Singer Peter Andre revealed that his son Junior, 12, is following in his footsteps and preparing to become a superstar hitmaker.

The father-of-four, who shares Junior with ex-wife Katie Price, revealed that he’s paying extra for his son to take singing lessons at school.

Writing in his new! magazine column, the 44-year-old said: “So my little man Junior is getting into his singing. He’s got a great voice on him and I’ve noticed a big improvement recently.

“I’ve recorded him in my studio at home and will record something with him for charity when the time is right. I pay extra for him at school, and when we’re in the car he’ll often ask me to play a track of Michael Jackson singing when he was 12 so he can compare his voice and Michael’s.”

Peter revealed that Junior might have some competition when it comes to his singing skills in the form of his younger sister Princess, who is also a wannabe songstress.

“Bista’s also got a good voice on her. She’s actually more advanced than Junior was at her age,” Peter wrote.

Peter shot to fame with 1996 hit Mysterious Girl, so it appears his son may have inherited his harmonious voice.

He opened up about Junior’s musical talents in his column with new! magazine, saying: “Junior has decided he wants to be a singer.

“He’s actually got a beautiful voice and I’ve said to him he’s got to promise me I’ll be the first person to record his vocals.”

Given his young age, his doting father has explained that he wants Junior to take his time before plunging into the limelight with a career in the music industry.