In case you didn’t know you needed this, here is Knicks owner James Dolan singing about the guilt he feels over the crimes committed by his longtime friend Harvey Weinstein, it’s called ‘I Should’ve Known.’ Dolan and his band (everybody needs a hobby) JD & The Straight Shot appeared on New York’s Fox 5 News on Thursday to perform the song live. During the interview, Dolan stressed the song wasn’t only about Weinstein, saying “[T]his goes on in a lot of places where it’s not famous and you don’t read about it in the paper.” His coyness is probably not so much about solidarity with the non-famous as it is because Dolan has been named in a class action lawsuit from six Weinstein victims that allege he did, in fact, know. The lawsuit alleges that “Dolan knew of Weinstein’s pattern and practice of predatory sexual conduct toward women from his personal relationship with Weinstein and his position as a director of TWC.” But that just doesn’t really go with the music.

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