiny” Harris.

Tiny uploaded a post to Instagram yesterday (August 16) congratulating Master P on his move to president the league, and also fered up a little trash talk.

“I want to welcome @masterp to the Global Mixed Gender Pressional Basketball League @gmgbasketball as the new president,” Tiny wrote. “I look forward to breaking barriers with you and welcome you with open arms. Let’s get it !! World we have so much in store for you with this new co-ed basketball league. Stay tuned… Oh and P the #atlantaheirs gone kick #theneworleansgators A$$.”

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