(AllHipHop News) The ill-fated 2015 Geto Boys reunion was not what many fans hoped it would be. The legendary group talked about reforming for another album, but Scarface has made it clear he no longer wants to join Bushwick Bill and Willie D for new music.

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In an interview with Noisey, Face took that sentiment even further. The Deeply Rooted album creator expressed his disdain for previous GB projects like The Geto BoysWe Can’t Be Stopped, and Till Death Do Us Part.

“I don’t like the Geto Boys at all. I don’t like none of the albums, I don’t like none of the songs,” stated Scarface. “I’m done with that group, and I’m never going to be a part of it again. It’s just a part of my life that I want to forget. The Geto Boys and I can’t get no more money together. None. No more money.”

According to Scarface, chemistry among the trio was not the problem. It was other things associated with the crew that has led him to be done with the Geto Boys. The Texas native revealed he regretted making The Foundation and called Da Good Da Bad & Da Ugly a “f*cking trash album.”

“That was a time when Master P was taking over the airways, so J Prince wanted to Master P the game,” explained Face about the making of Da Good Da Bad. “I was like ‘wow like we f*cked up so bad trying to do Master P when we should’ve just continued to do us.’ I feel like that was the fall of Rap-A-Lot Records to me.”

Scarface did not hold back on his solo material either. He stated his dislike for The World is Yours, The Last of a Dying Breed, Balls and My Word, and My Homies Part 2. Face also referred to Made as his best lyrical work, The Diary as his Dark Side Of The Moon, and The Fix as his favorite.

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