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Chance The Rapper’s Intern Is Living His Dream

Chance The Rapper once again proves to be the people’s Hip-Hop champion.

Just last year Chance The Rapper took to social media to announce that he was on the lookout for an intern to help him with his daily grind and was accepting application from any and everyone who was interested in the gig.

Negele Hospedales saw an opportunity before him and according to Page Six decided to create a cover letter in the form a website (clever as heck). Sure enough, the stroke genius made the Grammy Award-winning rapper make a double-take and take notice to the Australian bartender.

More than a year later and Hospedales posted a piece on his blog titled “Here is how to work for your favorite rapper” which details his thoughts and feelings through his various experiences stating, “you’ll want to tell your friends everything, yet you physically won’t be able to tell them about the moments which words won’t muster meaning, nor the aspects that encapsulated the experience because you still can’t describe them. It’ll take a while.”

But he saved the best for last and in the end couldn’t stop gushing about his new boss.

“Chance is exactly like the man you’d picture him to be, as a family man, business man, and friend, so instead another biography, the last thing I’ll note is possibly my favourite quote from my entire trip with him. He once forgot to put on his signature ‘3’ cap before a show in the second half tour, and as his assistant Colleen reminded him it he turned and said with an insightful smirk, “you know what’s funny? If I didn’t put this hat on tonight, there would’ve been a Complex article by tomorrow rationalizing exactly why I didn’t wear this hat”.

What more can I say? What makes him such a great person is his understanding that while many us care to sensationalize the few shreds that we get may get from him, he can better use his influence to spread the type community-boosting positivity & joy that he is now so well known for.”

All that is really left to say, once more, is thank you, Chance.”

If only we were all so lucky.

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From Drake To Charlie Murphy — 5 Dave Chappelle Gems From His Hot 97 Ebro In The Morning Interview

New York City, NY – Iconic comedian Dave Chappelle stopped by Hot 97 yesterday to “take over” Ebro In The Morning, alongside Ebro Darden, Peter Rosenberg, and Laura Stylez. Throughout the one-hour segment, Chappelle plugged his epic run at Radio City Music Hall, located in New York City’s Rockefeller Center, and dropped a plethora gems and insights.

Dave Doesn’t Knock Drake For Using Ghostwriters

Embed from Getty s

Discussion about his interview with Kendrick Lamar for Interview Magazine seamlessly transitioned into Rosenberg asking Chappelle his thoughts on Drake — in contrast to Kung-Fu Kenny — not writing his lyrics.

“When it comes to art, results matter,” he responded. “If I hear a Drake record and enjoy it, then somebody comes up behind me and tells me what’s in the hot dog … I still ate (and enjoyed) the hot dog,” he explained.

“When it comes to making art, though, I like to do it myself,” he quickly added. “But I never knock anyone who creates art by committee … results matter.”

His Relationship w/ Prince Blossomed Upon End Of Chappelle’s Show

When asked by Rosenberg about his relationship with Prince, Chappelle explained that Prince was onto him early. “Even back when I was doing comedy clubs in New York, Prince used to come check me out,” he revealed. “When I quit my show,” he continued, “I think we became friends.” Ebro added “Prince respected that,” which Chappelle agreed with.

“I was going through my grown up stuff,” he said. “There are things that he told me that — had he told me before I quit] — I wouldn’t have understood yet … there are some wild woods out there,” he said, as he segued into the experience quitting the show the way he did. “I wouldn’t recommend it.”

He Didn’t Know Charlie Murphy Was Sick

When asked about the late Charlie Murphy, Chappelle noted that he didn’t know that fellow comedian and friend was sick. “I’m not sure if I’m glad … or I feel guilty about that,” he told the cast, who noted that they also didn’t know. “There were a lot people at the funeral who were closer to Charlie than I was, who also said they didn’t know. He was just really private about what he was going through.”

“To say I’m grateful to have met that guy would be an understatement,” he added. “I feel like he’s the biggest reason I’m successful. We were just sitting in the lunch room, and he said ‘I fought Rick James many times’ … that conversation changed my life.”

R. Kelly “(I Wanna) Piss On You” Skit Almost Got Flushed

One the best gems Chappelle dropped was that the skit in which he — according to Rosenberg — “bodied R. Kelly,” was almost cut from the show. “I was going to cut it,” he admits, “but when I watched it, it was so funny.” He explained that the crisis was that he wondered if the audience could handle it. Ultimately he left it in.

Rosenberg touted that the skit helped define the collective perception R. Kelly for years to come. This ring true, even considering the reaction to the singer’s latest round controversy involving allegations running a sex cult.

Also, in case you missed it, the skit also starred a Cuban-American model Vida Guerra — which you can see in the screenshot.

Radio City Music Hall 30 Years-Strong In Comedy

While discussing the 24-night run at the historic venue, Chappelle told the cast that the last night, which will feature a very special guest — who he’s keeping under wraps — is his 44th birthday, which also marks his 30th year in comedy.

The venue, as it turns out, also holds significance as it was where he had his first show (outside comedy clubs). “I opened up for Aretha Franklin,” he revealed.

Dave’s run at Radio City Music Hall is almost entirely sold out and includes guest hosts like Chris Rock, Trevor Noah, Childish Gambino, and Lauryn Hill, as well as epic performances by Ice Cube, Chance The Rapper, Yasiin Bey and Talib Kweli, and much more. You can find any available tickets, here.

You can see the full Dave Chappelle Hot 97 Ebro In The Morning interview up above.

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Drake's Dad Dennis Graham Powers Through With "Kinda Crazy" Video After Blasting Fake Friend Support

Nearly six months after releasing the single, Drake’s father Dennis Graham is back with a video for his 2016 single “Kinda Crazy.” Part Teddy Pendergrass and part Marvin Gaye, the track bursts with the smooth sounds soul and R&B.

A small snippet the visual was revealed following the song’s release and a release party was planned, but it was eventually cancelled. This led Graham to bash his “so called friends” who didn’t support him in a since-deleted Instagram post.

“I will be deleting all my so called friends on Instagram who hasn’t purchased my 1.29 Kinda Crazy single how cheap can friends be have a nice life!!!!!!!” he wrote. “As midnight tonight you will be a faded memory, you know who you are, and you can also see that all you a**holes that are making what you think are funny comments has been blocked.”

In the meantime, many Drake fans are enjoying Graham’s spots in his superstar son’s commercials for Virginia Black Whiskey, which also features “Kinda Crazy.” The video release couldn’t have come at a better time for anyone who’ve seen the small videos promoting the liquor.

Check those out below and the “Kinda Crazy” video above.

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Sevyn Streeter Reveals The Hit She Wished She Would Have Kept For Herself

Los Angeles, CA – At just 9-years old, R&B songstress Sevyn Streeter knew she wanted to sing. At age 31, she finally released her debut studio album Girl Disrupted. Coincidentally, fans were given a side the Florida native they’ve never seen before.

Every artist has a story, and last month, Sevyn (born Amber Denise Streeter) told hers. Taking to her Instagram page, Sevyn revealed to her 1.2 million followers her years-long battle with depression, which she kept hidden from the world.

Last week, HipHopDX had the pleasure catching up with Sevyn backstage at The NOVO in Los Angeles, where she was opening for her good friend Jeremih.

DX:: Do you think there is a cure for depression?

Sevyn: “I think it’s something that we just always have to work on. I always say all the time that depression is something that is triggered. You may have the greatest day ever and something small or big may happen and it may trigger something. So I think that it’s just super important. I think the cure is to just be vocal and to talk about it. And to realize what your triggers are and try to steer clear your triggers or get rid them all together in your life, like I had to do.”

DX:: What’s a hit that you wrote that you wish you kept to yourself?

Sevyn: “I would probably say ‘The Way’ by Ariana Grande. It was a good one. I actually wrote it for a different artist and then got the word that Ariana actually cut the record. I didn’t even know who Ariana was at the time. Like, ‘Oh this girl has this show on Nickelodeon.’ And I looked her up and I was like “Oh, bomb. She can sing? And she’s on Nickelodeon? Win win. Let’s rock.’ And she killed it. So if there were any record, it would be that one.”

DX:: Who was the original artist?

Sevyn: “The original artist was Jordin Sparks. Shout out to Jordin, though. ‘Cause she killed it too.”

DX:: If you create your own super group, who would be in it?

Sevyn: “I’m always so bad at this question because literally, my super group turns into like 50 million girls in one group. Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki. See then I wanna throw in the girl groups. Then I wanna throw in TLC, then I wanna throw in Aaliyah, then I wanna throw in Brandy, then I wanna throw in Jazmine Sullivan, I just want every — Lauryn Hill, you can’t ask me about a super group.

Today? Beyonce, Rih, Nicki, Lauryn Hill, Jazmine Sullivan, Kehlani, Dreezy. I just throw everybody whose music I love. SZA, Solange, listen you want me to keep going cause I can’t keep going. I can keep talking. Myself. I know it sounds crazy but we gotta make sure all the bases are covered.”

Indulge: Stream Sevyn’s debut album right here.

DX:: What’s Sevyn’s dating life?

Sevyn: “Listen, my music is sexier than my dating life. I am sooooo freaking single, it’s not even funny. I’m just open, I’m really open to whoever God sends my way. But I’m very single. And I’m trying to date a little bit, but you know. This is my life.

DX:: You have a record with Dave East where you say, “I got no panties on.”

Sevyn: “Yeah, ‘Peace Sign’ was like, I got the freak records ready for when it’s time to turn into a freak for my man. I just ain’t got no man yet. But when he comes this way, boo I’m gonna throw up the peace sign for you. No just kidding, but I’m not kidding.”

DX:: Who slid in your DMs recently?

Sevyn: “Some random guy slid in my DM’s recently and hit up all my best friends and was like, ‘Yeah Sevyn said to get creative so I’m getting creative.'”

DX:: Any rappers?

Sevyn: “No. No rappers. My DMs are kinda dry and I encourage people to DM me. I used to not really open them or respond, but sometimes when you’re on different ends the country, or the world, I’m only a DM away.

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Vic Mensa Says Jay-Z Talked Him Out Of Dissin’ Lil Yachty

Was Vic Mensa ready to go at Lil Yachty on his new album? According to Chicago rapper he was about to do just that before Jay-Z himself talked Mensa into falling back from firing f a flare on his forthcoming album The Autobiography.

During his interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Vic was asked what kind advice the Hip-Hop mogul gave him during the making his album, and Mensa recalled, “You know it’s funny. There was a situation where I had a line that was kind dissing somebody else and it wasn’t really necessary and I just wanted it ’cause it was a good bar…”

He added, “I took it f and I actually … I didn’t wanna take it f. At all. I played it for him and he didn’t really say to take it f at all, and later on he hit me thinking about it and said ‘I think you should take it f there for this reason.’”

Being the young gunner that he is, Vic still couldn’t see eye-to-eye with Jay until Hova further expounded on his opinion. “He told me ‘Do you, but what you’re doing won’t work out in your favor because your heart is not in it.’”

It was then that Hova’s advice began to make sense to Vic. “That made me think, because my man managed the kid and I was dissin’ another rapper really for no reason… That really just shifted my perspective on it. I don’t need to be tearing down another young black man regardless if I like the music or not… We gotta be more unified than that.”

Vic Mensa is one many rappers who’ve taken shots at Lil Yachty in the past year and change, but it seems like Jay-Z’s advice has resonated in a way with Vic that he didn’t expect.

We shouldn’t be surprised though. Even though Jay-Z’s been in his fair share rap beefs in his illustrious career, lest we forget, “Hov did that so hopefully you don’t have to go through that.

Check out the interview below.

Photo: screen cap

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Studio Tales: Zaytoven Recalls A Funny Time When Gucci Mane Walked Out On Him

(AllHipHop Rumors) There’s nothing like a good story from a producer or a music artist! Studio Tales: Zaytoven Recalls A Funny Time When Gucci Mane Walked Out On Him

Super producer Zaytoven recently chopped it up with ‘Pigeons and Planes’ for their Youtube series ‘What Had Happened Was,’. The series allows musicians and artists to tell crazy and outrageous stories that they’ve experienced during their musical careers.

Zaytoven decided to share an anecdote about a time that Gucci Mane got mad and stormed out the studio!

Gucci and Zay were once in the studio with Hoops as they were all working on a collaboration together.

At some point during the session, Gucci Mane ended up falling asleep. Hoops decided to be a little prankster and went in the kitchen to get flour to sprinkle over Gucci’s face.

When Guwop woke up to the flour on his face, he was so upset that he stormed out the studio and never did that particular collaboration with Zaytoven.

It’s just such a funny story especially when you try to get the picture in your head old Gucci getting that mad and exiting. It’s also hilarious because Zay and Guwop are such good friends and collaborators today.

Studio stories are tentimes some the best ones!

Join the rumor community! Do you have a rumor tip that you would like to share? If you hear or see something, send us a tip to AHHrumors@gmail.com.

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Messy Mya’s “Formation” Lawsuit Against Beyonce Will Continue

Beyonce’s lawyers have failed in a bid to have a copyright lawsuit stemming from her hit “Formation” dismissed.

The 2016 track features spoken word segments from the work the late social media celebrity Messy Mya, real name Anthony Barre.

The funnyman’s estate, led by his sister Angel Barre, filed legal papers in February, demanding royalties, damages and insisting her brother be credited as a writer, composer, producer and artist on the track.

U.S. District Judge Nannette Jolivette Brown denied Beyonce’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit on fair use grounds.

In a 66-page judicial decision, obtained by editors at The Hollywood Reporter, Brown wrote, “Plaintiffs have plausibly alleged in their complaint that Defendants did not change or alter the ‘expressive content or message’ Anthony Barre’s YouTube videos.”

At this stage the court case allegations made by the plaintiff are presumed to be true, and the judge found Barre’s lawyers made a plausible case that the song’s use the clips in which Messy Mya says “What happened at the New Orleans,” and, “B##ch, I’m back by popular demand” did not transform the meaning the spoken word clips.

Under U.S. copyright law, artists can sample the work another if they can show their use has substantially changed its meaning.

The judge also denied Beyonce’s attorneys’ motions to dismiss Barre’s complaints false endorsement and flouting Louisiana’s Unfair Trade Practices Act claims.

However she did dismiss a claim for unjust enrichment.

“Formation,” the lead single from Beyonce’s critically revered Lemonade album was a hit around the world and the 35-year-old star even performed the track at last year’s Super Bowl event.

Messy Mya, who was also an aspiring rapper, died in 2010 at the age just 22, after he was shot multiple times in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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PARTYNEXTDOOR Deletes Post About Jews & Offers An Explanation

Twitter – PARTYNEXTDOOR received an onslaught criticism after tweeting about Jews early on Thursday (July 27). In the since-deleted post he wrote, “The Jews…sorry jewelers are selling dawg chains. lol it’s actually funny what black people do when they have financial freedom.”

PARTYNEXTDOOR Deletes Post About Jews & Offers An Explanation

After evidently realizing what he just said, he presumably deleted it about as quickly as he posted it. Shortly after, he tweeted about his passion for trolling as an attempt to explain the tweet in question.

“No lol I just love to troll. Tweet and delete life forever,” he wrote in another Twitter post.

As one user explained, “He’s insinuating that Jewelers are mostly Jewish heritage (stereotypically, Jewish people are linked to various money making venues) and that they are exploiting black rappers in making them unnecessarily expensive chains, something that he feels black rappers do quite ten when they come into financial success.”

Naturally, Twitter wasn’t having it and several users chimed in on his seemingly anti-semitic and racist comments. Check out some the reactions below.

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N.O.R.E. Finally Asks LL Cool J What "Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag" Means

New York, NY – After the success the initial six episodes, REVOLT TV’s Drink Champs has been renewed for a second season. Hosted by Queens rapper N.O.R.E. Capone-n-Noreaga and Miami’s DJ EFN, the show was initially a popular audio podcast, but once REVOLT got involved, it was transformed into a video series.

Essentially, the idea is to pump each guest with enough alcohol to get them talking, which can result in a healthy amount unpredictability. But there’s a few ground rules to be considered for the show.

“We want to see if this person is a legend,” N.O.R.E. explains to HipHopDX. “What we call a legend is anybody that has been around for 10 years and is continuing they grind. We did interview Amber Rose and people were saying she’s ‘not a legend,’ but to me she is. Plus, we needed females. It’s a very guy-based show, but we have girl fans and we wanted to please them.”

The new season premiered on Thursday (July 27) and featured Hip Hop pioneer LL Cool J, an artist who unquestionably meets their criteria. After years wanting to ask Mr. Cool James what “pink cookies in a plastic bag” meant from the 1993 LL Cool J track “Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag Getting Crushed By Buildings,” N.O.R.E. finally got his chance.

“I’m always a fan these guys,” N.O.R.E. says. “Some these guys came out the same time as me and some came out before. Just because we make similar music and we’re peers doesn’t mean I’m not a fan. I get to ask LL, ‘What is pink cookies in a plastic bag?’ I grew up in Queens and I had no idea that even made sense. I would lie like I knew. But it comes from me sincerely wanting to know … I just want to know.”

“We still don’t consider ourselves journalists,” DJ EFN adds. “We’re doing something journalists do, but the success the show is that we’re not journalists. It’s just basically doing it with cameras and microphones — we get drunk and talk shop. That’s really the goal.”

LL Cool J explains what “pink cookies in a plastic bag means” in the clip above.

There are some occasions when the particular guest doesn’t drink, is in recovery or might engage in certain religious practices, so N.O.R.E. and EFN make sure to be respectful each person’s individual situations. For example, Ice-T was a guest during the first season and he traditionally doesn’t indulge, but it doesn’t mean N.O.R.E. didn’t at least try with the Body Count frontman.

“I’ve known Ice-T for quite some time,” N.O.R.E. says. “I’ve been trying to get him drunk for the past 13 years and I have not been successful laughs]. We knew with Ice-T and Joe Budden, who’s a recovering addict, so that’s not funny to pressure them. With Joe’s situation, it’s not funny to like pressure him.

“French Montana was on during Ramadan Muslim holiday], so we passed on him because we didn’t want to fend anybody or anybody’s religion,” he continues. “But that’s the whole basis  our show — to try to get these people drunk. Even if they willing to drink, we want them to drink more than they’d be willing to go. But for people like Ice-T, who really doesn’t drink, and Joe Budden, we work around it and drink for them. Like Royce Da 5’9 is supposed to come up and he’s also a recovering addict, so we will be conscious that.”


Some the wildest episodes include one with KRS-One, Sean “Diddy” Combs, 50 Cent, and Snoop Dogg. A few scenes from one particular episode haven’t made it out the editing room — at least not yet.

“One the highlights my whole life was seeing KRS One drink a Mai Tai — many Mai Tais,” N.O.R.E. admits. “That was the highlight my life. But the wildest one is the unedited Puff Daddy Diddy] episode in my opinion. We got a Free the Puff Daddy episode, but what people saw was definitely the edited version.

“The guy’s worth a billion dollars, so the things that we were talking about wasn’t proper, but we didn’t care — we went there,” he continues. “If we ever could release the unedited version the Puff Daddy, man … It was hard, it was gangster. Obviously the 50 Cent episode. He’s known for not being a drinker and for being on point, so for him to let his guard down and talk about anything was crazy. But it the Puff Dady episode] will see its day. I think it could.”

“Same for me,” EFN adds. “Another notable one for me is Snoop because even though I don’t smoke, it felt like I was smoking just by being in the room that day. He was amazing.”

Drink Champs airs on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. EST. Upcoming guests include Wyclef Jean, Bun B and EPMD.

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